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The CEC is dedicated to defending the interests and cultural identity of Eurocanadians.

Your support is very important in promoting the interests of Eurocanadians. Writers really appreciate it when we pay them financial “honorariums” for their contributions. We also need contributions to pay fees for the site and technical assistance to sustain the functionality of CEC.

We are the only webzine in Canada that advocates EuroCanadian identity politics in the face of relentless immigration coupled with attacks on the history, culture, and ancestral roots of Eurocanadians. We believe we are having an impact in raising the consciousness of Eurocanadians. As the attacks on White Canadians continue, we anticipate major political opportunities to defend and promote our ideas.

Eurocanadians have been demonized for too long, their history and heritage trashed by academics, journalists and politicians. CEC wants to restore pride in Eurocanadians and Whites across Western countries.

Asians, Blacks, Amerindians, Jews, nonwhites in general, have powerful associations dedicated to their interests. We would like CEC to become a strong organization. We want to do a lot more, raise our professionalism, and popularity. We are functioning on a very small budget. We want CEC to be strong enough that politicians feel they have to listen to our concerns.

We offer you four ways to donate to us:

  1. If you are located in Canada, Interac e-Transfer is the easiest way. Send to:
  2. If you are located either in Canada or outside, you can use TransferWise. Send to
  3. If you prefer by Land Mail, contact our CEC email:
  4. If you prefer Paypal, contact us.

Those who donate $150 or more may ask for a free signed copy of Canada in Decay mailed directly to you.