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Community Activism

Rather than seeking to challenge the establishment directly, the CEC believes that we must engage in what Antonio Gramsci called a “war of position”, creating alternative cultural resources which challenge the current hegemony, carving out “autonomous zones” from which we can develop new values, new ways of thinking about Canada, articulating ideas for ordinary Canadians who are dissatisfied with political correctness and mass immigration but can’t voice their concerns properly.

While the CEC does not directly engage in activism, we promote the efforts of a highly decentralized network of dissidents across the country. The good thing about this strategy is that anyone can participate wherever they are, as they are, in any capacity. Below is a list of various ways you can participate in activism. 

Spreading Awareness of the CEC

There are many Canadians who can sense that the country is going in a seriously wrong direction, but are unaware of the CEC’s efforts to fight back. We encourage readers to get the word out in their community. 

  • Put up CEC stickers: Print these great stickers out and put them up on telephone poles, bus stops, and noticeboards. Simply buy Avery brand shipping labels that are sized 6 stickers to a page, put the shipping label page into the printer, and voila: 6 CEC stickers! CEC six sticker template (1)
  • Request that your local library stock Ricardo Duchesne’s Canada in Decay: The Canadian Library Association’s policies mandate that they “facilitate access to constitutionally protected expressions of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, including those which some individuals and groups consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable”.
  • Share our content with friends and family: Sharing our articles on social media or sending them to people you know might seem like a small thing to do, but it’s actually of enormous benefit to our movement. 

Taking Back Control of Local Institutions 

By joining local institutions, dissidents can push push back against the agenda of mass immigration and diversity directly. 

  • Join community boards: Boards, which direct the policy of the organizations which are the lifeblood of communities, are in constant need of volunteer members. We encourage you, with several dissident friends if possible, to join the boards of schools, museums, heritage organizations, business associations and so on. By retaking these organizations, we can retake our communities. 
  • Join CPC or PPC EDAs: EDAs are very powerful: they can send policy to national conventions, influence their candidate or MP, send out official letters, and send out polls to all members in a riding. 

Community Organizing

We encourage dissidents to get together with like-minded individuals in their community. We believe that a decentralized network of local activism is the most practical strategy of resistance, when faced with an Orwellian establishment.   

  • Start a dissident chapter in your town
  • Circulate petitions: For instance, against a plan to remove a historical statue or rename a school. 
  • Organize protests: We encourage dissidents to organize peaceful protests in their communities. 
  • Start a local newsletter or radio program 
  • Distribute flyers

Euro-Canadian Cultural Revival 

  • Create independent schools or homeschooling pods. 
  • Revive Euro-Canadian festivals: The CEC is dedicated to igniting white identity across Canada, especially in the small towns and rural areas where Euro-Canadians are still an unquestioned majority. We encourage our readers to light the spark of identity in your town by reviving old festivals, including May Day, Fall fairs, stampedes, Christmas markets, Easter and Thanksgiving events, regional cultural celebrations. 
  • Insulate your family from propaganda: Teach your kids to be proud of our culture, traditions, stories, symbols, statues, and festivals – allowing them to feel at home and rooted in European Canada rather than an atomized individual in a “post-national state”.