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Community Activism

The Council of European Canadians is not only a place to find out the truth about the dispossession of European Canadians, talk to fellow concerned citizens, and read articles detailing Canada and the West’s proud heritage. We also firmly believe that the time has come for white Canadians to engage in various forms of activism to defend our people, culture, and history. Our goal is to ignite white identity across the country so that Euro-Canadians assert their rights and defend what remains of European Canada.

Despite the serious challenges Euro-Canadians face, we remain convinced that there is hope and a bright future for our people in Canada if we work hard. Here are some simple suggestions for activism within your community. They range from public to private, time-consuming to very simple, and thus there is something for everyone. And of course, we greatly appreciate donations of any amount you can spare to the cause. 

CEC STICKER TEMPLATE: Print these great stickers out and put them up all over your community! Simply buy Avery brand shipping labels that are sized 6 stickers to a page, put the shipping label page into the printer and voila, 6 CEC stickers: CEC six sticker template (1)

Spreading the word

The simplest way to advance Euro-Canadian rights in Canada is to get the word out to the many Canadians who agree with us but don’t know that anyone is out there fighting for them.

  • Put up stickers on telephone poles, bus stops, community noticeboards, etc. We have a sticker template and instructions on how to print them out right above this section!
  • Request one of Ricardo Duchesne’s books for your local library (Canada in Decay, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, and The Uniqueness of Western Civilization). The Canadian Library Association’s own policies mandate that they “facilitate access to constitutionally protected expressions of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, including those which some individuals and groups consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable”.
  • Call in to radio programs requesting callers to discuss a political topic. Once you’re on the air, talk about how mass immigration has changed the character of your city, ask why Canadians are not free to question the dominant cultural marxist narrative , mention “” and talk about Ricardo Duchesne, “that patriotic professor in the Maritimes who took early retirement after experiencing an academic mobbing because he values the heritage of Euro-Canadians”. Hundreds, potentially thousands, of people will have heard you, and many will be curious enough to research further.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper. You’ll be surprised to see how far you can go and still get published!
  • Share our content with friends and family. Many Canadians have no idea that there are alternative news sources to CBC! Sharing our articles on social media or privately sending them to people you know might seem like a small thing to do, but it’s actually of enormous benefit to our movement.
  • Start a Euro-Canadian social media group. The Council of European Canadians is the most heavily censored political website in Canada, so we greatly appreciate when fellow dissidents start a Gab account, a Facebook group, a subreddit, or twitter account to post our articles and spread our message. It doesn’t matter how many times social media companies ban you, just keep creating new accounts. 
  • Redpill online comment sections. Activism doesn’t need to be complex; it can be as simple as leaving a comment that mentions the Council of European Canadians and links to our website. National Post is a particularly good place to leave these comments, because their conservative readers are largely in agreement with us but are unaware that anybody is out there fighting for them. 
  • Write for us. We welcome new writers to submit quality articles, blog posts, or videos with a short blurb. You can write using your name, or a pseudonym. 

Community Organizing

Whereas the previous activism suggestions can be carried out with relative or complete anonymity, community organizing will mean publicly supporting Euro-Canadians. We encourage all those who are willing and able to implement these grassroots resistance strategies in their local community.

  • Start a Council of European Canadians chapter in your town! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can just be some concerned citizens meeting in the local diner every weekend to discuss how best to defend Euro-Canadians in your region. There will always be a lot to talk about: what to do about cultural marxist curriculum in your children’s schools, how to boycott the businesses in town that are hiring ‘Temporary’ Foreign Workers, which candidates for local office are sticking up for Euro-Canadians, etc. The simple act of being able to speak freely (a rarity in our politically correct times) will be a breath of fresh air!
  • Join Community Boards: We encourage CEC members to join civic boards for libraries, schools, downtown revitalization committees, museums, farmer’s markets and push these boards in a direction that defends our cultural and ethnic interests. 
  • Organize protests. Protesting has become synonymous with globalist, leftist causes. There is no reason for this to be the case. The Council of European Canadians encourages dissidents to organize peaceful protests in their local communities against leftist brainwashing in schools, mass immigration, anti-white “affirmative action” programs, the removal of Euro-Canadian historical statues, and similar issues.
  • Join the local People’s Party chapter. The PPC is the only party in Canada pushing back against mass immigration and cultural marxism; it has hundreds of thousands of supporters who would be receptive to a dissident message. We encourage people to join their local PPC groups to support their rise in politics and to spread our message among the rank-and-file.
  • Gain influence in local organizations: There are a huge number of boards that always need volunteer board members. These boards direct the policy of the organizations which are the lifeblood of communities. We encourage you, with several dissident friends if possible, to join various boards to influence policy in a direction beneficial to Euro-Canadians. This influence can range from the boards of local museums (add more Euro-Canadian history exhibits), libraries (promote Western literature), Heritage organizations (protect old Euro-Canadian buildings), festivals and farmer markets (prevent leftist ‘info booths’ from opening), business councils (stop asking for migrant workers) and so on. We need to take our towns back!
  • Revive our Euro-Canadian festivals: The CEC is dedicated to igniting white identity across Canada, especially in the small towns and rural areas where Euro-Canadians are still an unquestioned majority. We encourage our readers to light the spark of identity of your town by reviving our old festivals, like May Day, Fall fairs, stampedes, Christmas markets, Easter and Thanksgiving events, and of course any regional cultural celebrations that your town has that are unique to the area. 

A Lifestyle of Resistance

Many people living their daily lives trying to put food on the table and gas in the tank might only feel able to do a few of the above forms of activism. We understand! Fighting for Euro-Canadians can also take the form of adopting a lifestyle of resistance.

  • Shop at Euro-Canadian owned businesses: We encourage you to shop as much as possible from local Euro-Canadian small businesses rather than transnational corporate chains or immigrant-owned businesses. Buying from white Canadian restaurants, corner stores, repair shops, butchers, grocers, farms, and so on promotes the well-being of our people and the maintenance of Euro-Canadian culture.
  • Refuse to use Newspeak: ‘People of colour’, ‘LGBTQ’, ‘racialized’, ‘equitable’, and so on are tools to control your language. If the regime can control your language, they can control your thoughts. Never use unnatural language.
  • Stockpile old books: Every time you hear of a book being banned, buy it for your household and share it with friends and family. 
  • Relearn your history: Find out about the industrious settlers and Faustian seafaring explorers of Canadian history, the beginnings of Western Civilization in Greece and Rome, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Discovery of the World, the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of Europe, and all the great achievements of Europeans. We are now being taught from youth to be ashamed of our heritage and to instead celebrate diversity, so it will take some effort to relearn what you have been taught but you will be glad that you did. Start with checking out the Canadian History and Western Civilization pages on this website!
  • Teach your kids well: Children are our future! Globalists know this, and are working hard to brainwash them with curriculum deconstructing Canadian history and culture, teaching them that Canada is a racist country whose culture needs to be enriched by foreigners. Perhaps the greatest revolutionary act is to simply teach your kids to be proud of our culture, our traditions, our stories, our symbols, our statues, our festivals. This not only breaks the cycle of globalist brainwashing, but will lead your kids to be feel at home and rooted in European Canada rather than an atomized individual in a “post-national state”.