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Riley Donovan

Founder of Dominion Review (, the home of distinctively Canadian, authentically conservative content. Follow me on Twitter: @valdombre

A Brief Outline of the Rural Strategy

The re-election of Justin Trudeau, albeit with a minority in Parliament, means that the New World Order continues to rule Canada. The Great Replacement of European Canada, crime against humanity of the 21st century, will go on at the former pace – probably quicker. The answer, for now, is a tactical withdrawal of our people to the rural areas of the provinces, a shoring up of our position in the countryside, and activism aimed at awakening white identity in Canadians living outside the big cities.

75-year-old Renaud Camus at his home in a 14th century castle in Southern France.

The Great Replacement Is Going Mainstream

The concept of the Great Replacement was coined by Renaud Camus in his 2011 book of the same name, Le Grand Remplacement. Camus, a deeply intellectual and well-read novelist, started to formulate this idea in the 1990s when he noticed that the population of some old French villages had been almost completely replaced by largely Muslim immigrants. Although Renaud Camus is particularly concerned with what he sees as the Great Replacement of the French population by large-scale immigration, the concept of the Great Replacement has spread throughout the Western world.