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APARTHEID – First-Hand History: Prof. Eric Louw & Dr. Frank Salter – PART 1/3

Johannesburg housewives fire .22 pistols at a target during one of the weekly "pistol parties", 1963, as part of South Africa's defense build-up against attacks the country's leaders expected from other African nations jealous at the ability of whites to create a modern civilization in this continent.

Editor’s Note: The British Australian Community sent us this video-lecture. This is the first part; part two and three are coming this next Sunday and the Sunday following. We will post the next parts as they come out.


This video is the first instalment of a three part series which illustrates in extensive detail the historical context, international pressures and deep divisions within South Africa. From the ANC to the BAC, Professor Eric Louw provides a first-hand recount of the far-left subversion within South African institutions, and the resulting impacts.

More importantly, it highlights the growth of similar radical movements within all western countries. It may be too late to save South Africa, but it is not too late to save Australia.


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