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Pride Flags Fly Over Taxpayer Funded Schools

While some LGBTQ people regard the display of Pride flags in institutional settings such as the one outside an elementary school in Orillia Ontario as unnecessarily provocative and ultimately counter productive, rainbow ideologues have fewer reservations.

For Culture Marxists, it is the ultimate triumph. Think about it. A rainbow flag flutters in the wind at the top of a flagpole at a local public school nearby. Imagine their ecstasy. It must be akin to what U.S. Marines felt when they saw the star spangled banner raised atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, or what Soviet soldiers felt when the hammer and sickle flag was hung atop the Reichstag during the battle of Berlin in 1945. The LBGTQ alphabet army has ascended to the summit of power and they are rubbing our noses in it. “Our flag is now your flag. Bow down to it.”

The spectacle of a Pride Flag waving in the wind outside a school conveys a bold and triumphant message: “We have full control over your children. They are ours to shape, confuse or abuse. We own their asses. We can subject them to story-telling Drag Queens and groomers, chemical interventions and encouragement to indulge in their fantasies. If you dare to impede us, if you dare to object, if you stand in the way of your son or daughter’s “transition”, if you raise a ruckus at a School Board meeting, if you picket the school, you will be punished. The government has our back. They have imposed a buffer zone around our school to keep your protests at arm’s length. They are ready to charge you with a hate crime, and they have been told by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) that parental groups like yours pose an “extremist” threat. Do you get the picture? Are we clear?”

Yup. We’re clear. Message received.

Of course, the official explanation is quite different. School boards like the one in Simcoe County claim that in flying flags like this they are only trying to foster a culture of “belonging”.

The message, they assure us, is that they “welcome” differences. “We are ‘inclusive’. We celebrate ‘diversity’. And we’ll turn this country into a totalitarian police state to achieve it if we have to.” In other words, some “differences” will be “included”, while others will not. It will be a broad tent, but there is no room for transphobes (Christians), residential school holocaust deniers (evidence-based researchers), racists (meritocracy advocates), gender deniers (biological determinists), anti-vaxxers (Covid skeptics), white supremacists (Western civ upholders) and…the list goes on.

I have one question. They talk about “Pride Day”, “Pride Month”, the “Pride” parade, and the “Pride” flag. What exactly are they “proud” of? Sodomy? Pederasty? Grooming? Pedophilia? Child abduction? Are these accomplishments? Absence of shame is one thing. But “pride” is another. Shall I feel proud to be right-handed? Or proud to be 5’ 11” high? Or proud to be heterosexual? Maybe I should organize a Heterosexual Pride parade and see how that flies.

Feeling proud is indicative of feeling high self esteem. You know who you are or think you know who you are, and you don’t care what other people think. “I’m queer, I’m here and I am not going anywhere! Live with it!”

OK. So why then do you need me to “affirm” your delusional identity? If you have a penis and XY chromosomes but you believe yourself to be a woman, my agreement doesn’t make it so. And if my affirmation comes as a result of coercion, then what is it worth? If I agree that you are a woman because to maintain otherwise would subject me to fines, imprisonment or job loss, how does that make you feel more accepted or vindicated? If you tortured me I would say anything you wanted me to say. I would say that you are a woman, or a man or a fish if that is what you wanted to hear.

You could make me say pretty much anything you want. But you couldn’t make me believe what I was forced to say. So what’s the point? Compelled speech has one benefit however. It makes bullies feel powerful and indomitable. If people cower before you, or do somersaults to avoid offending you, you get a dopamine hit. And maybe that’s end game. Power trippers and bullies are drug addicts. They are addicted to the chemicals that flow from domination.

On pain of death, Caligula demanded that his court acknowledge that he was a God. Not surprisingly. They did. They preferred to live on their knees rather than stand up and resist. Welcome to Canada. A combo of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Monty Python. A world where reality has made satire unnecessary. A country where tyranny intersects with lunacy and silent compliance has become a paramount survival skill. The following news item says it all:

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