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How Much Time Do We Have?

"41 arrests, 412 charges in Toronto gang probes" CBC News

If you like blackpills, boy, have I got a show for you! 

It’s a wonderful spring day today. My mother is in Saskatchewan visiting my grandfather, who is still soldiering on  about forty-five years after a partially paralyzing stroke. So I walked her dog for her this morning. I took the pupper to the park, which is unusually green these days (the park, not the dog), given all the unbelievable levels of rain we’ve received in the past few weeks. It touched me to see the green leaves of the poplars & the Eurasian ornamentals  shimmering softly with the gentle wind, casting shadows onto the equally green lawn. There was nobody else in the park, & nobody bothered me from the beginning to the end of the walk.

What the hell does any of this have to do with Eurocanadian issues, you may be  asking? 

My workplace is situated a couple of blocks from one of our local high schools. The other day, the school was hosting its annual track-and-field. Going through the school zone was a gong show, but it was good to at least see that athleticism isn’t completely dead for this poor generation of youth.

A couple days later, driving along the  same street, the school now deserted for the weekend, I witnessed a couple of South Sudanese-looking men walking past. 

I must emphasize to the reader here that I do not live in a major city where nobody gives exotic immigrants a second  look. I would venture to guess that the majority of Canadians have not even heard of this city. Thus, the ethnic  changes in the city’s profile over the  past two years have even gotten the normies noticing — questioning what the end game is going to be. It’s not as  though many of these immigrants are gainfully employed & contributing more to the economy than they take. There are Skip the Dishes drivers & some truck  drivers, but that’s about it.

I am born & raised in this region, English is my first language, & I blend in. If I am only managing, how the heck could they? Following on this question, WHY would  they? Why slog it out for minimum wage  in a workplace where they have nothing in common with their coworkers, when they can live at taxpayers’ expense? Following on this second question, we may ask a third: what happens to these  immigrants when the government dole dries up? 

I remain steadfast in my belief that the  economy of Canada is going to crash within the foreseeable future. From an  30/5/24 article in the Western Standard

Tory Sen. Elizabeth Marshall questioned how the Trudeau Liberal administration expected Canadians to “suffer through” shouldering the costs of its “crippling debt.” 

“You are going to reach some milestones this year. Government expenses are going to exceed half a  trillion dollars and public debt charges are going to exceed $50 billion. So that’s $1 billion a  week.” 

“You are spending the money but you are not getting the results and you are saddling millennials and  future generations with crippling debt. You have  lost the confidence of Canadians. You said this is  your economic plan but there is nothing in the  budget to address the suffering of Canadians.”

“Why is there no recognition in your budget as to  the suffering of what people are going through in  Canada?”

“I absolutely accept we will have disagreements  about ideology and maybe some values,” replied  Freeland.

“Two trillion dollars in debt,” said Marshall.

“We are not going to be around to pay it back. We  are leaving it for our children and our  grandchildren. You are just spending. You have lost control of your spending. I mean, we are going to  have debt of over $2 trillion. That is what your  budget is saying.”

“I would really strongly disagree with pretty much  everything you said,” replied Freeland, without  explaining what she disagrees with.

If Freeland disagrees that the debt is not going to be paid off, the only solution that I can think of that she is planning for is to hyperinflate the Canadian dollar to death. The federal  government will be debt-free, but the Canadian dollar will be looking up at the Mexican peso.  

The problem is not just federal. Ontario, for instance, is buried under  nearly 1.3 trillion dollars in debt, growing at nearly 110 million daily. When these governments become (officially) insolvent & are unable to provide the welfare that so many people  residing in this country depend on for  food & shelter, what will replace it? 

A couple of weeks ago, the YouTube channel Redacted released a video about  reports that the mass migration of  military-age men from the Third World to the USA (and to Canada, of course) is a stealth invasion by United Nations  ununiformed troops.

I don’t know if I believe that. Even if the plan were to be laid out without  leaks & set in motion, I doubt that these Third World men from such disparate languages & religious orientations would  be able to make an effective, cohesive  occupying force. (If you’re interested in some tragic but amusing reading about the incapability of Third World states to maintain their social & political integrity, I recommend Gerard Prunier’s  Africa’s World War. I am not even halfway through it & I already have no hope for that continent).

But there is something these young men are capable of that is even more destructive: piracy. 

It occurred to me today, as I went on that lovely walk with a dog who could not defend me from attack, how fortunate I  was to be able to do what I was doing. There are many countries around the world where I would not be able to safely go on such a stroll. Canada could one day join their ranks.  

I found myself asking an imaginary person from my community a question:  

“If this city, or this street, was occupied by terrorists with Kalashnikovs, what would you do?” 

If I asked somebody this, I would guess that I would be met with a blank stare of innocent panic. Panicked innocence is  the default emotional state of the  helpless hoping to prolong their life –  certainly not getting off on the right foot. 

Considering how sparsely-patrolled the  Canada-U.S. border is, Canada’s nearest controlled land border is effectively the same as the USA’s: the northern border of Mexico. It is not an unreasonable guess that these masses of young men from the Third World coming to Canada could network with their allies south of the border to traffic automatic arms & such  across the border. Even if these shipments were occasionally intercepted, it would only take one or two successful  shipments of such arms into Canada to  equip a very dangerous terrorist gang, as the experience in Northern Ireland has  shown. 

In the case of my particular city, I don’t think it would take more than one hundred men, or if they lacked sophisticated equipment, perhaps two hundred, to occupy it & have their way with the residents here. Being as how my home province has neither a provincial police force nor a citizens’ militia, it  would be up to us to appeal to the federal government to break the terrorists’ stranglehold on us. Having elected no Liberals or NDP here, the feds would weigh whether or not it would be racist to use lethal force on an immigrant terrorist gang to free a city of mostly Eurocanadians. (And don’t you  dare think that the R-word hasn’t come into their calculations already, given  how poorly the huge amount of violence  from ethnic gangs in Toronto and  Vancouver have been dealt with.)

We do have a couple of army bases who could  plausibly muster a rapid-reaction force, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if the federal Liberals chose instead in such a scenario to negotiate a peace settlement, probably involving a  bribery of some sort with taxpayers’ wealth. This solution would only incentivize more of the same, as tends to be the case. Individual Canadian  households may be up to their eyeballs in credit card debt & mortgages, but if the Government of Canada is willing to pay bribes to release Canadian hostages from the clutches of immigrant gangs that same government welcomed into this country in the first place, it’s going to create a whole new industry here: the piracy industry.  

That is, of course, until the abovementioned collapse of the Canadian  economy, & the federal handouts are either discontinued or aren’t worth much  in real terms. Thereafter, the prize in  piracy in Canada will become food, shelter, & vagina: the primal needs of violent men. All three of these  resources, essential for the continuity  of life, are all currently inflated into ridiculous bubbles in this country, and  young men, whether or not Canadian  citizens, are suffering the most for it.

If the trend continues, it will eventually cause something to snap – an  instinctive reversion to the primal in  young men. If these men come to the conclusion, whether consciously or  subconsciously, that these three primal needs are no longer seriously attainable by playing within the rules, their instincts will override their conditioning to play within the rules. Since Third World immigrants have the least of this type of conditioning, they will be the first to snap. In some  cases, they already have, given the demographic trend of gang violence in the Toronto & Vancouver regions. But Canada still has lower to sink: immigration is still up; food production is still down; attainable housing in desirable areas with meaningful work are not becoming any less elusive; & despite falling testosterone levels, the male desire to  breed is not vanishing. 

In regards to food, as the family farm  continues to become a relic of history &  is replaced by corporate farming,  Canadians will face food insecurity by depending on either these agro corporations, or on the Hutterites – both of which are expanding their land  holdings. In the worst case, Canadians  may be the ones receiving food hampers from abroad, rather than the ones sending them. 

In regards to shelter, despite the  federal Liberals obsession with climate  change, Canada is still not warm enough to live outdoors year-round. If it comes down to a matter of survival, those with  firepower will prioritise themselves for  warmth over those who lack firepower.  

The more desirable a shelter is, the more firepower will be required to protect it. Formal rights of residence no longer  means what it used to, as we have seen in cases in the U.S. in which squatters have evicted lawful homeowners from their  property.

In regards to vagina, the disproportionate amount of virile men  immigrating into Canada & other civilised countries are not going to be satisfied  in our “hoeflationary” sexual marketplace. Even young Canadian-born men cannot satisfy their biological programming in their search for mates. Foreign, unintegrated men are not going to fare better, despite the media promotion of sexual exoticism to women in this country. I believe that the coming backlash to feminism & women’s empowerment is going to be epoch-changing – & that it is, for better or for worse, going to begin with mass rape & sex slavery. Written law, unwritten rules of chivalry & gentlemanliness, & least of all feminist slogans like “My body, my choice”, mean jack all to the thousands of biological males who are facing the  possibility of not passing on their DNA. 

Returning to the previously-mentioned  example of small numbers of determined, well-equipped gangs with definite  purposes in mind, let us imagine a Canadian high school in a semi-rural  area. Now, let us imagine such a gang, of about a dozen men (or maybe less!),  running a sex-trafficking operation. They case a school like this one surreptitiously during a weekend,  planning their steps carefully. Then, one Monday, they enter the school, confiscate all the phones, destroy all the computers, stick a smuggled automatic rifle to the principal’s chest, & inform  him that they will be taking all the school’s young women. They board all the female students onto buses, & leave with  them. Who could do anything about it? 

Boko Haram set the precedent case. In a country with a growing population, declining social order & rule of law, and increasing difficulties recruiting men  into careers in law enforcement (I’m  talking about Canada here, not Nigeria) I would not expect our girls to fare much better.

If the statistics out of the disaster that has been post-apartheid South Africa are anything to go by, we might expect that one in three Canadian women would be raped. This will of course keep our  much-celebrated abortion industry very  busy. But there will be also inevitable  rise of retrovirus seropositivity that  will follow. Women with HIV cannot bear  healthy children, rape or not.  A quote from Anjelica Huston’s character, Dr. Betsy Reisz, about a baby born to a  mother with AIDS, in the 01993 AIDS  docudrama ‘And the Band Played On’:  “Within a week his entire blood volume  had been replaced six times. Now he has  zoster, practically zero T-cell count,  and more opportunistic disease than we  know what to do with.” 

The countries in which the percentage of  HIV-positive adults are 10% or greater  are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi,  Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – for a  combined total of about twelve million HIV-positive adults.

None of this, of course, includes other STIs. 

It is certainly possible that an  enterprising and grimly prescient Canadian could set up a self-defense  business with a line of anti-rape devices for women to buy. But, naturally, our  globalist establishment will label this  too with the R-word. 

I am not saying that there is no future  for this country. Heck, if countries like Bangladesh & Somalia have lasted,  certainly we can too. But it won’t be without changes. 

Jason Torba, the founder of the alt-media platform Gab, has written a couple of  interesting blog posts lately about the  balkanisation of the USA, & I believe what he writes is entirely applicable to Canada as well. The future of this country lies as a series of islands: individual houses, farmsteads, & city states, with medieval walls & modern  razor-fencing to deter outsiders from  attempting to penetrate & seize valuable  resources from  

I am not in agreement with Torba on his value of faith. As a Catholic-turned deist, I’ve come to believe that prayer  is the opium of the feeble, while action is the signature of the competent. To quote the priest in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’: “God has saved their souls. What happens to their bodies hardly matters to him.”  There are no spirits of dead Middle Easterners coming to save you. But you can save yourself, and those you love, if you are prepared. 

If the reader has not already obtained it, I highly recommend taking your training for your Restricted Possession & Acquisition License. Handgun sales are currently frozen by order of our Supreme Leader Justin Trudeau, although this  might (emphasis on “might”) be reverted  by Pierre Poilievre. I have heard of  Canadians travelling to firearms stores in Republican states for straw purchases, although I cannot officially recommend this, especially if it’s in a location a short drive from the Canadian border, since there will almost certainly be Canadian police looking to enforce Canadian gun laws on U.S. soil. Then again, becoming a proficient rifleman might be of more use to you anyway, depending on your situation. Or, if you  like to make your shoulder work, you could, as Joe Biden said, “Buy a  shotgun”. Whichever type of hardware  you choose, these are things that are  better to have & not need, than to need & not have. 

I also highly recommend beginning (again, if you haven’t already) training in close-quarters combat. I recommend the  work of W.E. Fairbairn, although you may find a different discipline more ideal for your own situation. I want to  emphasise that even in our modern world, never underestimate the lethality of a blade. The U.S. cutlery manufacturer  Cold Steel has released many videos over  the years of trying out their hardware on gelatin dummies, and it is scary how  much more damage some of their products  cause compared to, say, small-calibre  pistol bullets do. 

Don’t forget man’s best friend either. I emphatically entreat you to avoid pitbulls (the urban thugs of the canine world), and to stick to breeds that are both highly-trainable and will defend their pack to the death. Karl Dobermann created his breed of dog to obediently  protect him from delinquents who didn’t  want to pay their taxes, or wanted to rob him of his collections. The Bullmastiff  was bred to disable armed poachers and hold men to the ground until they could  be apprehended. Although they come with  coats that are more difficult to maintain than those of Dobermanns or Bullmastiffs, certain breeds of sheepdog like the Komondor and the Ovcharka have become the stuff of legend for their protectiveness. 

I encourage the readers to share their thoughts and suggestions (but never their detailed plans!) with each other in the  comments. 

Mount up, fix bayonets. Your time to act is soon to come. 

Thanks for reading.

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