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PLAID ARMY with Dr. Ricardo Duchesne

Here’s an interview Ricardo Duchesne did yesterday with “Derek Rants” who has a YouTube channel.  Among the topics discussed by Duchesne is the lamentable educational experience of young Euro-Canadians being told from day one in school that their ancestors were terrible people who created a racist and genocidal nation which only continuous immigration replacement can improve and transcend. This education has purposely deprived young white Canadians of any historical identity and sense of being connected to their ancestors and the past greatness of Canada.

Duchesne mentions Conrad Black and Jordan Peterson, the complete indifference they have shown towards the ethnocide of Euro-Canadians. He offers some thoughts on the JQ while discussing his new ideas on the prevalence of liberalism across the West and how this ideology once coexisted with some healthy customs and instincts but has now eradicated all these “prejudices” and “racist” attitudes, creating a nation of pure individuals at the mercy of powerful globalist/media forces.

One difference between the Conservatives and the Liberals, Duchesne argues, is that the former are not as keen to extend the meaning of “hate speech” and intensify censorship. EuroCanadians will have to contend with the reality of a growing non-Western and non-Euro-Canadian population. Given this reality they must rediscover their historical roots, the greatness of their ancestors, and build up a strong ethno-cultural identity. Take a listen, a lot of other topics are discussed in this interview.


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