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A Message To Young Men

Editor’s Note: WhatifAltHist is a channel run by Rudyard Lynch “that looks to try to find the patterns in history and anthropology so as to predict the future and understand the dynamics that result in civilizations rising and falling. It was formerly an alternate history channel.”

I highly recommend the video below, a fast paced, very well articulated, commentary on the current state of men, particularly white men; how the system is consciously trying to destroy your maleness and identity, so as to turn you into a docile, easy to manipulate creature, ready to comply with your head down; and how it is that in all men there are hidden, instinctive powers, of which most men nowaways are barely aware, which are part of your biological and cultural heritage, vital powers which can be easily wasted in illegal or trivial activities, drugs, chasing after girls in dating apps, or watching porn, or into activities that provide you an income but leave your instincts undeveloped, and unsatisfied, artificially happy, or outright depressed. These primeval forces within all men must be nurtured, but it is hard because of the effeminate-liberal comforts all around us, and these instincts manifest themselves best under extreme, dangerous conditions, calling for “must-do” behaviour, but you can pull them out, trained them, sublimate them into higher and vital activities, and find ways to stand up to the forces set up against you and realize there is a lot of potential within you to accomplish things. Don’t underestimate the male inside you.

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