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White Lies

Clown World is full of individual clowns 

The White man is no-more guilty than the descendants of Genghis Khan are guilty and if he took a good look around and at the big picture he would see that. But he would be inconvenienced by the truth and prefers some kind of individual salvation. He feels guilt only if he moves towards the group.  

The extreme individual has many types. From full bastard-demon elitist who knows the score and who will sell his own mother, all the way to the dumb green-haired comrade; these types lead the way. It is not just the BB65er (born before 1965 person) condo developer who doesn’t want you talking about the traditional order, it is also the no-shame ratty mattoid who doesn’t want you getting in the way of her/him/them’s emotional lack of connection to the group. Human weakness is the ally of the high dominance whore elitist. Both are culture wreckers and hate the group. 

Other Whites acquiesce if they are selfish, unimaginative, childish, reckless, no-testicle cowards.    

Muh freedom from ya’ll’s group 

The West is made up of individuals. The individual has an inveterate positivity and “pretentious superstitions” of ideals, which he personally seeks to uphold in a way that a group can’t. He doesn’t have a bird’s-eye view, he has a worm’s eye view. There is no central, comprehensive control for the good of an ethnic group.  

The individual can only survive as an individual—he can’t use his group against the leading shitividuals or Other groups. 

The leading vermin of “democracy” work to destroy the ethno group so that no brotherhood exists between them. 

Whites are more equal than others 

The individual lives life following his creed. He responds to “all men are created equal” like a cat responds to the sound of a can opener in the morning. Foreign workers must be brought in regardless that it will put young White men out of work in future. A girl escaping Saudi Arabia is safe in Thailand, but brought to Australia, and now a Canadian feminist has to involve herself in this single case and bring her to Canada as a personal show-act. As philosopher A. N. Whitehead might have put it, she is only using her “immediacy perception.” Whitey is “well intended,” but nothing is improved. In fact it often gets worse.  

A non-White responding to the same precepts would be viewed with suspicion and seen as a traitor. 

Progress is decline 

The solitary man must just do what is “right” in the moment. He must hire Balwinder, because he is there, just another individual, and there’s no information about anything else. That’s what was promised: “Fairness,” not good outcomes. It doesn’t occur to Whitey that thousands of others like him are doing the same for the same reasons, again and again and again, ad Pajeet infinitum. The cumulative total of all these Whites doing “what is right” makes for an effect the individual doesn’t think he is causing and may not precisely want.  

Those who do not see Reality, destroy the group one razor cut at a time. Maybe Whitey doesn’t want Saleem to start a young, White girl kidnapping business, but Saleem is the one who needs immediate sanctuary from his own war-torn country; Whitey can’t conjecture about the future and what will happen to White kids!  

The prog causes harm because he doesn’t think ahead, distinguish, and care. Individuals are tolerant, groups are not.  

The non-White simply says no right from the start and so does not build a problem and subject his own young to increasing harm. 

Moral global wars are better 

The thing to understand is that White “progress” is always for advantage. Not an advantage to Whites, but to himself. Note for example that Other groups don’t fight moral wars. Group survival is morality enough. The ends justify the means. It is Western states who operate moral conflicts through its individuals. The White population can fight any number of wars as long as he feels it is “for a good cause.” It’s as if WCC (White Created Countries) do have friends, not just interests. Except a friend today might be an enemy tomorrow if that’s what is determined, as Carl Schmitt might understand it. There are no “natural enemies” or racial enemies. For example, White people don’t see Chinese fentanyl as a vengeful drug-war against Whites. If he did, it would get in the way of business. 

Nationalism for them, but not for “us” 

Even on a global level he will push Other nationalisms against his own if it increases HIS individual globalist power. This is because he has to make “promises and commitments” that don’t appear “racist.” It’s the only way he can justify aggression to his “own people” and to Other peoples of the world. The boys imagine why they are fighting the Germans and Japanese and it probably isn’t for the reasons they think, said journalist/author Douglass Reed. President Wilson asked for self-determination, which was a stab in the back to European colonial powers; and later the Atlantic Charter made promises about “why we are fighting”—a commitment that you can’t keep just to the European nations and White dominions. Many peoples won’t accept a return to colonialism right after you’ve been fighting the biggest racists of all (so you imagine)! And after you’ve put a Black man in uniform it isn’t easy to sit him at the back of the bus anymore, even if he was only a cook.   

From the perspective of the parasite, he is increasing his global power; but this new Western power doesn’t include its traditional identity anymore. The prog now has the freedom to obliterate without anyone labelling him a racist! White power may be collapsing and retreating around the world, but HIS isn’t! FD Roosevelt thought he would LEAD a world with some kind of United Nations, not just join it. The Vietnam War could have been avoided if only Vietnam had realized that America was not a returning White colonial power. 

The real prog will say whatever it takes if it suits him. Forty years ago North Americans said, “Whites don’t belong in South Africa”! Despite his own historical position being not much different from the Boers, his “moral stand” is a conviction he CAN have, not a position that is true. You can be sure the boomer shank-in-the-back scoundrel won’t make such preachy universals when he’s being evicted from his own family home. As perhaps the philosopher Edmund Husserl would put it, his consciousness participates in his perception. He thinks what works.  

If a boomer (frankly boomer just sounds better than BB65er) said 30 years ago that he would no longer hire young straight White males, he said it because he was a straight White male who already had a job and he COULD say it, and he will say whatever sounds good if it pushes his agenda. And if you’re a young White man who brings up this betrayal, you’ll be told: “that’s not what we’re about”! 

The prog talks out of his ass 

The West is in decline because its members are following the script-promises he thinks his group has made to not act like a group! It is blindly irrational. Nobody wants to be seen tipping over banana boats full of Africans. You could say he sincerely doesn’t want to do that, where something is blatant. But then he also doesn’t DECIDE not to hire Abab and Mpho, he just doesn’t. But if he’s right about the first, doesn’t that mean not following through on the second would be wrong? Not at all. The sanctuary city progs just don’t answer the door when the cultural enrichment teenagers show up. Suddenly, like the Canadian government on Gaza, he has “no clear position,” moves to door number two, where he will probably find new thoughts to ease his conscience, and he’s left a mess for others to deal with. There is nothing mature and for-your-sake in what he does.  

The individual will prove the dubiousness of his faith. His essential dishonesty, shittiness, and unreliability. Yes, he may think he is doing good, but that is because he is not taking into account anything else, he is merely signalling what others and the society will see. No matter what decision the White man makes it always seems to be the right one. He is using information that works. And when it doesn’t work, he will no longer use it and find other information. The Martha’s Vineyard shitlibtard can turn away migrants in the same breath after inviting them, and without the slightest thought to his own hypocrisy, he sleeps well at night.  

Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others. (Groucho Marx)

The key thing to understand here, is that our world is subject to the frequent ill-conceived directions of its members, who make decisions without sacrifice to group and without consulting consequence.  The system is FOR him. He’s never really wrong. Yes, once it’s on his conscience he feels a very strong compulsion to act “morally,” but it is moral by the standards of the doctrine and to what he personally decides, not towards the greater picture, end result. It is a “moral act” that doesn’t have a moral result, which is what morality really means. 

If something is extremely unsuitable to him, the White man can direct his mind-attention to whatever he wants. Like when standing in a crowded room surrounded by a cacophony of noise, he can direct his ears like antenna to home-in on a particular conversation and everything else is blotted out. In this way the prog is able to ignore one massacre in the world while heaping the rules of progressivism onto another.  

Japanese Guilt

It is always useful to look at other cultures in order to improve our understanding (don’t tell the prog that!) 

The Japanese for example cannot be guilted. They do what is good for young Japanese and also for dead Japanese, because that’s what they would have wanted. The Chinese and Koreans could try and get reparations for occupation and war, but it won’t work. Japanese media isn’t run by outsiders who hate the Japanese, and the ones it does have are Jap happy shabos gaijin, according to journalist/author Eamonn Fingleton.  

Japanese act case-by-case, they are not “principled” like the White man. They don’t follow some belief that they have to abide by for every situation across the board. That would be stupid and harm young Japanese. They just methodically and quietly work towards long-term goals, unlike the near-sighted individual who has to constantly be seen to be doing something good. 

Imagine a samurai warrior 200 years ago saying, “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion” (Thomas Paine). He would probably have been beheaded by other samurai as a menace. But this is the rhetoric Whites believe. 

The Benefits of Guilt—the “just be yourself weapon.” 

The Japanese don’t believe they are guilty and so it is never used as a weapon against them. 

Whites, on the other hand, embrace guilt. 

Why? Why does Whitey accept this? Where is the push back? Why does he not know that Whites are the least racist people in the world, not the only racist people? Britain fought to END slavery and America OPENED its doors to the world! Things most peoples and nations would never do. Whites, who have created the vast majority of good things in the world, are owed. Not the other way round. 

The prime objective of extreme individuals—the leaders of Globohomo—is the ethnic cleansing of the younger members of his group, because they are the only ones who CAN interfere with his treachery, AND THEY HAVE a right to, and they are the only thing he fears. He defeats you by insisting you “just be yourself,” an individual. The greatest weapon, as Sun Tsu might put it, is getting your enemy to defeat himself and to win without fighting. In this case your enemy outdoes himself, by getting you to believe that defeating your group puts you in a higher position. And this “democracy” is good. Anything is acceptable: Christianity, “conservatism,” communism, libertarianism, motorcycle gangism, perversity of any kind, and movements of any kind, as long as it does not involve fellowship between White men as the identity of the West.  

Just be yourself. 

For many Whites, this is fine. In fact it suits him very well. Videos of Euro kids being beat up don’t faze him. What do they have to do with him?  His principles can’t distinguish between rich Chinese communists (who buy condos and become dentists) and teenage scholars.  

The individual’s greatest goal in life is to find a place where he can NGAF (not give a fuck). Progressivism is his weapon, it is not a means to improvement. Having faith in the rules allows him to respond on a personal level, not to sacrifice for something greater.  

The life-positive words he lives by are deeply felt. Even Whites who quit Jesus and go on to make fun of talking snakes, still basically have “love thy enemies” as a set mind, said American scholar Revilo Oliver. It is extremely difficult for Europeans to get out of this mind control—most don’t want to.  

Individuals can be sold, groups can’t 

White men were strong and made success! Then he became weak and found that his ancestors built a lot which he could now sell. It is the White man who wants to and CAN sell this beautiful green land. And if you dare bring up the question of group identity—or the environment–to this backstabbing rodent, you’re committing the hate crime. How will the boomer who bought his half-acre of land and bungalow in 1975 for 200 bucks sell it for millions, and cram in a dozen Pajeet families, if your group identity is in the way? He’s done nothing wrong, is just doing business, and treating everyone as an equal, like a good person.  

Non-Whites would not accept guilt. But it is also true that no one is asking them to—they don’t have real estate and citizenship to sell. I already live in a WCC (White Created Country) where clean water comes in and dirty goes out, separately.  

The Big Pill—it’s worse than the Temple Lizards 

It is many kinds of parasites who lie for his own sake, selling the West by inverting the world, vice into virtue, the pitiable into pride. However, as bad as the alien Temple Wizard might be, he is an upright citizen compared to the home grown variety of snake elitist traitor, who is harder to explain where he came from. Say what you want about Jose, Mohammed, Balwinder, Mpho, and Wang, but they don’t follow a doctrine that shanks the young of their people in the back, no matter how greedy and individualist they may be otherwise.  

Whites don’t exist; but because you are White, you must be destroyed by obeying the commands of other Whites 

Thou shalt follow the ideas of Enlightened White men. As George W. Bush said (and so have many others), we are “bound by ideals.” In other words we, not just I, are promise nations. Each individual White person goes about his day making sure to keep to The Great Promise. The promise of equality. And Whitey likes to think he does what other White men said he would.  

The promise that he shouldn’t exist. 

The Founding Bullshitters 

The truth is these dogmas are made by diehard individuals without any reference to anything beyond himself or any degree of sacrifice. Edmund Burke, reflecting on the French Revolution, said that society is a contract between the departed, those alive, and yet unborn. Thomas Paine and his “Rights of Man” saw things differently—Whites want to sound profound and say how things ought to be, not how they are. As opposed to the realist but brutal frankness and fatalism of many non-Whites, the prog will often have an extraordinary positive outlook on life and seek to make it better –this is possible if he ignores Reality and the fate of his progeny.  

Yes, it was said that America was only for “free White persons of good character;” but that is incompatible with the creed. Whites are under attack because the Founding Bullshitter didn’t think to get it in writing that he wasn’t thinking of Yazeed when he said what he said.  

Men now women 

After 200 years of self-absorbed irrational positivity men are now women. 

Women are often the greatest at seeking validation and guilt reduction because they are more emotional, not seeing beyond the immediate, and less likely to perceive Reality and practice realpolitik. Western men are the same now and have become very meek, seeking praise from others that they are being moral within the bounds of the promise. The White man isn’t promoted for his intelligence and sacrifice and truth seeking, he is promoted for avoiding it.  

Women are equal, said the male feminist back in 1965 when he could get cute girls into the office and molest other men’s future wives. Things have “progressed” since then; not because you are no longer in an office position of authority where you can hit on young women, and not because young women have become undesirable, but because you are absent from the picture! You don’t have a job! (at least that’s how it appears in advertising).  

White supremacy is anti-White

The enemy says, I punch you, but if you punch me, you would be as bad as I am, and you’re better than that! White supremacism says that because you’re White you must keep to the pledge Whites made. This allows the enemy to keep being bad and work against you—because they don’t know any better and they couldn’t be held to such a high standard as ourselves!—and to you to keep being stupid. You are being replaced because posprogs (piece of shit progressives) think you have to follow a standard that no one else does! But no worries! What will make your new Asiatic-African replacements in the West so great, according to him, is they will believe that Whites can’t have a group, but THEY can!—exactly what Whites believe! 

Sub-Saharan Sweden! Something to look forward to! 

Most people in the world (I’m willing to bet) don’t want Sweden to become African, but that’s the promise that has been made. Migrants complain their accommodations in hotels are inadequate because they believe they were promised better. Some Canadians complain about a 55 foot high Hindu deity statue that they now have to suffer to look at. The “New Canadian” will say, “we” are a society of private property and the rule of law! I’m one of you now, and this is what you promised! Liberal capitalism is a promise made by White men who weren’t intelligent and sensitive enough to the logic of what he said.  

If alien Volcano Demons have been successfully shafting you for a hundred years, maybe the problem is YOU!

What happens when the psychopath and the leftist “I support the current thing” moron-type Whites have freedom to do whatever he wants? Things go his way. Not the way of everyone else. Clown World is a breeding swamp for these insects without any natural predators. For some cuckoo scumbags this “democracy” is a bonanza. And in this place the average person is like a drug addict, lackadaisical and indifferent. It is just limited-horizon, short-term thinking which allows the high agency privateer to do as he pleases.  

Clown World is just a fun name for Twat World, where radical individuals of every extreme thrive. Its leader can be called the Maharaja Justin Truasshole or the Grand Pooh-bah Justin Trudope — both work. All the other individuals will follow along and vote for his “post-national” land, again and again and again because they believe in “core Canadian values.” 

Whites are not just unique but have a right to what their ancestors made. No one-individual, not a smug foot washing preacher, politician, “intellectual,” worthless degenerate, international financier, or any other, has a right to sell it off and ruin it, telling you it’s the right thing to do. But only when some young Whites care about this will anything change. Only when you see that it is not even a “noble lie” to believe, but a hoax that does not make things better, certainly not to your own generation. Only then will you see that you have an essential duty to more than just the individual. And then you will renegotiate promises. 

And when that happens, the world will view White promises as lies. The world will see that what some progs said, some a long time ago, were just words. 

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