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Tucker Carlson On Why There Is Systemic Racism Against Whites

This is a short comment on Tucker Carlson’s interview yesterday of Jeremy Carl’s new book, The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart.

Here’s the interview posted at X:(7) Tucker Carlson on X: “Ep. 98 There is systemic racism in the United States, against whites. Everyone knows it. Nobody says it. How come?” / X (

Carlson says (12:43) that “the justification for hurting whites has always been effectively a species of the reparations argument, whites have hurt other people, therefore it is their turn”.

The obvious flaw with this explanation is that anti-whiteness is pervasive across the West. There must be a common underlying factor beyond enslavement of blacks, and, in fact, beyond colonization of other lands, and mistreatment of “first nations” ——- to account for enforcement of diversity in such countries as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece…and now Poland.

The only intellectually feasible general explanation is that anti-whiteness is an inextricable component of the liberal principle that Western citizenship must be based on the “liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, and individual rights, and not based on ethnocentrism.”

But why couldn’t civic nations remain content with the recognition of the equal rights of nonwhite minorities living for a long time in some Western nations instead of also imposing foreign immigrant diversity?

Here’s where the right and left wings of liberalism must be taken into consideration:
  1. Western liberalism is tied to capitalism and the control of civic states by a business class dedicated to the accumulation of capital rather than to the national interests of the people inhabiting a particular nation. This class benefits from labor mobility and cheaper immigrant labor, and the transformation of Western towns and neighbourhoods into huge market places controlled by globalist corporations with masses of rootless consumers and producers. No one talks about the “crisis of deficit spending” anymore because both the right and left now see that Keynesian/Socialist spending on immigrants is a huge component in sustaining a high level of effective demand and profitability for major corporations in constant need of new consumers in a situation of increasing class inequalities, and underconsumption tendencies inherent to capitalism.
  2. Liberalism has always been a progressive ideology calling for the full emancipation of individuals from all collective identities. Ethnocentric as well as Western-centric identities are incompatible with the emancipation of individuals. The multicultural recognition of the identities of nonwhites is a means to defeat white ethnocentrism, remedy past wrongs, and create satisfied nowhites who will gradually join a multiracial world where everyone is an individual and strong-monoracial indentities become irrelevant as race mixing intensifies. The Woke Left is in charge of providing the ideas for multiracialism and destruction of white ethnocentrism.
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