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The Friendly Face of Neighbourly Stalinism

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.  C.S. Lewis

The word is out. They’re planning a come-back. They  ran a successful mind control experiment for  two years, declared victory, then retreated as their boogeyman vanished. Their vaccine mandate and lockdowns and mandatory masking rituals were suspended. 

But their work was not yet completely finished. Trust me, they are intent on finishing it. Their stocks are replenished and the battle plan is set.   

Before the guns commence firing, I should like to put them on notice. By “them”, I do not simply mean the generals, politicians and technocrats who will orchestrate the assault, but their minions in my local community. The cowardly informants , enforcers and collaborators who execute the orders. To them I say:

I will not be jabbed. I will not wear a mask. And I will not roll over. In fact, I will mete out the full measure and more than the measure of whatever pain, inconvenience or sacrifice you inflict upon me.

I will not tolerate your violence!

Oh, but you tell me that you are not violent? Actually you are. You may not kick or punch or shoot or shackle me. Instead you, the law abiding citizen that you are, will DELEGATE that task to the police and pretend that in so doing, your hands are clean. You look in the mirror and see a peaceful, non-violent, United Church-going, wine sipping, CBC-listening, “tolerant “ and “inclusive” community-minded individual. But make no mistake. You are an accomplice of evil. You are as satanic as they come.  Not by intent, perhaps, but by your misguided and misinformed actions. 

You are not what think you are. You are not tolerant. You are not tolerant of divergent viewpoints or “inclusive” of those who express them. You are not charitable toward outliers and heretics, and your opposition to “hateful” ideas is belied by the hateful and malicious words you directed at the unvaccinated.  You preach “love” and “welcome” but practice hate and exclusion. Your “diversity” is the diversity of a monolithic message, the official narrative of the one-party technocratic state and its propaganda arm, “our” CBC. The jargon you spew and the talking points you parrot are the idiom of idiots. If you were deprived of the barf-bag buzzwords of wokeness one could probably assume you are a nun who had taken on a vow of silence.  One wonders,  is it possible for you to utter a single sentence without the word “inclusion” in it? Or “privilege”?  

You want to walk around in a portable safe space and make that safe space universal in scope. You want to secure an environment where you can neither see nor hear evil. You feel it your right “not to be offended” or contradicted. You want to control what I say or don’t say. You want me “affirm” things that I do not believe, and refer to people as something they are not.   And worse still, you want to force me to “take the meds”. Or jab. 

You are Nurse Ratched personified.


Or  her understudy 

You are not my friend. Your mask of “kindness” and “caring” fails to conceal the psychopathic mindset of a control freak. You are not doing it for my good. You are doing it for your good. You need me to give  you  a fix of self-righteousness and feel-goodism. When you submit to a vaccination, it makes you feel that you have done something for the community. You are a team player. You are responsible and considerate. And when you bully me to do the same, when have me constrained  or excluded  or quarantined, you tell yourself that you have done the right thing. Besides, it is all for my own good after all. Right?

But I know your game.  I know how you work. You may fool yourself, but you won’t fool me. You are not my friend, you are my jailer. You are like the prison guard who shoves  a slice of homemade Christmas cake through the bars. Or the caring doctor who commits me over to a psych detention ward. Or the psychiatric aid who manhandles and subdues me when I refuse to cooperate, and  subsequently wheels me into the TV room so that I can watch the hockey game. Your gesture of humanity does not detract from the fundamental nature and prime purpose of your mission. To confine me. To control me. To inject me. With serum  or lying propaganda.

So I know who you are. But do you know who I am?

I am confirmation of your worst fears. I am exactly the person that the system feels justified in incarcerating. You may think that you have succeeded in manipulating me, but in simulating submission and affecting compliance it is I who am manipulating you. I can be a good actor. I can lead you to believe that I have been tamed  and cowed, but then when the opportunity presents itself, I can strike back with savage force. Your psychopathy can be repaid in kind. 

Let us not kid ourselves. We are at war, and the stakes are too high to allow wishful thinking and denial to persuade us that our enemies can one day revert to their former selves. Those neighbours, friends and relatives who joined the lynch mob to hang us in Round One of the Covid dictatorship are prepared to resume that role in Round Two. We need to remind ourselves  that they are incorrigible. Chronically susceptible and perpetually  fearful. Mark my words. When the bell rings, they will be swinging at us again.  They are just in their dormant stage now.

It seems that the “Christmas’ truce will soon end, and it will be back to the trenches once more. It is just a  matter of when, not if. But next time things will be different. Next  time I will not taken by surprise. I saw the dark side of human nature in 20-22, and the image will never leave my mind. I will never again underestimate what fear, ignorance, indoctrination, groupthink and the herd mentality can do in response to an emergency, real or contrived. And there is no end to the number of “emergencies” that can be trotted out. 

People are what they are. Humans are not a blank slate. They cannot be made into saints by social engineering and propaganda. Surely the 20th century taught us that lesson. As science fiction writer Robert Heinlein observed,  every ideological faction, if it attains power, if it is not checked, it will  attempt to impose its beliefs and prescriptions upon the rest of us. As Canadians have witnessed. The totalitarian impulse resides in all of us, and if properly nurtured and indulged,  it will hatch out. In other words, there must be push back.  As James Madison said, we need laws to govern men, but we also need laws to govern the men who make the laws. 

However, as Justin Trudeau’s actions informed us, constitutions and Charters of Rights and Freedoms are a shaky peg to hang our liberty on. We may feel that we have constitutional rights to empower us,  but laws alone will not suffice. They need to be guarded and flexed. We need to find it in ourselves to stand up and stand firm against those who would run over us, and in fact, have run over us in recent years. 

Nurse Ratched must not have her way. We must fight back against her, whether she appears in the guise of a nurse, a  Chief Medical Officer,  a Health Minister, a Premier, a Prime Minister or the neighbor next door.  You know, the one who shares her garden produce with you after having called the police to report that you were playing host to a number of guests that exceeded  the Provincial Chief Medical Officer’s  arbitrary limit. Besides, your guests most probably espoused “unacceptable views” and “harmful misinformation”.

For me the only question that remains to be answered concerns what form my “push back” will take. Will I behave  like “Billboard Chris” Elston, that is, will I react with courage, calmness  and reason? Will the authorities allow me to behave that way? Will the police defend my rights to peacefully protest? Will they protect me from violent assault? Will those who share my resolve show up in force to do what they did not do for Billboard Chris? 

If  not, will I rebel in the manner of Randal P. McMurphy, and suffer his fate, or will  resist in a less,  shall I say,  “civil”  way.   I will leave it to your imagination as to what that might be. In the meantime, I have but one piece of advice for neighbourhood nannies and community Stalinists: 

Don’t tread on me.

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