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We Can All Do Something

The Woke movement of today is the end result of a social theory created by the Marxist Frankfurt School in Germany and promoted by socialist student activist Rudi Dutschke in the 1960s as “the long march through the institutions.”

They believed the male-led nuclear family inevitably led to patriotism and from that to war. They could see, looking at WWI, that patriotic workers flocked to the colours rather than rebelling against their capitalist masters. Thus, the ideal socialist state could never be established as long as the family was the basis of society.

But, how could the family be destroyed? It could be destroyed by promoting sexual deviancy, pornography, trans-genderism and indeed, the whole LGBTQ+ agenda. It could be destroyed by moving women from the home to the workplace where they wouldn’t have the time, or energy, to have children. It could be destroyed through abortion. It could be destroyed, by destroying faith in religion. It could be destroyed by legalizing suicide.

Over time, the remaining children would become teachers and then professors and the students who passed through their institutions would become the Woke. All of which has happened.

So, what can we do about it?

Since the Federal Government is now the key instrument of the Woke in Canada, we should do everything we can to weaken federal power.

  1. Support Quebec separation. (PQ).
  2. Support Western separation (Wexit)
  3. Support the creation of provincial police forces.
  4. Support provincial initiatives to block federal programs (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec)

Regarding children, if you can’t home school them:

  1. Send your kids to a Catholic, or other religious school.

Regarding politics:

  1. Support the People’s Party of Canada, the Christian Heritage Party and, lastly, the Conservative Party (immigration, abortion and carbon tax opposition)
  2. Join the executive of your PPC Electoral District Association. Here you will meet a new group of anti-Woke Canadians.

You remember what the banks did to the truckers. You need to ditch Canadian chartered banks.

  1. Join a small, local Credit Union.”
  2. Switch to a Credit Union credit card (Collabria)
Like Credit Unions, the Co-op movement has local Boards of Directors. Consider joining and participating.

1. Join a Co-op and buy your gas, groceries and liquor through Co-op stores. Here’s mine.

In the final analysis, a military grade rifle is essential for any Canadian.

  1. Get a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) for rifles.
  2. Buy a .308 bolt action rifle and a thousand rounds of ammunition.
  3. Join the National Firearms Association

We need to communicate, but not through most program.

  1. Add Telegram to your phone apps.
  2. Start using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  3. Open a second or third email address ( and split your emails to send business to one, family to a second and political discussions to a third.
  4. Do not use Facebook.

Is this enough? Certainly not. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s something, that every little bit counts, that we can’t give up on this battle.

Making the Woke laughable, the subject of derision, making it look as stupid as it is, should be our goal. Good luck.

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