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The Long View

Chinese Robot Jai Jai

I’ve been around a long time—the fact I’ve flown to South America on a Pan American flying boat will give you a clue—and that gives me a long view of history. I can see clearly now we fought WWI and WWII for British economic interests and Jewish political interests and I’m amazed most Canadians still believe the anti-German propaganda that got us into them. Blood under the bridge, so to speak.

Great age helps one develop a long view forward into the future as well. I can look past the immediate events of the day, principally the goading of the Russian Bear, to see where society is going after my ashes are gently interred in the Penticton Columbarium.

Assuming the Bear doesn’t use his impressive arsenal of 5,000 nuclear weapons, I think the future holds a number of converging trends, propelled principally by feminism, or to be more specific, the suffragette movement and its successful drive to get votes for women. What, I ask you, did we think they would do with that power, once they got it?

Well, we now have the answer; they would vote for an increase in the state’s power to interfere with the nuclear family, to support single women, to allow for abortion, to encourage gender fluidity and to fulfil all the functions of a loving husband. They would vote, in short, to replace men.

Show me any actions of the federal government in the social, legal or economic fields that do not empower women and marginalize men. When you’re looking, remember every foreign trade deal that moves manufacturing off shore, damages men by removing regular employment from the domestic economy. Every illegal, or legal, immigrant removes jobs by providing foreign workers to do them.

State support is one thing, but women have also been busy on the cost side by reducing their obligations, and their principle obligation is child bearing and rearing. The Canadian birth rate has declined from around seven in 1871 to 1.5 in 2022, well below the replacement rate of 2.1. Essentially Canadian women, and women all over the industrial world, are on strike. Children are a strain on their time, resources and money, and they aren’t having them. As a result, there aren’t going to be enough children to support the top-heave cohort of geriatric voters.

While this evacuation of the maternity wards has been going on, there have be developments on the male side of the equation. One is the rise in pornography, now widely accessible, second is the development of sex dolls, third is the development of robotics, fourth is the development of artificial intelligence, fifth are advances in DNA splicing and sixth is the work on artificial wombs.

Let’s put some of these trends together. Because feminism is giving us fewer children, governments are going to have to support artificial wombs in birthing centres to create the next generation. Women will support this because, who hoo, no more painful pregnancies. Now sex will be just fun, fun, fun.

But this won’t happen immediately. In the meantime men will have discovered the world of absolutely realistic sex dolls with robotic motions and artificial intelligence. We’re actually just about there at producing robots that in every measurable respect—including the Turing test— simulate warm, loving women. These dolls will walk, talk, cook, clean, greet you with a cold beer and snuggle under the covers day and night at a touch or a word.

Women, through their desire for independence, through their rejection of their biological role, will have created the demand, and robotics, sex toys and artificial intelligence will have created the sexual substitute, while technology and DNA manipulation will have created the biological substitute.

Women will snort at this the way carriage owners snorted at the first motor cars. Men will never accept robots as substitute women, they’ll say. These are the same men who ride motorcycles and collect classic cars, the same men who love model aeroplanes, who tinker with dragsters, Ski-Doos and firearms, sure.

The first intelligent, female robots will sell like hot cakes. It’ll be like the 60’s all over again except instead of hot rods, it’ll be hot bods. Men will exchange “chip upgrades” like “tuning information.”  Trust me, this is as sure a bet as snow in January.

Meanwhile, women will certainly be opting for designer babies, but as statistics show, they’re generally pretty poor at raising male children. At some point, governments will restrict male infants for single mothers unless they can guarantee a certain amount of male rearing. Women will literally have to rent Men to raise boys. What a hoot!

But back to my point. Women, through their drive for empowerment, are making themselves irrelevant. Right now they think men are part of our Neanderthal past. But all those technologies I mentioned are heavily male dominated. Why is that? Could it be that they’re all working on Plan B?

And, as a result, could it be women are themselves a dying sex? Just looking ahead, it’s of no interest to me. I’ll be dead.

You’re welcome.

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