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Decline of the Best? A Documentary Digest

One person’s “progress” is another’s poison. Our western liberal capitalist countries are much better than others, according to a Mr Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, because they “produce the most danceable pop songs,” the “biggest blockbuster movies,” and “the best night clubs”; oh, and superlatively free and democratically effectual elections [1].

What most serious analysts of current affairs cannot dispute is the comparative geostrategic decline of the West, aggravated by economic turmoil, transnational terrorism and trafficking, the Chinese and Islamist resurgence, plus an unprecedented sub-Saharan birth-rate issue [2].

Hitherto dogged by “overstretch coupled with underperformance” [3], our overcrowded island sitting-duck now countenances WMD conflict against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, an “Evil Axis” whose area jointly exceeds 10 million square miles.

The political class has allowed British defences to become undeniably weak and ridiculously inefficient, highlighted by the Royal Navy’s recent sea-lane action in a situation nevertheless provocative of regional explosion; and the Chief of the General Staff calls for war-footing “mobilisation” of the “whole nation” [4].

“Britain’s collapsing birth rate could lose us the next war” [5]. The ONS expects a 6 million population increase by 2036 almost entirely from immigration. How many polyethnic newcomers anyhow would rush to join a perilous offensive for the likes of Bibi Netanyahu, Volodymyr Zelensky, or Lai Ching-te?

Less profoundly criticised than our military vulnerability is the combination of internal social decline with a dominant ideology that impedes its reversal; a problem hardly confined to “Bankrupt Broken Britain”, where we “just cannot get the staff” – even from foreign lands that also need them.

The data on crime and behaviour, health and addiction, education and childcare, transport and communication, banking services, tax-aided charities, council funds, asylum management and landscape conservation, show that the sheer numbers of people requiring cure, care, coaching or control are beginning to overwhelm the available personnel competent adequately to provide the facilities required.

Gradual intellectual deterioration is almost certainly a relevant factor, for which environmental causes are proposed, although genetics cannot be excluded. Justly regarded as a prime factor in the previous decline and collapse of empires, differential birth-rates between creative elites and citizens of limited abilities remain a legitimate concern of thoughtful, if sometimes execrated, observers [6].

Furthermore, the demographic “dwarfing of Europe” during the last century, and the consequent escalating “revolt against the west”, have been meticulously elucidated [7].

How many mainstream periodicals dare publish today, however, an endorsement of a prophecy from the philosopher Aldous Huxley phrased as follows: “If the degeneration is allowed to continue unchecked, the breed of superior men will be altogether eliminated… The white races will be at the mercy of [numerically greater] coloured races, and the superior whites will be at the mercy of their white inferiors” [8]?

A hundred years ago, the eminent social psychologist William McDougall explained that careless mating within nations would reduce the generation of individuals of high moral and intellectual endowments, whose activities are needed to maintain and advance civilization; and he has not been alone in this anxiety, then or since.

Additionally, he argued that improved transportation would increase migration of multitudes more fecund but less developed than the western bearers of scientific culture. If unimpeded, widespread miscegenation would absorb the “remnant of the peoples that have built up our modern civilization” in “the general mass, like a few drops of milk in a basin of coffee”, leaving little trace of their specific qualities [9].

Roman Catholic theologian Charles Bruehl agreed that the earthly physical and mental improvement of human race was consistent with Christian charity. “No one has the right to give existence to beings whom he cannot properly support, and who inevitably will become a burden upon the community…Due consideration for posterity demands that those who can bring into the world only diseased and defective progeny, should forego their right to marry” [10].

Leon Trotsky’s concurrent expectation in 1927 that communism would purposely make the human species “immeasurably stronger, wise, and subtler,” [11] the average man rising above Aristotle or Marx, was potentially undermined by the latter’s summary description, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” For his revolutionary heirs, genetically differential birth-rates have replaced the previous “socialist superman” ideal with the “disabled victim” as their cultural idol.

“The burdens of civilised life grow heavier in each generation,” observed the famous Anglican pundit W. R. Inge, “but a race that is deteriorating biologically is most unlikely to take far-sighted views about its own future” [12].

At the outset of WW2, leftwing scientists like L. T. Hogben, C. H. Waddington, J. B. S. Haldane and H. J. Muller signed a manifesto that eschewed national ethnocentrism, but advocated the organised worldwide “genetic improvement of man” to undreamt-of degrees [13].  Instead, the defeat of “Nordic” Germany and “Yamato” Japan entailed the horrifying destruction by weapons, disease and deportation of tens of millions of Europeans, whose biological replenishment has been slow.

During some three decades after 1945, along with generalised warnings about population growth in the age of colonial disengagement and nuclear armaments, books by eugenicists were still published, and earlier ones reprinted, for instance, even by the reputable Penguin Books, until this company became, for far too long, an agit-prop resource for student revolutionaries [14].

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung worried about excessive births among “the underdeveloped peoples of Asia and Africa.  This is not the place to discuss the question of how far the two World Wars were an outlet of this pressing problem of keeping down the population at all costs.  Nature has many ways of disposing of her surplus. Man’s living space is, in fact, continually shrinking and for many races the optimum has long been exceeded. The danger of catastrophe grows in proportion as the expanding populations impinge on one another” [15].

The German zoologist Konrad Lorenz attacked the “pseudo-democratic doctrine” that social behaviour is determined by cultural conditioning rather than the “phylogenetically evolved organization” of the nervous system. He outlined many convergent harms from urban density, runaway technology, genetic decay, generational conflict, indoctrination and hedonism, while regretting a pessimism which in retrospect seems unjustified except for his mistaken closing words about nuclear weapons [16].

The Australian humanist David Tribe complained that the “feckless, unintelligent or depressed” are least likely to worry about family planning or the fate of the planet. “So society struggles on with proportionally fewer arms feeding and caring for proportionally more mouths, occasionally stopping to ask querulously why we never seem to clear the slums, abolish poverty or build enough schools and hospitals…If present trends continue into the long term, we may exchange mediocrity for decrepitude” [17].

These prescient reflections appeared during the 1970s, along with rare fiction like Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints and Christopher Priest’s Darkening Island, and numerous important scientific studies [18], since partly confirmed by demographic crisis and genome analysis.

Almost simultaneously, however, that decade saw the pseudo-egalitarian “race, gender, class” radicals starting to infiltrate western institutions with a new totalitarian ideology, incrementally controlling colleges, publishers, broadcasters, lawyers, and police forces.

Defensive influx controls have been incessantly attacked, humanitarian eugenics dishonestly vilified, and dissidents cancelled, many publications by supposedly qualified academics rehashing identical errors and misleading innuendos, often with personal abuse, evasive waffle and semantic sleights; and scientific enquiry tabooed [19].  Everything is subjected to conveniently elastic “diversity, inclusion, equity” criteria, whose consequences, intended or not, undermine national continuity, family values and personal initiative. Hence, we are repeatedly told there are no “races”, but numerous “genders”.

“Race”, proclaimed the prolific Professor Grayling in an unintentionally instructive example of blissful ignorance, “is a complete fiction. It has no genetic or biological basis…yet has done a mountain of harm”, while adding (more accurately) that the “physical diversity of populations” result from “isolation” and “geographical accidents of climate” [20].

Ecological adaptation is in fact an established explanation of phenotypical differences between population lineages, allowing for some gene interchange [21]. The notion that human migration from tropical rainforest to northern glaciation zones led not only to skin change for vitamin D production, but also to brain growth and psychological selection for a challenging environment has encountered more obfuscation than refutation.

In abstract theory, full biological mixture of markedly different groups enclosed within a single region would eventuate in regression to the mean [22]. After initial instabilities from gene resegregation, this would entail disappearance of some previous separately evolved mutations, with a depletion of genius by no means compensated by the decrease in stupidity at the lower end of a bell curve.

Total human panmixia is not a practical possibility, for various reasons from location cluster (e.g. mainland China), assortative mating (e.g. quasi-caste Brazil) and religious endogamy (e.g. Orthodox Jewry).  However, given the reported Black African average IQ no higher than 82, accelerated crossing between autochthonous Anglo-Europeans and proliferating sub-Saharan incomers is unlikely on balance to benefit the host society, even allowing for the relative intelligence of travellers.

Even if miscegenation, once socially disapproved, were not today encouraged by politics, commerce and entertainment, the intellectual deterioration of northern nations would not be remedied by mass-immigration.  The usual procreative imbalance between the thoughtfully far-sighted and the irresponsibly welfare-dependent would persist in any case.

Many fears expressed before WW2 and the ensuing imperial implosion have been modified by international changes, but those regarding the internal and external decline in overall intelligence have at last returned – with a vengeance. The paranoid or pernicious reaction that denounces a supposed “revival” of Social Darwinism, Scientific Racism or National Socialism [23] fails to meet the facts, let alone answer genuine concerns.

The geographical juxtaposition of an Africa in biological expansion and a Europe in comparative exhaustion, linked to mistaken assumptions about equality, a demand for cheap labour and a naive altruism, invites illegal immigrants and asylum claimants, with England as their favourite destination. “At present, what the US and Britain may have most in common is feeble if not complicit central governments waving in millions from all over the world, and enraged electorates who were never asked but whose unflagging hospitality is demanded anyway” [24].

The anodyne assurance that about 10% of all international migrants are refugees who account for around 3% of the world population, which has remained the same over the past half-century, must be considered in relation to the doubling of the total over that period to more than eight billion.

As Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, a prudently anti-racist DNA-researcher, wrote a generation ago, “Europeans are largely at a standstill while populations in many developing countries are exploding; thus, blonds and light-skinned people will decline in relative frequency. But even those who do not worry about the excessive reproduction of the human species will soon learn that the current population boom cannot continue beyond what the Earth’s resources can support. This means that it must stop in a few decades” [25].

Various previously useful organisations have been “politically corrected”.  The original Eugenics Education Society has become a “forum” opposed to “eugenic agendas”, while the renamed Optimum Population Trust now “endorses” ultra-left “guidance” from the US-based Center for Biological Biodiversity on race, gender, capitalism, colonialism, consumption, migration, eugenics, &c.

Assorted flashlights from across a broad ideological spectrum have been sent into this suffocating atmosphere that hinders appropriate policy decisions, though some warning flares have unfortunately proved damp squibs [26].

Science and technology can help solve many problems, including some they previously helped to create, but they require enough scientists and engineers for innovation and implementation, and the leadership of wise statesmanship. Can we escape the present grip of inertia and incompetence, complacency and corruption, to save civilization from the wearisome whimper of woke decadence or the deadly bang of nuclear bombardment?


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