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Neanderthal Leader Dismisses The Great Replacement As Racist Conspiracy Theory

Thugyrkga Dharg speaks to the press, December 30, 40,000 BCE

Seeking to distance himself from any association with far right elements, Opposition Conservative Neanderthal Party leader Thugyrkga Dhag dismissed  claims that Neanderthals are being overwhelmed  by waves upon waves of homo sapien migrants from  the Near East. Dharg put it succinctly. “The Great Replacement is a racist conspiracy theory.  End of story.”

Whether this is his sincere belief or whether his comments  are dictated by political expediency is a matter for speculation. But Dharg is clearly  intent upon positioning himself as a moderate on the political spectrum, a Neanderthal cuckservative who believes that by echoing  the Leftist narrative on race, gender fluidity and immigration he can appeal to the fabled  centrist “swing voter” thought crucial to electoral success. 

Dharg’s position is incomprehensible only to those who don’t understand what he is about. Dharg is a politician. He has but one objective in life. Power. It’s his  raison d’etre. Anything that impedes the pursuit of this overarching goal must be discarded or disregarded. Any principle found to be inconvenient  must be abandoned. It is about  Message Control, people. Message Control. It is not simply about what  Dharg says, but what he will not say. He won’t say that the concept that males can give birth is absurd or that mass migration has far exceeded the ability of existing infrastructure to accommodate it, but he will say his plan to open the floodgates and double immigration intakes is wonderful. 

And of course, Dharg and his handlers are careful not to challenge the religious axiom that “diversity makes us strong”. In fact, Dharg insists that homo sapiens enrich us and we can’t get enough of them. “Yes they have largely displaced us. Yes they have pushed us across the continent to the shores of Portugal, but it is racist to point that out and if you do you are a conspiracy theorist. ”    

At the same time, though, we must celebrate it. That is, we must celebrate something that isn’t happening. Are we clear? Deny it but celebrate it. Celebrate it but deny it. Get it?

OK, celebrating  our replacement doesn’t sit well with you. I understand. Try rebranding. That works. So the Great Replacement becomes “Diversity”, and opening up the floodgates becomes “Inclusion”.   That make you feel better? We want to be “Welcoming” don’t we? “Build bridges, not walls!” and all of that.  

Call him an opportunist, but Dharg must be given his due. He has managed to persuade a lot of folk that the Great Replacement is a Great Benefit, while at the same time maintain that it is a paranoid fantasy. One must admit that it takes a consummate trickster to pull that off. A career politician at the very least. That is what makes “Dharg the Demogogue” the clever tactician and cynical pragmatist  he is. Say what you will, but Dharg has moved the needle of public opinion to the point that the CNP is once again a serious contender. The trouble is the Conservative Neanderthal Party is neither conservative nor Neanderthal. But how could it be otherwise? Political parties are vehicles, not shrines. They are there to be commandeered by opportunists and supported by credulous and obedient foot soldiers.  Dharg can woo the crowd. He can put down a journalist while chewing an apple. That should be enough for any of us. He is a winner. So shut up. 

Key to understanding Dharg’s ascendance is that he is not an ethno-nationalist, but a NINO. Neanderthal-in-Name-Only. He aims to grow the hunter-gatherer economy at any cost, and is happy to throw his own race under the bus to achieve it. His governing premise is this: Runaway migration-driven population growth is good for business, so let it be full steam ahead. The environment and ethno-cultural heritage be damned.

“We need a strong economy to solve the shelter crisis”, Dharg  grunts.  “It’s disgraceful. Neanderthals are dying from exposure because they can’t find an affordable cave to live in.” His solution?  Import more homo sapien cave-seekers!  Besides, “They do work that our people won’t do.”  

While some hard-right Neanderthals in the party concede that homo sapiens have a strong work ethic and that they  do indeed fill some job vacancies that need to be filled,  they are not fully on board with Dharg’s immigration intake proposals. Their issue is not so much about the volume of homo sapien migrants, but their complexion, customs and practices. They want fewer homos and more sapiens. 

But Dharg fears that such sentiments are out of synch with younger voters,  who believe them to be bigoted, dated and  unacceptable. “Let’s not be on the wrong side of history!” Dharg warns. “Europe was built by interlopers. Our parents or grandparents or great grandparents were migrants.  My own wife is a migrant.  We need all the migrants we can get . We need them to support our aging population. We need them to offset our declining birth rates. And if they are an invasive species who displace and absorb us, it’s no big deal. As long as they share our conservative ‘values’. Remember. Homo sapiens want what we want—prosperity.  Screw cultural cohesion. Screw “community”. It is the economy stupid! GDP uber alles!”

Not to be judgemental, but if stone age Neanderthals bought that argument, they were as dumb as rocks. Or Canadians.

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