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How Pornography Destroys Your Mind

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RD’s Note: This is a video from October 2020. One of the most pathological characteristics of current Western civilization is that it makes hard core pornography easily available to children while marginalizing any video, magazine, article that explains why Whites should be proud of their cultural heritage. It encourages the young, rather, to deface the great paintings and destroy the statues of major White historical figures.

I recall a poster exhibition against porn as a student at McGill University in the early 80s with explicit images from Hustler magazine posted across the first floor of the library organized by feminists making the case that porn should be banned because of its “degradation of women”.

There were many such attempts to limit the availability of porn. But the ideology of Western liberalism and freedom of choice defeated them all. Pornography is now available to every children right in their bedroom. Meanwhile, the role of our more progressive, more feminist, more emancipated universities today, as was reported this past October 2023, is to offer “thousands of pounds in grants for fake breast chest binders for trans and non-binary students”.

I would argue that pornography has been a major factor in the dissolution of Western sexual identities and the fetishistic obsession Western people currently have with transforming and aggrandizing their sexual organs, and finding sexual satisfaction in appropriating multiple sexual identities. The role of universities is to enhance the sexual fantasies and perversions of students who grew up watching porn.


Pornography is one of the greatest, but at the same time most overlooked, problems of the modern world. This video analyzes the history of pornography’s legalization, the industry that currently surrounds and produces porn, the effects of porn on the human brain and behavior, and what can be done to fix the porn problem at both an individual and societal level.

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