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Systemic Racism in Canada a Myth

I. Matthew Lau of the Aristotle Foundation was  recently interviewed by “Second Street” regarding his fact-based analysis of alleged systemic racism in Canada. His conclusion?

If the typical anti-racism activist in Canada today is looking for widespread institutional or systemic racism of the kind the federal government describes, they will not find it. Disparities in income, educational attainment, and other outcomes do not imply the existence of such discrimination. Moreover, the data on disparities in income, educational attainment, occupational outcomes, and public school test scores show that, on average, Asians are doing better than the white population.

The evidence to support the claim that Canada is rigged to disfavour racial minorities is indeed scant – at best. Just as importantly, the solution prescribed by those who make claims of widespread systemic racism – increasing top-down government interventions – is the wrong one and if implemented would do more harm than good.


II. Data on education and wages don’t show systemic racism in Canada. Instead, data show that many visible minorities actually out-perform white Canadians on many metrics.


III. Matthew Lau: Where is the evidence that Canada is systemically racist?

White men earn less income than four of 11 visible minorities, white women less than seven of 11. It’s hard to see discrimination in that.


IV. Lack of evidence to support claims of systemic racism in Canada


V. Data on education and wages don’t show systemic racism in Canada


VI. Best Reddit comment: The problem in Canada is not systemic racism but rather systemic cronyism and nepotism. Unqualified individuals get hired to high-ranking positions (usually from outside the workpool), overlooking many qualified individuals who are in line for a promotion. This leads to a domino effect of demoralization and resignations en masse. There is a baffling trend within Corporations to promote marketing staff to all kinds of positions for which they have zero qualifications. The effect is predictable.

Little known Canadian fact. Canada’s “socialist” party, the NDP,  deprives members of the ability to nominate candidates fully on the basis of  merit. Quotas heavily favour non-white/ female/minority contestants. Often constituencies where support for the party is highest are reserved for minority contestants. And we wonder why NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is a paragon of stupidity.

At what point in history are we going to dump the fraudulent concept of “equity”?

At what point in Canadian history will the presentation of actual evidence be a prerequisite of making outrageous claims,  like for example,  the infamous “Missing Graves” outside Residential Schools?

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  • Tim Murray

    Canadian author Tim Murray was a long-time Canadian democratic socialist mugged by the reality of Limits to Growth. His new awareness led him away from traditional left/right dichotomies toward steady-state solutions, and a fierce determination to fight the fake environmentalism of the Sierra Club and their clones. He was the co-founder of Biodiversity First, a director of Immigration Watch Canada, and formerly on the board of Population-Environment Balance. He is an avid hiker and nature-lover who co-exists with wolves, cougars, bears, bald-headed eagles in the North Gulf Islands of British Columbia.