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Do Individual White Saints Cause More Harm? 

Dissidents often speak of the pathological altruism of Whites, suggesting that the White man is so darn good he’s actually hurting himself, and that’s what is harming Whites. This progressive angel is firing himself from his job, handing over the keys to his property to cultural enrichers, and then dying on the steps of a church.

Is it hard to believe that a form of life would be against itself?

The globaleftist, or prog, or individual, or “selfless humanitarian,” or whatever you want to call him, operates with mental blocks and limited information that serves him. He uses individuality for his own advantage. The White man isn’t harming himself, he’s harming the White group.

White individuals must act moral as individuals and not by what is moral for group. An individual-moral culture which puts the weight of decision on individuals actually serves individuals, who now do not have to take wider and complete, long-term information into account. Wisdom is not easy, but it is not required. This individuality runs the gamut between the extreme-right form as psychopathic-narcissism and avarice; and in its leftist form as emotional-feminine and low-intelligence. Unfeelingness on one side of the coin, feebleminded over-feelingness on the other. Although media is used to shape the individual, this should not be understood as strictly the puppet master dangling everyone on strings, but something rather that everyone is part of.

Not having to consider the group or future consequences, the White person is free to do whatever he wants. He can now have any personal relationship and just about any material decision. The ruined character of the nation, growing unfairness for young Whites, and unfolding clusterfuck does not faze him as he throws up more sprawl, which he needs to sell and settle from a global pool.  A few kidnapped and raped young White women is a small price to pay for such riches and power.

All he has to do is not think about it.

This culture system of individual morality alleviates guilt when he directs his actions and mind towards particular-specific questions. The gotcha question asks if you’re in favor of the banana boat of Africans and their safe journey by sea—you must answer yes. This limited-info question frees the individual from responsibility as it does not include the mayhem of this army’s arrival in Europe. The so-called open-minded progressive question (in our inverted world) is really a closed question.

Nothing in the West goes beyond the almighty dollar. More information is bad for business. If you feel like Cartman, in the South Park TV show episode “Not My Waterpark” scene, where even the “authorities are minorities,” who feels his day is ruined by the presence of so many brown people in his park, you have forgotten that how you feel is your “hate” getting in the way of “just how it is,” and it matters little to the ruthless business plan. Like Joe Biden said, a never-ending march of new workers, more houses, car sales, new bank accounts, and consumers: that’s just how it is. Racists are bad for business.

You will note that many societies, such as China and Japan, must have a more sum-total approach to decisions, which are therefore superior morally. Treason is harshly condemned. Even just inconveniencing someone can lead to aggressive condemnation—as if to say, the gweilo and gaijin world outside is bad enough, how dare YOU hurt me! Asians prefer racially homogenous amusement parks, their economies serve their people and are not dependent on foreign arrivals.

The White man is not responsible for not choosing door number three if it isn’t provided for him. The scoundrel hasn’t put it on the menu–but Whitey is just fine with that. He’s in complete concordance with the sham. He can be dumb or he can be fake. Dumb in that what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him; and fake in his so-called beliefs and commitment to individuality and Enlightenment values: the set of Western “beliefs” that he follows. When Israel Zangwill, author of The Melting Pot play, tells him he is “destroying American ideals” if he doesn’t accept mass immigration, he is terrified that he might be breaking a promise—but not caring about the future, he doesn’t do research and investigate the past either.

Not being a hater is a bonanza for the banker, land developer, universities, and for the average schlep going about his day, including the emotionally unstable shitlibtard. Either way he satisfies his own personal-emotional life and his finances, all while also getting praised for his observable daily good deeds. Funny how that works. He always seems to have a clear conscience getting what he wants. The two sides of the coin have a morality that is restricted to consciousness. What he knows, is what he wants to know. His hippi dippie “World Consciousness” is “His World Consciousness”! He’s not dodging duty if he’s just an individual.

You have to wonder if the evil, darkness, and corruption of Church that the Puritan fought against has not become him. Is it possible he doesn’t really follow a god but it is “god” that follows him? Is it possible we are under the iron boot heel of the individual, and ourselves? For the Christian, as pointed out by Kevin MacDonald in his book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, individual mistakes can be made as long as they are made in good conscience. Religious experience is personal.

Whether a devoted Christian or not, the White man’s psyche is still the same.

If it is your intentions that matter and not the outcome, is it so hard to believe the individual convinces himself that he is doing right?; he accomplishes this by limiting the information he is exposed to and simply not thinking about it. The pilot who uses a “precision bomb” is innocent, though he kills thousands, and the man with an AK-47 who kills three is guilty.

The stoic man waits long enough, until all information is revealed, and sees far; acting on it, however, and he will suffer the consequences of doing a wisdom on information that no one else has knowledge of, and so therefore cannot see that he is doing right! The “universal” IDEA of “the right thing to do” is always enforced on “happening” questions. “Are you okay with these men drowning at sea?” If these men shit in the streets, steal, rape, and kill in future, that’s not for you to guess at. The White individual has a sense of “moral progress” even when his group is being harmed.

If it’s your intentions that matter, the prog makes sure his “choices” are made based on a moral compass featuring only the right information. And the ne plus ultra prog assures you you’re good.

In the Adam-smithian globaleftist “world view,” we all benefit from the “rational self-interest” of the individual! There’s no harm in him being a little better at the game than we are. It doesn’t matter that the gains are privatized and the losses socialized. You should be thankful it’s not the Dark Ages anymore, and you’re not just the herd bowing to the Pope, and your boat will rise too. In this universe, when the cold war with China turns into a hot war, the individual selling critical technology to the enemy, which kills Canadians, can continue invisibilia, without being held responsible, because there’s no connection between him and the Canatard in military dress-up, who still believes his patriotism is shared by the whole country. The “friendships” he has with the faces in front of him are what matters, not what he cannot see if he tried, and what he chooses to not see. And the life of the Homo Canadicanus air cadet goes on much as it has before, too, joining his grandfather at the Legion, as long as he believes it.

Essentially, the individual highjacks the situation by “handling” it as well as most individuals would: less than adequately. The globaleftist does not reduce harm, he just postpones it to a place where you can’t see the harm he’s caused. The bad scenes just haven’t happened yet and are unobserved, or they have happened, elsewhere, and are unobserved.

Things seem to go on swimmingly until they don’t. The prog gets the house built quickly and cheaply, and without the building inspector. At some point the house falls down, long after the prog is gone. The future and elsewhere is (conveniently) not visible, and so consideration for it does not have to impress on the present; and those responsible for future calamities through their actions (or lack of action) in the present are not grasped by future contemporaries.

There is often a cumulative end result of greater harm! Ends are aggravated by the actions (or lack of action) of individuals now!

The individual is either stupid or a coward. When asked if females should be police officers, he will say yes. He either doesn’t think about it or he does but could not put into words his views anyway. A female police officer often lacks the ability to handle physical situations, putting others at risk and raising the total violence level. Club bouncers are almost always men. No one will admit the same is true for police. Most people just express views they’ve heard, he knows are safe, repeated over and over by the media. Out there now, in Reality, there is more violence because of it.

The non-White or foreign critic-observer will at some future point say it looks like White hypocrisy and irrationality when Whites suddenly appear “racist.” “Where is your tolerance now?” “Couldn’t you have predicted that when you brought a million people into your country that hate you, that this is what would happen?” But they forget that the people never really condoned the Third World invasion to begin with. Current things are just the ends of what the self-serving individual did before. Journalist Doug Collins, author of Immigration: The Destruction of English Canada, says that Canadians hardly wanted immigration at all, until the 1980s. These observers are incorrectly seeing a White ethno-group that thinks as one, where individuals (at one point in time) make decisions based on what’s good for us! Open borders has never meant that everyone actually wants to hire Mphatso or Wang. It just means Whitey couldn’t say no when cornered and asked if he thought they were human beings (and therefore have a right to citizenship).

Where is the real man who is not surprised at the sudden “reverse course” of intolerance of the West, because he knew all along that this is what would happen, and that there was never anything true or better or kind or right about the things that some individuals did, that didn’t account for everything! Where is the man with the hyper-consciousness who can see that the “just be kind” “values” of the West are a puerile, short-sighted, selfish scam to get individuals to respond in the moment only as individuals? The minute a “pride parade” starts to take shape in Turkey, it is quickly shut down by men. Turks in future won’t have to wonder “how did it come to this?” How did I get to a point where I have total disgust and bad faith in “my” society?

Trying to explain to the shitlibtard why young White men don’t want to serve in the military anymore, is just beyond him. He can’t do cause and effect.

The prog individual is not responsible for thinking too far ahead or thinking about any other White people. That’s what communism, Christianity, liberalism, conservatism, and on and on, all the itys and isms, all have in common: the making and stretching out of the limits of the inclusive circle to include (and create) as many individuals as possible—who will subsequently be controlled by powerful individuals. Hollywood and government highlight individuality as the only identity, and so does communism, by denying group; unless of course you are a non-White country, in which case communism is nationalist (anti-White).

This failure by White individuals has a cumulative ending, an often explosive one, of greater harm. Let me use the movie Straw Dogs (1971) for an example to help you understand. The character David Sumner, played by Dustin Hoffman, is a “modern man” weakling, always trying to avoid conflict or to cause offense, perfectly submissive to his “modern woman” wife, Amy. David won’t deal with the hooligans threatening them, lest he be accused of “toxic masculinity.” He gives them the benefit of the doubt, though they constantly ridicule, embarrass, and insult him, culminating in the rape of his wife! Even then he still tries to help one of the degenerates, based on his belief “it’s the right thing to do”; Amy, however, is not so nice after all and wants to kick Niles the pervert out to the baying mob. It is only after David finally puts his foot down, and threatens to break his wife’s neck, does he gain control of the situation—but not before MORE violence ensues that would never have been the outcome had he shown who’s boss from the beginning! The liberal has caused more harm than he has prevented because he failed to see the ends of not acting strongly from the start! His irrational wife would not have tolerated or comprehended his manliness and strength until things got really bad.

The meme is true: weak men bring hard times. But who gets to experience these times? Is it the shitician and boomer, or is it you and I?

This individual is not a pathological altruist, he is an unintelligent coward and/or an intelligent scoundrel pushing unseen harm on to others. He has his own agenda, and is not in fact out for a greater good. Like Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said, “Whoever invokes humanity wants to cheat.” We live in a Whitophobic culture because we don’t live in a White-group culture, with watchful, vigilant group-men to stop the individuals.

This is the mental state of Whites; it is inaccurate to see it as only a Machiavellian trick of elites to keep the White man down and unorganized, so that he himself can lord it over the world. It is our religion. Even though a rich hedge fund manager’s daughter may be kidnapped by new scholars, or he might get cheated out of his technical patents in China, the idea that he could appeal to his own ethno-group is something that doesn’t even cross his mind.  “Don’t go there” is a phrase Whites use—which means, it is a no-go place, no matter how much in may contain the truth and solution. You have to just do better yourself. It’s your problem alone.

Whites can only respond to a clear and present danger. A situation must become extremely bad before he can respond. The accusation of anti-Semitism is more likely to get the Chinese deported than the outbreak of WW3, he’s certainly not going stop mass immigration before the inevitable event. Whites cannot act in the present to save the future.

The increase of violence long-term is greater because the implicit reflexive response must come from the spark of an event, when and where only an observable offense can justify action; in the eyes of the shitlibtard, the men of society who might maintain explicit or conscious, controlled understanding and therefore react in the present to avoid future harm, are not allowed. There are no patriots, only weak men. The men that are needed, who know the business from the start, have been ground down because they interfere with what is comforting and profitable to the individual in the present.

The problem with the West is that White men gave up this position of strength.

But hey, if there’s no White group (unless of course it is to point out how racist Whites are) then Whites can’t be losing!

A world that stamps everyone an individual gives the intelligent, powerful individual liberty, at the expense of everything and everyone else who are also individuals.

This calculating psychopath or emotional dullard will, whether intentionally or not, join with ethno-group allies who see the advantage. It is not an accident the Chinese prioritize “elite capture.”

Clown World might better be called Narcissist-Asshole World. Or Prog World. Or just His World. And the West is full of him.


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