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Black Behavior, not Racism, is Harming Blacks and Whites

Newspapers are always buzzing with stories of anti-black racism. If more white people are enrolled in college than blacks this is cited as an example of systemic racism. Even the unemployment rates of black men are attributed to systemic racism. Differences in culture and human capital do not seem to matter to political activists. Systemic racism is brandished as the explanation for ailments afflicting blacks and other minority groups.

However, the irony is that the narrative of systemic racism has rendered blacks powerless by stripping them of agency. Even more dubious is the trope that whites are unleashing violence on blacks. Mainstream outlets viciously churn out stories portraying blacks as victims of white violence. These stories motivate readers to believe that whites are disproportionately more likely to kill blacks in racially inspired attacks. 

The norm is to portray the perpetrators as agents of white supremacy whenever blacks or other minorities are killed by white mass shooters. When blacks conduct mass shootings, the argument is never that they are inspired by racial animus or a deep hatred for whites. Quite frankly, most people don’t even remember the names of black mass shooters or black nationalists who performed violent acts. We are fed a daily stream of information about white people who participated in the Jan 6 riots, but how many people remember Noah Green, a black nationalist who killed a police officer?

Whites are trumpeted as villains, however, there is often a great disconnect between data and the propaganda of activists. Although blacks are likely to be victims of hate crimes, they also figure prominently as perpetrators. Relative to their size, blacks are more likely to commit hate crimes.  Leading myth buster and social scientist Heather McDonald reminds readers in an article for City Journal that blacks were 2.42 times more likely than whites to perpetrate hate crimes.

Moreover, during the apex of Covid-19, we witnessed a litany of assaults on Asian Americans by black Americans but instead of holding blacks accountable, the blame was shifted to white supremacy, although in 2021 blacks in Los Angeles were 4.8 times more likely to be responsible for anti-Asian hate crimes than whites.  Further, it’s white people who should be concerned about interracial violence because the probability of them being harmed by black criminals is greater.

Despite the noise about the pro-terror inclinations of white nationalists, the anti-white teachings of Louis Farrakhan and other black nationalists are more influential than the acolytes of white supremacy or white nationalism. People like Greg Johnson and Gregory Hood are not household names in America. The rantings of black nationalist groups have indeed led to racially motivated killings. Anti-white racism is so entrenched in some quarters that whites have been killed because of the sins of their ancestors.

Recently, a murder trial shocked Jamaicans when Dwight Henry admitted that he murdered a missionary because of his race. According to a report of the trial: “The court also heard that Henry had told the police that he hated white people and that a family member had told him about the bad things that they used to do to black people.” Indeed, Henry and other blacks are clinging to the past and as such express hostility to whites. 

Academics enjoy rehashing the atrocities of slavery, but this only foments racial animosity and does nothing to improve the plight of blacks. Rather than fixating on historic evils, it must be acknowledged by blacks and white liberals that black behavior is a primary cause of the violence afflicting black people. Some may not want to believe it, but the truth is that it is blacks who are disproportionately harming other blacks and whites.

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