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Whites To Be Erased From Birding History

This is the image Globe & Mail used for article (May 27, 2022), with the title: "The big birding boom... birdwatching is more popular than ever"

On November 1, 2023, the American Ornithological Society released a statement that they are “commit[ed] to changing all English-language names […] deemed offensive and exclusionary, focusing first on those species that occur primarily within the U.S. or Canada.” The reason they gave for implementing these changes is because “some English bird names have associations with the past that continue to be exclusionary and harmful today.”

One of the organizations promoting this movement is called Bird Names For Birds calls for birds named after significant men and women of European ancestry to be white erased from birding history. Included in the list is René Lesson, Alexander Wilson, William John Swainson, John Bachman, John Kirk Townsend, Charles Haskins Townsend, Anna Blackburne, Lucy Hunter Baird, Virginia Anderson, Adelaide Swift, John E. Semper, William MacGillivray, Lyman Belding, Pierre Morelet, and Grace Darling Coues.

“Our approach has always been to bring nature and people together in a way that serves both,” said Gretchen Abrams, executive director of the Detroit Bird Alliance (formerly the Detroit Audubon Alliance). The Chicago Bird Alliance also tweeted “We have a new name! Leaving the problematic 18th century naturalist [John James Audubon] behind.”

The origin of this renaming fiasco can be traced to the so-called Central Park birdwatching incident in 2020 which resulted in the social lynching of an innocent Canadian woman who called the cops on a creepy older man that was filming her while she was alone with her dog.

The liberal elites do not want you to forget this incident, so much so that if you google the name “Amy Cooper” you will see a large banner permanently fixed to the top page that directs you to the story. Marvel comics even published an entire comic about it that falsely depicted Amy as an angry blonde woman harassing a young teenager. Disney also chipped in by rewarding the stalker that ruined Amy’s life with his very own television show about birding.

This was followed by hashtags like #birdingwhileblack and #blackbirdersweek which tries to promote the idea that birdwatching is somehow a common past time for people of African descent. The reality though is that birdwatching is predominately White.

As Dr. Duchesne has pointed out

Whites created a taxonomy of all the orders and families of birds. There are 23 orders, 142 families, and within the families, you will find the genus, of which there are 2,057. The next smallest unit of bird classification is species. The White mind has identified 9,702 species.

This makes sense considering that Whites largely prefer quiet spaces in nature where they can meditate and feel connected to the earth. Below is a video of bird illustrator David Allen Sibley who “has been called the most important illustrator of birds since John James Audubon or Roger Torey Petersen”. The bird that he is sketching is the Townsend’s Warbler which one of the birds designated to be renamed.


You may also have heard of the Canadian naturalist Robert Bateman who is world famous for his paintings and illustrations of birds. Here is a video of Batemen sharing is wealth of bird knowledge.


Whites actually love birds so much that many places in Canada have laws to stop Whites from feeding birds in public and baiting them for photographs.

Some Blacks have also taken notice that Whites enjoy peaceful and pleasent nature strolls and have even made memes about it.


When all of this is considered it becomes evident that when the AOS calls birds named after White people “exclusionary” they are in fact trying to hide the reality that birding has always been distinct to Westernkind. Thus instead of letting the names of these important naturalists and explorers be lost to history, we should remember them and honour them by not submitting to the changes that the AOS wishes to impose.

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