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SERVIAM: The Political Ideology of Adrien Arcand Christian-Fascism vs Judeo-Liberalism

Not many in the modern era would consider this a boast-worthy title, though in the turbulent era between the First and Second World Wars such a title would have indeed been met with not just scorn but also curiosity and admiration. Born October 3, 1899 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Adrien Arcand would go on to become one of the most prominent advocates for Canadian fascism, both before and after the dramatic rise and fall of the various revolutionary systems that achieved such prominence on the European continent in the early 20th century. Both a devout Catholic and proud Canadian Nationalist, Arcand promoted equally a return to a traditional and moral social order rooted in Christianity as well as a revolutionary political path to purge what he saw as the degeneracy, decadence and disorder that had arisen out of the philosophical and political poison of liberalism since the time of the French Revolution. An accomplished journalist, Arcand published many essays and articles throughout his years detailing his intricate political philosophy which was compiled into a book in 2018 by Reconquista Press, newly translated from the French and presented in English for the first time by Antelope Hill Publishing. Titled Serviam (I will serve) in reference to the response of St. Michael to Satan’s declaration of non serviam (I will not serve), Arcand’s spiritual and political philosophy is rooted in service to both God and Nation, to the Divine supremacy represented by the Catholic Church and to the Natural Law of creation which could only be successfully defended through the Nationalist principles of the day that had come to be generally and collectively defined as fascism.

A book of broad subject matter it nonetheless centers itself around the two general themes of Christianity and Nationalism. Rather than attempt to summarize the whole book I’ve chosen rather to highlight and expand on these two core themes and emphasize how the symphony of spiritual and material matters has been reduced to incoherence and how despite common misconceptions, fascist figures like Adrien Arcand, and many others like him at that time, spent their lives trying to restore this balance. I’ve also found it of primary importance to continue my ongoing refutation of the incessant claims made by the kosher-conservative-right that the current international dictatorship we currently reside in is in any way a reflection of the principles or realities of fascism.

Like many works by the fascist figures of this period, the views expressed are far from the comical “doctrine of evil” as is so often the portrayal of any political view point that opposes both the rootless greed of international capitalism and the homocidal oppression of international communism. Arcand addresses many of the ailments and afflictions that still torment our people to this day with only increasing severity as the years drag on. Far from demonstrating the supposed deranged nature of both fascism and its advocates, Arcand’s view and philosophy provides an alternative lens for viewing the struggles that face our people in today, which remain relatively unchanged at a fundamental level in the last hundred years. A noble defense of God and country, of truth and justice, of blood and honour, Adrien Arcand thrusts his message like a spear through the heart of the modern dragon that has arisen out of liberalism.

The Spiritual and the Material Realms

It seems fair to say that throughout history the more time elapsed between an era or event, the less stigmatized that era or event becomes. As I’ve addressed in previous articles, this has clearly not been the case with regards to the various fascisms of the early 20th century and the events surrounding them. Since the Covid fiasco came about in 2020, the inaccurate and dishonest labelling of any form of authoritative abuse as fascism has grown to be even more popular amongst the conservative-right, not just the hyper-liberal and communist left where it historically had its most vicious opposition. One sentence summations describing “the merger of state and corporate power” as well as blanket condemnations of “collectivism” and “authoritarianism” have become the common trend and strategy of the millionaire class of paid influencers and alt-media gatekeepers designed to keep the White European masses enclosed on the wide expanse of the liberal plantation.

Though the different forms of fascism are distinguishable on the micro level, the core tenets of all remain the same, and contrary to popular belief in the present day, authoritarian structure and collective identitarianism are not synonymous with the totalitarianism we see arising today. Fascism at the fundamental level was a patriotic, Nationalist and pro-social reaction to the barbarity of international communism as well as the exploitive nature of international capitalism, both of which had arisen out of liberalism. It is of utmost importance to note that no worldview or political system that is anti-Nation can be correctly characterized as fascist, Nationalism is one of the defining features. The Nation is truly defined as the natural outgrowth of the family and no matter which fascist leader you read from the 20th century, all will maintain the ultimate necessity of the family unit, the Nation itself is simply a vast composition of extended family united by culture, race and shared heritage.

Another core tenet of fascism that is present in all its forms is the inclusion of religious faith and the acknowledgement of spiritual reality, not the reduction of men to the status of evolved beasts. Though the specific religious beliefs of other fascist figures from this time period are still debated to this day, what is not up for debate is whether the systems and worldviews they produced and advocated for promoted atheism or mere materialism. This is simply not the case and yet another refutation of the kosher-con claims of modern globalism being a resurgence or honest reflection of fascism. This also demonstrates a clear rebuttal to the claim that “communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin”, as is frequently perpetuated amongst the same crowd. A far more accurate statement is that international capitalism and international communism are two sides of the same coin, both rejecting the existence of the spiritual order and man’s place in the world, a metaphysical position out of which grows all other doctrine.

As for Adrien Arcand, the subject of our article, his Christian faith is intertwined and utterly foundational to his entire political philosophy. His rejection of liberalism was done so out of obedience to his Christian conscience, his embrace of fascist-nationalism was done so out of obedience to God’s natural laws evident in his creation. Like all fascist political philosophies, his sought the way forward to restore the symphony required for both material and spiritual advancement of Nation and individual.

Why do the leaders of Christianity fight with such fervor against all that socialism (the inheritor of liberalism) proclaims and demands? Why do they fight against the abolition of the family and of the patriarchal rights, the abolition of property rights, internationalism, social assurances, egalitarianism and the leveling of individuals, the isolation and antagonizing of classes, the abolition of capital, separation of Church and state, and the elimination of religious authority in the management of public morality? This is not only due to the fact that these demands contradict the entirety of divine right and natural law, but more so because they directly call for the destruction of charity, the foundation and basis of all Christianity…

Nationalism belongs only and exclusively to the material world. Internationalism belongs only and exclusively to the spiritual world. The body is national, by its race, nationality and language. The soul, which consists of neither race nor nationality belongs to the universal world.

In Arcand’s philosophy of fascism, the supremacy of Christian spirituality has its place above the material realm and matters of the flesh. Viewing spiritual matters as the only category that can be correctly identified as international, he condemns the inversion of the Natural Order and God’s Law by the internationalism applied to matters of politics and the flesh. By outlining the distinction between spiritual and material jurisdiction, Arcand’s words and perspectives on this matter are more relevant for Christians today than ever, and his philosophy provides a framework grounded in the historical reality of man under God.

In Arcand’s view sourced from his Catholic faith, while the spiritual nature of man is separated from both race and Nation, man’s material and earthly existence is defined by these features that organize mankind through the reality of Natural Law. The internationalism of Christendom had for centuries been the Church, calling all men to brotherhood in Christ, a spiritual brotherhood with all believers. The liberal inversion of internationalism since the French Revolution, under the new ‘holy trinity’ of fraternity, equality, and liberty, has succeeded in bastardizing these higher principles of the spirit by exalting the material and leading men to seek a paradise on earth, which is logically the only place to seek it after the “dethroning” of God and the ‘destruction’ of His higher order.

Superficial Similarities and Fundamental Differences

Only the corporation can bring what we so often speak of without ever receiving – democracy – by giving to all social classes their political representation (in the place of partisan cliques), giving them the power to legislate over their own problems, to organize the finances and economy of their own activities, to regulate their own conditions and integrate the corporations into the state itself. Consequently, concerning the great political problems effecting the life of the entire Nation, the social classes may have a purpose and voice in the council of the Nation. The corporation and liberal democracy formally contradict each other in their origins, inspirations, and operations, as well as in their goals. Liberalism can never permit, in the name of its own existence, the establishment of Coporatism.

The fascist principle of the corporate state is something that is addressed at length by Adrien Arcand, another concept that has been misrepresented over the years as part of a coordinated strategy to confuse and mislead the mass amounts of disaffected citizens in the White Western world. How often have we heard in the last 8 years specifically of the impending ‘rise of fascism’ and of the horrors that will follow in its wake? Honestly, one couldn’t contain all the instances in a single volume. These claims and accusations come from all corners of the modern political court, hurled back and forth from left to fake-right. The left wails on about the rise of fascism personified through Donald Trump, portraying his relatively lame and lukewarm capitalist civic-nationalism as the beast of fascism emerging from the depths. In perfect unison the kosher-right spent the Covid years labeling the international power grab by private interests and Zionist-Occupied-Governments as the real fascist threat, with the “merger of state and corporate power” being carried out by big pharma and our corrupted officials in every country. I’m of the opinion that these explanations and this sort of framing can be done equally out of ill-intent and ignorance, depending on who is making the claims. The sophistication and effectiveness of the gatekeeper system relies on the fact that many who guard the gates are not aware that they are gatekeepers. If one is constantly bombarded and encouraged to fixate on similarities of feature or structure, it becomes very easy to miss the distinctions of intent and principle. Rinse and repeat, this strategy of framing is perpetuated amongst networks of influencers as well as amongst the millions of individuals who consume their content and entertain their analysis, claiming the conclusions as their own.

July 5, 1938. Arcand holding first annual convention of the Canadian Fascists

If these modern labels and characterizations of fascist corporatism are distorted and false, what was the actual reality during fascism’s years of theory and implementation? Adrien Arcand spells it out clearly and his words echo many of the other fascist leaders and theorists of his day, each with their own variations and details but all sharing the same core tenets and principles. Arcand expresses the formation of fascism as a direct response to the failure of liberalism that had developed into socialism, communism, and now globalism or internationalism in our day.

Just like socialism, fascism is a revolution; but, while socialism is a revolt against what had arisen from the moral and spiritual order, and against the natural and divine laws that had not be repudiated, fascism is a revolution against the social and economic disorder spread by liberalism. Just like socialism, fascism demands a stable and firm authority, with the sole difference being it desires to represent all the classes instead of just one; it wants to be real, personal, and responsible. If socialism, a doctrine of the left, is negative in its essence, fascism, a doctrine of the right, is positive in its essence. If socialism is destructive and wishes to erase the last vestiges of of spirituality, even before constructing its atheism and materialism, fascism also comports itself as a destructive work. It is the destruction of all the disorder accumulated by a moribund democracy, before constructing its spiritual regime, which must implement the value of charity in all manifestations of the individual.

While its fair to say that all political systems or structures have their similarities, a fundamental aspect is excessively neglected in this modern age of perpetual media consumption and data collection (which is too often treated as an alternative to actual thinking). The question of intent needs to be at the forefront of discussion to correctly identify the nature of a worldview as do exclusive characteristics, not just general similarities. When it comes to the term corporatism, this by no means refers to what we are seeing today with private and international capitalist interests buying their way into the control rooms of our so-called democracies and taking hold of the levers of power. The concept of corporatism applies first and foremost to the incorporation of all interests of the Nation into all activity within the Nation. Incorporating past tradition with present progression, personal advancement with National benefit, the elevation of the family with the strengthening of the community. Its a symphony of activity within a structure of hierarchy and authority with God above all and his laws supreme, both in the spiritual realm as well as the material realm which is governed by his Natural Law. In stark contrast is international socialism (born from liberalism) that preaches not just the abolition of the family and private property, but the nonexistence of God and His spiritual realm and that the Natural Law reflected through the human races and Nations with their various unique characteristics and identifying features are but social constructs to be removed for the liberation of man. This is the key distinction, and though there is indeed obvious and surface level similarities of strategy in our current day between the cooperation of private interests and the interests of the state, the definition of both “state” and “interests” are completely unrelated and this obscuring of intent is ignorant at best and deceptive at worst. This is comparable to claiming the horse and the jockey are the same because they are both wearing shoes.

The Clash of the Christian and Jewish Worldviews

An undeniable aspect of the past, present and future of our people, a recurring and relatively never ending conflict of the past 2000 years has been the clash between the Christian worldview and the Jewish worldview. The same patterns and conflicts have been playing out over and over and to address this reality is of utmost importance, not just in order to understand where we are and how we arrived here, but also to effectively mount a resistance and remove from power and influence those who seek to subjugate and enslave us. Adrien Arcand’s philosophy of fascism addressed the Jewish question as did all other fascist philosophies, from one angle or another. Being a devout Catholic himself, Arcand relies upon the vast history of the Catholic Church and her well documented conflict with the Jews and the Jewish worldview over the centuries and up until the present day. He also communicates with absolute clarity the relationship between the Jewish worldview and the political systems that have been imposed on Christendom through the centuries by way of various subversions and revolutions.

Israel’s understanding of his (Jesus) doctrine of the spirit and of the mind was impeded by materialism. A God made for all of humanity could not have been comprehended by a religion of God made for a single people, and a Messiah whose kingdom was spiritual could not have been accepted by a race expecting a materialistic Messiah and material favors.

The true struggle between the material and the spiritual sprang from this moment. The Christian makes a physical act, but one which is not worthy without invoking his spiritual intention. The Jew maintains his ritual, where only physical action or abstention count. The first sanctifies the voice of consciousness, while the other sanctifies exterior practice. Both teachings are emphasized in the degree to which they oppose one another. One embraces the world burning with charity, embraces the universal equality of the human being, and the justice which realizes that spirit…

…the Talmud, a book of hatred and injustice, a book of loathing and corruption, a book of lies, immorality and of guile! The Talmud blackens all the Jewish souls that rely on it. When it is read one understands the words of Christ in John 8:44: “You are of your father, the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh for his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.”

The socialist political worldview born of the Jew Karl Marx, which itself was born out of the Judeo-masonic principles of the French Revolution that gave birth to liberalism, is one that encompasses the essence of the Jewish worldview (both materially and spiritually) in stark contrast to that of the Christian one. Arcand’s statements are demonstrably true by virtue of simple comparison and observation. As was stated above, Arcand’s fascist philosophy recognizes the internationalism of the spirit with respect to the nationalism of the material. From Arcand’s Catholic position, with God being God of all mankind, so his people are of one spiritual race in Jesus Christ as expressed, for example, by St. Paul’s declaration of (paraphrased) “neither Jew nor Greek but one in Christ Jesus.” It is the Jew with his rejection of this truth, with his imagined racial superiority, both materially and spiritually, who seeks to stir mankind into a material international soup devoid of racial or National characteristics, an internationalism of the flesh for the soulless ‘goyim’ with the Jew himself being the only life form with a soul and with a right to rule the earth. I’m not going to source and quote various examples detailing the contrast between Christian doctrine and Judeo-Talmudic teachings, this information is widely available should one be enticed to dig deeper into the question. Instead lets compare how this clash of spiritual and material jurisdictions can be seen in the manifestations of the political, in liberal-socialist-communism as it compares to its only true political opponent of fascist-nationalism.

The Christian principle of the equality of all men as sinners in need of redemption through Christ was inverted by liberalism into the equality of all men who are owed material equity (or so they are told) and total liberation. By erasing the concept of God Himself and the spiritual jurisdiction, liberalism (followed by socialism, communism and eventually global internationalism) placed men as equals without differences on a leveled plain, except rather than being equal under and with Christ they are reduced to equal as slaves under the “chosen people” who set themselves up as the new god. With borders erased, languages blended, and races all mixed and bred into one, mankind becomes ‘one body under the Jew’ whom all must serve. This is the reality of Talmudic Judaism as applied to the world, and if left unopposed will be fully implemented on a global scale due to the level of power and influence the Jews have been permitted to seize.

In contrast, according to the fascist-nationalist principles of Adrien Arcand, the spiritual jurisdiction is upheld as supreme and as the only realm in which true equality can exist. The material realm remains to be governed as was always intended, through humble and collective obedience to God’s natural laws and to the natural order of his material creation. In order to uphold the order of God’s people on earth it is self evident that a mutual cooperation and collective effort is required, and that activity and actions of individuals must remain in accordance with the natural laws and for the betterment and health of the Nation. This is where the authoritarian leadership of fascism distinguishes itself from the totalitarian dictatorships that inevitably arise out of and in accordance with Judeo-liberalism. While the former seeks to organize its people under a structure of authority where the few do not benefit at the expense of all others and where ultimate authority lies in the hands of God, the latter seeks to subjugate all of mankind under a false banner of imagined “equality”, where all of mankind have the right as atomized individuals to be on an equal plain of servitude, seduced with possibilities for personal material advancement, and ultimate authority lies with the Jews who through their golden calf of money control the levers of power within the Nation and who alone have souls (their claim, not mine).

It seems clear to me that Arcand shines light on a serious blindspot for the modern Christians of our Nations in this day and age who have allowed their own faith to be weaponized against them by those who literally spit on their fellow Christians. By subverting the Christian concept of charity into state-sanctioned robbery, restrained judgement into acceptance of degeneracy, and love and forgiveness into an unopposed destruction of their homelands, the Jews and their “Jew-ish” counterparts of shabbos-goy have inverted the historical and spiritual teaching of the last 2000 years into something incapable of defending the Nation. This is precisely why, in my view, retreating into “the faith” is not enough in this day and age anymore than it was enough for 1000 years of Christendom. Defense of a faith is accomplished through action, and all action that concerns the interests of your people is political action by definition. We cannot hide in our pews and expect the vengeance of those who detest our race and our faith to be repelled by hopes and prayers sprouted from cowardice and inaction. It is by expelling the philosophical Jewish poison of material internationalism that our worldly reality may be restored to such a standard that it will be capable to provide an environment for spiritual blossoming and the raising of new and healthy generations of children.

Eight crusades, which exalted zeal and sacrfice, were undertaken eight centuries ago, against a far away enemy that is still an “infidel”. If ever a crusade was necessary, it is today in the West, not far from home, but against a theocracy that operates day and night in all of our institutions and exerts great harm such as that witnessed in the moral pathology of our society. What should be done to fight the malaise that anguishes that actual world? There must be a crusade, more grand, more total, more urgent, a crusade of ideas and actions, as intense and ubiquitous as the “crusade” of the enemy against Christianity.

In Conclusion

There is no political philosophy that is purely perfect as the philosophies of man stem from his imperfect human reason and perfection is a quality held only by God Himself. But it is my opinion that the philosophies developed by the many fascists of the 20th century provide more answers than questions with regards to how to effectively combat the current world order of degeneracy and decay, just as they did in the years they were formed. The facts are clear that the entire Judeo-liberal world allied with Judeo-communism and the world was thrown into the most atrocious and futile conflict in the history of mankind to defeat any semblance of fascism. This demonstrates more clearly than any data analysis that these systems were capable of uprooting the tyranny that has only grown stronger in the decades following the war. Yet another common misconception with regards to our modern globalist problems being a resurgence of “fascism”, the forces that hold the reigns of power today are the same forces that sacrificed the lives of 80 million people in order to stem the rise of fascism and fascist ideologies just like the one laid out by Adrien Arcand. As was stated by General George Patton prior to his untimely death, “we defeated the wrong enemy.”

It seems obvious to myself and many others like me that what are living in is an updated version of Weimar Germany on a global scale. A modernized, more repulsive acceleration of what countries like Germany, Spain, and Italy looked like before their respective fascisms came to power, not after. In terms of economic stability we are in a much better place comparably, but this has only allowed the social cancer to spread at higher rates due to the material comfort and indifference of the majority. It should come as no surprise that the propaganda and misrepresentation surrounding fascism is only getting more virulent as the decades since WWII have worn on, we are simultaneously getting closer to a period of full on “global-Weimar” in which the mass amounts of European men will be searching for answers and solutions just like our ancestors did in those days. It is clearly in the interest of those in power that we do not come to the same conclusions.

It is not without impunity that humanity is entirely overwhelmed by wars, revolutions, orgies of blood, persecutions, financial usury, economic imbalances, false theories and lies. It is not without impunity that one hundred million human beings are immolated in thirty years upon the alter of covetousness. The Law desires that we cultivate the harvest.

At the time of judgement, the terrible hour of rendering accounts will ring, and an entire people who never prepared to listen to any authority shall open their eyes and see the entire truth…

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