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Conversion Therapy

We gave you every chance.

We told you that you would be set free if you confessed your Thought Crimes.

We told you that you could keep your job, your income, your property and your reputation if you desisted from posting your criticisms of Group Think.

We told you that could redeem yourself by announcing your White Privilege. By acknowledging that you were living on the un-ceded territory of Tribe A, who murdered and displaced Tribe B of that same land before Europeans arrived.

We told you that we would leave you alone if you decked out your house with orange clothing on Truth and Reconciliation Day and didn’t question the narrative about Missing Graves, even though none have yet been found. But you declined our offer and refused to jump on our bandwagon and join the pogrom. You didn’t even set fire to a church or topple a statue or perpetrate a hate hoax.

We told you that we would call off the Thought Police if only you would stop highlighting the negative economic, cultural and ecological impact of hyper immigration, or the absurdity of transgender ideology, or the flagrant indoctrination of school children, or the alarming adverse effects of an insufficiently tested “vaccine” that clearly failed to do what medical autocrats claimed it would do.

But you didn’t listen.

So now you will pay the price. You will be re-educated.

You will be confined to a CBC studio and made to watch 500 hours of CBC programming. When you finally emerge you will see the world quite differently. And the world will see you quite differently too. You will own nothing. And you will be happy.

You will come to understand the meaning of Truth and Reconciliation.  You will become reconciled to falsehood. You will accept revisionist history and believe in the literal truth of revised history textbooks.

You will believe that Diversity is Our Strength but you will not learn that it promotes lack of trust and a decrease of civic participation. You will not learn these facts because you will not be exposed to the studies that document them. Nor will you be taught critical thinking skills or logic in college. You will lack the tools to deconstruct state propaganda and approved narratives. And you will have a degree to certify it.

You will accept that school teachers know your children better than you do, and are exclusively qualified to determine what is best for them. You will accept that your daughter is a boy and that you cannot be permitted to intervene or inhibit the introduction of puberty blockers and subsequent genital mutilation. You will not attend School Board meetings or challenge the power of Teachers Unions and the Marxists who guide them. And if you are a nurse, you will not have the gall to suggest that biology is real .

You will believe in Population Ponzi Economics. You will believe that Bigger is Better. You will believe a Canada of a 100 million people is better than a Canada of 40 million. You will believe that immigration-driven population growth  will increase Canada’s GDP. But you will not be made aware that it lowers per capita GDP, widens the gap between rich and poor and transfers wealth to those who hoard property.  Or that mass immigration is not a cure for “our aging population”.

You will embrace oxymorons and contradictions, and not recognize them as such. You will be encouraged to celebrate difference and conformity at the same time. You will believe that we are all individuals  yet we are one.  You will believe that Justin Trudeau was right. In Canada, the sky is the limit. In Canada “you can be anything you want to be”. Except of course if you are transphobic misogynistic white supremacist waving a maple leaf flag in sub zero temperatures to protest the infringement of your constitutional rights.

You will realize that “Free Speech” is an obsolete concept devised to perpetuate colonialism and oppression. You will understand that the Hate Speech must not be conflated with Free Speech, and that we cannot allow the dissemination of Hateful Misinformation. And you will appreciate that the definition of what constitutes hateful misinformation must be left in the hands of Those Who Know Better.

You will think it right and proper that the government should conscript your tax money to subsidize the propagation of ideologies you abhor. You will think it ethically kosher that the government of the day  dispense subsidies to media outlets. Formerly you might have seen it for what it is— hush money. But after you are educated and released, you see it is an educational tool.

In summary, once you leave our CBC studio you will be a new man—or woman—or one of five dozen gender identifications of your choosing. You will become a lifetime member of The Friends of the CBC,  an exclusive club for informational agoraphobics too terrified to leave our bubble and risk encounters competing narratives and alternative perspectives. Sheltered from disturbing realities, you will eventually appreciate that safety, comfort and harmony is more rewarding than liberty of thought or expression.

Face it. You were an iconoclast and outlier only because it was your way of coping with the pain of your loneliness. But the more you lashed out, the lonelier you became. A vicious cycle. But once you become one of us, once you begin parroting the slogans of diversity and inclusion,  your bondage to self-destructive behaviour will come to an end. Deliverance!

At long last you will accepted in the arms of polite society. Once again you be invited to pot lucks and birthday parties because you will be trusted not to ruffle feathers by uttering shocking truths. In fact, you will stand ready  to disgorge all the progressive talking points and opinions needed to impress your tedious host s and demonstrate your ideological bona fides. Who knows, if you denigrate Western Civilization enough, one of the Borg units you were chatting up might give you her phone number. That was always the End Game, wasn’t it?

It turns out that all you needed was love. Group acceptance. Winning the girl. Climbing the ladder, or clinging to your rung on the ladder.  Now that you know that success is all about going along to get along, you can dispense with this white supremacist claptrap about free speech, constitutional rights, objective truth and meritocracy.

Don’t think of your confinement to a CBC studio as incarceration. Think of it as rehabilitation. Cognitive therapy by carrot and stick. Think of the CBC as your Residential School. You will learn to speak our language, our jargon, but if you  lapse into Oldspeak, we will punish you.  We will call in Evan Belgord or Barbara Perry or Warren Kinsella or The Grand Inquisitor Herself, Rosemary Barton. Trust me, you will break down and confess.

Please understand that we are doing this for your own good. We are killing the heretic in the heretic. Your core identity will be removed, displaced or replaced, as will your race, as you are presently witnessing. You will be a helpless spectator to your own demise,  a lobotimized shell of a man. The ultimate Canadian. Calm and compliant. Imagine the wonderful  world that will lie before you.

Where there was once doubt, there will be certainty. Where there was once unhappiness and alienation there will be the CBC. Where there was once rebellion, there will be obedience. Where once was once a patriot there will be a globalist. Where there was once a civil libertarian there will be a social justice warrior who will chop down every liberty in the land to get at the Devil. Nothing will stand in the way of your re-education. Your children already belong to us. And eventually you will too.

Be seeing you.

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  • Tim Murray

    Canadian author Tim Murray was a long-time Canadian democratic socialist mugged by the reality of Limits to Growth. His new awareness led him away from traditional left/right dichotomies toward steady-state solutions, and a fierce determination to fight the fake environmentalism of the Sierra Club and their clones. He was the co-founder of Biodiversity First, a director of Immigration Watch Canada, and formerly on the board of Population-Environment Balance. He is an avid hiker and nature-lover who co-exists with wolves, cougars, bears, bald-headed eagles in the North Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

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