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Conversation with Mr. Tanaka, 

Japanese high schools, zero diversity, and love for uniforms.

We drop in on a continuing conversation between Mr. Tanaka and long-time friend Chas Caledon. They like to discuss life and society, world politics, and the great difference between Japan and Canada.


Tanaka–So. Chasu-san, I wazu expecto go ballroom dancu. I am afraido my impression America, excuse me, Canada, come from oldo movie, ne. Excuse me. I am always wearuo suito.

Caledon–Ya, well, Canada is not quite the country it used to be, eh. No worries. Unlike many Canadians, I don’t walk around half naked, to show off my tattoos. I also like to dress nice. In Canada, this puts me under suspicion.

Tanaka–So. Excuse me. Anyway. Canada is not what I expect. Feel like I am in perhapsu Calcutta or China, ne. How you say? Pajeet? So many! Why have you so many in your country?

By the way, I will try speaku without accent, best I can.

Caledon–Well, honorable Mr. Tanaka-san, you make it sound like it’s my decision! And by the way, thank you so much, you’re English is probably better than mine.

Tanaka–So. I assume you are like other White men. You don’to think your country is your country. It is foolish of me to imagine you have any solidarity with each other, the way we Japanese do, ne. Prease forgive me.

However, you do permit this, no? It happen for reason, ne.

Caledon–It happened before I was born. Like, some people have said, there were lizard people or aliens who came down and took over. And they can look like normal people! They’re the ones doing this!

Tanaka–Ne, how many, uh, are these people?

Caledon–I don’t know. But, like, a small minority, I’m sure, who control all the important things, you know.

Tanaka–If thisu is true, ne, most people are do the same thingu the Lizard Man. Otherwise Canadian man would be in opposition, ne.

Caledon–Yes, it’s another reason why it’s hard to tell them apart. Like, if your culture is about money, it’s hard to complain that some people are doing money better than you are. And if your entire life seems to be about the pursuit of sex with as many girls as possible, it’s hard to complain about the character of the people who put so much of that sort of thing in movies. I mean, it doesn’t look like it’s bad when the people doing it think and act the same as I do! If the serpent wants you watching porn, is he the evil one if YOU watch porn? At what point does it become your own culture?

Tanaka–So, ne. We know long time. Let me speak frankly. In Nippon there aru no lizardo people. It is strange He is in only America, ne. Do you know why? In Japan, Samurai remove. Samurai are small, very small number, but are patriot! Always vigilant. One of your man say, I think it was Thomas Paine, “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” It is curious Japan follow this advice, not America. Canada, you no have any patriot, ne. Samurai does not trust or give responsibility of nation to merchants, women, and idiot! In fact, not to most people. Even the Emperor, Samurai does not trust! This people will always bend direction to something his own. It is shameful. Always push for bigger parade.

You can read Samurai story in “The Story of Japan.” The author’s name is, I berieve, Robert Van Bergen.

In Canada you have red jacket policeman on horse, whose pride is in his ability to have loyalty to whoever is in power, regardless of righteousness. He imagine this is good because it is stability. Loyalty to the scoundrel is better than constant disruption like you see in much of world. To oppose his paymaster he would have to think. It help that he can now put pool in for the kid, ne. It is unberievably pitiable. In America, you have cowboy, ne, who is proud he can all-by-himself shoot the bad guy and dig up the goldo. Happy ending, ne.

Caledon–I’m beginning to suspect that some Canadians are on the same page as, like, the Demon. They may be doing it for different reasons, so they can put in a pool for the kids, and not for the sake of their own ethnic group, maybe; but they’re still doing it, eh. Just for the money.

Tanaka–So-so-so-so-so. Yesu, the problem is individual greed. But it more than thisu. Ne, lizard people and other rascal, he control the perception of what is good. You cannot act because you will be seen as bad. Japanese is in control of “all the important things.” So if something happen it is not SEEN as bad, or if it is bad it could be seen as good. In Canada, a man in opposition to the scoundrel, a man who doesn’t want immigration, ne, is called hato, because he goes against the Demon and the sycophant—who are oppose the good of the group! So.

Caledon–You’re probably correct, Mr. Tanaka. But isn’t everyone happy! I mean, like, what difference does it make? Provided you work hard enough and can earn a decent living?

Tanaka–So-so-so, ne. However, it is my humble opinion — will this always be the case? If one man is acting onry for himself, is it not possible this will harm ALL White people at some point? It is inconceivaboru that a Japanese man could ever act in way that could bring harm to other Japanese. America has no border, there is no group, and so you don’t care if fentanyl is trafficked into the country or who it harms. American and Canadian are unoffended—scoundrel can easily control.

Japanese man acts to provide good job for Japanese man. Waifu is happy. Can you get good job now? I onry see white hair White man driving a bus, or at the beeru store, or behind a desk at the back of a government office. Not a young man! It seem to me your leader Mr. Trudeau, wants to reprace every YOUNG White man but himself!

Chasu-san, you are young and a little foorish, and you must alway look like a good man. But that is onry because no one can see that you ARE good when you act like real man. Not when you say yes to refugees because it makes you look nice. The rascal takes no responsibility for the future probrem he cause. No one can see consequence or the, how you say, big picture. So.

Is it acceptable to you that certain alien, or scoundrel traitor, can prevent with certain information and entertainment from people seeing the bigger picture and that YOU are the good hero? The media can show image of violence, and if you do not agree it is violento, you are seen as ugly violento. But what you don’t see is how the violence came abouto, or why, and you don’to see that there is OTHER violence in the world! You don’to see! Seeing all, cancels out too much concern for what the, let us call him a liberal, puts in front of you. How about White South African farmer? Whereu is the graphic image? Where is the outrage for them? Whereu is the video show innocent women and children, ne? You suggest he is the same, but he is not. He is steering your ship toward a dangerous sea.

If there are terroristo in youru country, it is because HE let them in!

If a White man dies because the Chinese were sold Canadian technology, does that not bother you? It isn’t that it is not wrong, but only that no one will see that it happened! No one sees the second image on page 5, the next day, that shows the first image was inaccurate. Ne, so.

In America, Canada, I am sorry. There is a pricu for the violence of White children being beaten. And that pricu is high enough, ne. The average person does not caru.

The new Speaker of the House of Commons is a signal of the elite, ne. He puts his pet Black man in position not much more difficult than carrying luggage, and calls himself a feeling-man. He is not put-out by it. It is youngu White who no longer able to dream, who no longer has role model, if Blacks do! And what does it say about the mindset of these scoundrels? Does he have your best interest in mind? Or does he just want to pretend he is goodo, and just do what he wants? He is a politician after all, not a statesman. Is it okay for you that this man is leading you? How will it end? Can you, even mildly conservative White man, pursue a career in politics or journalism?

If you don’t care for yourself, okay. But how about for the young, ne?

So, ne, you assumu all people think like you do. This blinds you, ne. It is at same time kind of supremacist, in that you don’t see people are different, or that if they are they will soon change into you, because they want to; at the same time this thinking is very harmful to yourself, ne.

Not onry this, but you don’t think there are people like you, White people, mostly, who don’t think like you! He is not thinking OF YOU. He is not doing as you would do. Japan has Japan. You have the Worldo Economic Forumu and the “stakeholder capitalist.” Do you trust him?

Anyway, I can continue…

Ne, Chasu-san, your situation is all so tiresome. It is so unberievaboru. The West is debased because you have allowed it to be so! Let’s end our conversation for now, ne. Very good, ne. Continue next time.

Take rest. Later I go find bordello.

Caledon–Thank you very much Tanaka-san. I am not worthy.

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