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Conservatism is Organised Stupidity

Poilievre celebrating Diwali in Brampton in honor of the replacement of Christians in a city that is now 82% foreign immigrant.

With a nearly twenty point lead in the polls, Pierre Poilievre feels so confident that he now turns his campaign into a stand-up routine. He denounced Trudeau’s trade deal with Ukraine—a country that he, like every other mainstream politician, supports with a fanaticism that would put Hamas to shame—because it included a single sentence about carbon pricing. He even came up with a new, and amusingly stupid compound; ‘carbon tax ideology.’

Ukraine has had a carbon tax since 2011, and carbon taxes are a policy, not an ideology. The compound is obviously modeled after ‘gender ideology.’ Leftist gender insanity is such an easy target for critique that even Matt Walsh can pass himself off as an intelligent commentator on it. Poilievre is too limpwristed to touch that issue, so instead he tries to scare his voters over carbon taxes with similar sounding terms.

Stupidity is not new to Canadian politics. Not one member of the House of Commons, other than Freeland, knew which side Ukrainian nationalists, a group that they’ve handed billions of taxpayer dollars to, fought on in WWII. But even in a political culture as devoid of intelligence as ours, where income splitting that would have equalised the tax rate between single and dual income households is elitism, politicians are surprised to learn that those fighting against Russia in WWII were on the German side and an utter imbecile like Justin Trudeau can be prime minister, Poilievre’s campaign stands out as uniquely demagogic.

His entire message revolves around cheap slogans and empty promises meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. He presents his supporters with a fantasy that blames all problems on Trudeau, without whom they seem to believe that all economic issues, and maybe even all the problems of the world, would vanish. He promises cheap houses without lowering immigration and to end inflation and to keep the sanctions that disrupt global trade and fuel it. Unlike Trudeau, he likely has enough intelligence to know these promises are unfulfillable, but bets on the ignorance of voters. The average Canadian voter could scarcely be worse informed were he illiterate, and the polls testify to the success of Poilievre’s strategy.

How has conservatism become so stupid? It was not always so. I am no fan of the communitarian conservatism of George Grant, but it was at least intellectually serious. The closest thing that modern Canadian conservatism has to an intellectual is Jordan Peterson—a drug-addicted, mentally ill clown that yells incoherently about demons on X (formerly twitter).

Conservatism’s intellectual decline is the symptom of a lack of backbone. To the right of conservatism one finds serious ideas, real intellectuals and intelligent discussions. When conservatives surrendered to the left on issues of race and discrimination and accepted the left’s moral premises, they consigned themselves to demagoguery. When they argue that Martin Luther King was really a conservative Christian, that the left are the real white supremacists or that Trudeau forces ‘carbon tax ideology’ on Ukraine they cede any right to ever be taken seriously by any intelligent individual ever again.

They may win the next election. They may govern for the next twelve years. But intellectual ideas trickle down. Ideas about race and sexuality that were once too radical for Bolsheviks are now accepted unquestioningly by conservatives. In the end, the forces of lowest-common-denominator-populism and organised idiocy must yield. If the right is to have a future it needs to present an intelligent and serious challenge to the premises of the left, not empty slogans and promises for the ignorant and idiotic. The mainstream right is not only incapable of this, but uninterested. If there is a rightist future for the Anglosphere, it lies in the hands of men like Ricardo Duchesne, Jared Taylor and others, not the meaningless fire and fury of election campaigns built on false promises and the credulity of idiots.

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