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“Conceptions of White” — Exhibit at Vancouver Art Gallery

You have to see this to believe it, the video below, “Conceptions of White,” about an art exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery, September 9, 2023 to February 4, 2024, which goes as far as showing an “artistic work” by Jennifer Chan called an “Aryan Recognition Tool” that uses facial recognition software to determine how Aryan you are based on the images of senior Third Reich faces; it takes a picture of you and then establishes how potentially close you are to being a Nazi who feels uncomfortable with criticisms of your culture and history.

This art exhibit was shown last year as well at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Vancouver, August 2022 to November 2022. They have been taking thousands of school children, most of whom at this point in Vancouver are nonwhite, to nurture in them hatred of whiteness and joyfulness in the ongoing immigration replacement.

Another exhibit explores white identity today by depicting “tender moments of trust” among nonwhites contrasted with “heart-wrenching scenes such as when a black police officer must stand  impassively as the white man she has just arrested shouts racial slurs against her”. Another “work of art” refers to the “steady droning static of the white noise that puts us to sleep”, and another warns white activists fighting white racism that they too are the problem and should learn when it is time for them to “Stop Talking”. The name of the exhibit tells whites: “When you are the problem, we are the solution”. In other words, the solution to white racism is not merely for whites to reject racism but for them to accept their ethnocide.

Lindsay Shepherd commented on this.


I have been asked, “Ricardo, why do you continually write about European greatness in art, sculpture, theatre, philosophy, science, exploration…what’s the point of going back in history, why not concentrate on daily politics?” Well, not only because whites are no longer taught anything positive about their history, but also in full awareness that immigration and diversity cannot but inevitably lead to the destruction, degradation, and stealing of white history and culture across the West, as it is happening at an accelerating rate before our eyes. No matter how many times conservatives insist that immigrants can assimilate, there is no way around the reality that immigrant diversity is INHERENTLY Anti-White, for  this program can only be “successful” if it persuades whites that they do indeed deserve to be replaced, that they have been a rotten people with a worthless culture that amounted to Nazism. And if it persuades nonwhites to rejoice in the replacement of this culture and the celebration of their “harmonious, ecological, egalitarian, compassionate” cultures.

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