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Victor Davis Hanson Wants West to Become Confident and Proud of Its Identity — Like Israel

This lecture by Victor Davis Hanson is worth listening to. It has a philosemitic opening quality, with VDH showing appreciation for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. But the talk is mostly about what we can learn from ancient Greece and Rome about the current plight of the West, its inability to stand for its values, to have strong borders like Israel, to be confident of its heritage, with a strong national identity, and a sense of purpose.  The Jewish audience listening to VDH seems ambivalent, not as enthusiastic as it was with the opening remarks, hearing about how the European/Western world should also have strong borders and a strong national identity, rejecting  multiculturalism. But it may be that a lot more Jews may be finally realizing that multiculturalism in Europe and the West is not to their benefit.

Do you think Jews will continue to push for Muslim immigration into the West? Or do you think they are looking forward to an even stronger alliance with an already diversified West, with leftist Jews joining the Neocons in emphasizing the need for Western geopolitcal power against Islamic radicalism, against Russia, for the Ukraine, for a liberal unipolar world, against “barbarian” nations?  Is this another instance of Neocon thinking, with Jewish leftist support, calling for the celebration of the West, its liberal progressivism, emphasizing still  the need for an alliance with liberal Muslims, against Islamic radicalism, against “authoritarian” regimes, AND against “White supremacists”?

Edit: On the other hand, and this is what stands out about VDH, he is telling the Jews we Westerners just want to be nationalistic (and possibly ethnocentric) like you; and it is in your interest for us to become this way.

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