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The Palestinian Conflict and the Levantine Mind

The Balfour Declaration, the Jewish Agency, the British Mandate of Palestine, the Yishuv, the 1922 Transjordan Memorandum, the 1929 Riots, Haganah, Irgun, Lehi, the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt, the Arab Higher Committee, the White Paper of 1939, the Saison, the Jewish Insurgency, the UN Partition Plan, the Israeli Declaration of Independence, the 1948 Arab Israeli War, the Nakhba, the 1949 Armistice, the Jordanian Annexation of the West Bank, the Six Day War of 1967. One can study all these things and still have a poorer understanding of why there is no peace in Palestine than he might have gained merely by speaking to an Arab or Jew.

Speak even to the most civilised, Westernised Ashkenazi Jew and you will understand what I mean. Underneath the Western visage lurks an utterly alien mind, with very few exceptions. The Arab-Israeli Conflict may seem solvable, but only to the Western mind. The Arabs have always taken pride in their stubbornness, and the Jew is no less intractable.

But there is something deeper. Something hard to empirically quantify, but that becomes clear when we contrast the myths of our own European ancestors with those of the Semitic Old Testament. In the Iliad there are heroes on both sides, and the destruction of Troy more a cause for sorrow than celebration. There is nothing like this in the Old Testament. There is no sense of tragedy, no respect for one’s enemies. The extermination of Israel’s foes is cause for celebration, not reflection, even when achieved through intrigue, corruption and treachery, as in the Book of Esther.

The universalist, depersonalised style of thinking that comes naturally to whites is deeply unintuitive to the Semite. Challenge a Zionist with a contrast between Israel’s own demographic policies and those advocated by the left-liberal Jewish diaspora, and watch the look of confusion and anger come over his face. His hypocrisy never even occurred to him. He thinks not usually in such abstract terms. His thought is rooted in his own identity as a Jew, and to think about any other perspective is a deeply uncomfortable exercise for him. The lack of understanding that each side of the Palestinian Conflict has for the other shows this clearly. The Zionists seem earnestly to believe in their own innocence, and to struggle to understand the Palestinian rage against them. Early Zionists, like Theodor Herzl, thought that they could work with the Arabs, and were genuinely surprised by the Palestinian Arab opposition to the transformation of their homeland into a Jewish State. Hamas demonstrated their lack of understanding for the Zionist position with their recent massacres and kidnappings.

Depersonalised, abstract thinking comes naturally to whites. Ideas like ‘nationalism for all peoples’ could only be the product of a mind that struggles to think in any other way. Whites feel the need to justify even their own existence in universal terms. The ease at which we think from another’s perspective ironically makes it difficult for us to understand the Palestinian Conflict. We can easily think from the perspective of an Israeli or Palestinian, but not like them. We see both sides in a way that they themselves cannot. It is not their thinking that is unique, but ours. The same identity-obsessed, personalistic pattern is found, with variations, throughout the entirety of the thirdworld. All assume that the minds of others work the same as their own, and whites naively assume that their own way of thinking is the norm. It is not.

It is this tendency towards abstract thinking that has made the West the greatest civilisation. We owe it our achievements in science and philosophy. Among the thirdworld hordes, whether they be invaders in the West or in their own homelands, one sees little sign that the spread of Western ideas has changed mindsets. The polemics on both sides of the issue of homosexuality among thirdworlders demonstrate this well. The more religiously inclined, conservative thirdworlders insist that LGBT is a Western creation, another foul colonial trick played upon them by the whiteman. Their woke opponents counter that most laws against homosexuality in the thirdworld were introduced by colonial governments, and that it is the opponents of homosexual acceptance that have fallen for the whiteman’s tricks. Neither side tackles the issue on its merits. ‘Who and whom?’ not ‘what and why’ are the immediate questions that spring into the thirdworld mind. Here Marxism finds fertile ground. That impoverished ideology, itself born from the Semitic mind, deals not in abstract concepts of right, but crudely divides the world between oppressor and oppressed.

Westerners should avoid involvement in the brutal wars of the Levant. They emanate from a mindset alien to our own and are fought with methods distasteful to ourselves. Both sides target civilians and have exterminatory intent. In Israel the two Jewish parties firmly in the Peace Camp, Meretz and Labour, currently poll together at about eight percent. The Palestinians elected Hamas. Even whites that intend genocide conduct themselves with far more grace, as when German colonial troops in Southwest Africa refused to fire on the Herero women and children, and pushed them into the desert to die. Levantines revel in the butchery of their enemies’ children, be it by bullet or ballistic missile. Even in our more savage past we had some sense of respect for our enemies. In an age where the sacking of cities and the enslavement or slaughter of civilian populations was accepted as honourable warfare, even in Europe, the Romans were horrified when they encountered the barbarism of Jewish rebels. In Cyprus the Jews slaughtered Greek civilians, ate their flesh and wore their skins as clothes.

Though we have yet to see anything quite so brutal from this war, it is still instructive. Israel plays at Westernness, but her actions show otherwise. As with black failure and crime, we see before our eyes the reality of racial differences, though this time not buried in the back pages but on the frontpage and the television screen. Every illusion of equality carefully constructed by the controlled media falls away.

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