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The INVASION of Our Homelands Continues Unabated! We Must RESTORE Our European Homelands!

Yet, Americans are attending ballgames! You can’t make this stuff up. INVASION of European homelands from Europa to Australia is intentional. We’re about to become a minority in our own homelands en route to extermination. There isn’t one nation that is exclusively & explicitly for European Peoples. Indeed, there isn’t even one town in America based solely for European Peoples, that’s how pathetic & weak we have become.

Perhaps we can learn from the ADL whose post reads:

It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.

Great! Thank you. Now, let us replace the word Israel with USA.

It has been said the we “European Peoples are the Light Of The World. Extinguish us, and all that is left is darkness.”

Well perhaps, however, that is exactly how we got into this mess, this predicament of being exterminated as a consequence of trying to help elevate the non-Europeans.

Non-Europeans (diversity) presence in our homelands is proving to be our doom (which is the intended evil plan all along). Are we going to correct this? I mean, just look at where its gotten us, we are hated in our own homelands, we advocated for Affirmative Action which is discrimination against us in order to help other race(s), our job applications are placed at the bottom of the pile, our people are getting attacked, raped, murdered, & we’re en route to becoming a minority & bred out of existence. We fulfill the four basic causes of extinction: Loss Of Habitat, Invasive Species, Hybridization, Excessive Predation.

We, our children, our grandchildren have no future in this current system, zero, zilch.

Let me get this straight, we are still the majority in all of our European homelands and minorities in London, Leicester, Luton, Slough, Birmingham, Manchester, Frankfurt, Toronto, New York, Paris, etc., and, as we are continuing to allow this INVASION, it means that in a decade or two or three we will become a minority in our own homelands – yet, we are not stopping it? WTF!

It takes a special kind of stupid to become a minority in one’s own nation, but, it takes a lot of callousness, even evil, to make our children a minority.

POTUS Trump posted:


We believed him in 2015, and thus we elected him to the White House, but, he did not deliver. As Commander-in-Chief POTUS Trump required zero permission to build THE WALL as he already had the manpower & they are called the Army Corps of Engineers & the Naval Seabees, &, had virtually unlimited money by just placing a tax on the tens of billions of dollars that leaves USA every year called Remittances. Again, he did not build the wall, deport ALL illegals, & cancel birthright citizenship, the 3 basic items he should have done just to get America back on the recovery track, but, he DID NOT do it. The sheeple believed him (still do) while the INVASION of our homeland continues & the bodies are piling up.

Trump was our last chance to begin correcting our demographics (assuming it was not too late to fix this catastrophe). Now, the consequences are, increased racial conflict at a minimum, acceleration of balkanization, we are on our own, & hard times are coming.

Millions of invaders have entered our homeland adding to the tens of millions already here illegally, most are military age men which constitutes a Fifth Column, a Trojan Horse. The racial conflict is in its early stages & it has not yet ignited the powder keg we’re sitting on. When it does, the Trojan Horse, the Fifth Column is already in place to turn against us; yes, the invaders are being used as a weapon against us Europeans, whilst, we attend entertainment events. Duh!

(Our ancestors settled, created, built, fought, bled, died for the USA Nation that they passed on to us).

Practically all European homelands are being invaded with the backing of treasonous governments & We The People tolerate it. We deserve what we tolerate. It is beyond obvious that We The People are being systematically destroyed from within from our own traitors. Of course, there is hate at what threatens/harms our loved ones, however, when it comes to traitors hatred is in a different league that dwarfs The Day Of The Rope.

Italy had an inspirational example that occurred in October 1922 when approximately 30,000 men marched on Rome giving Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister’s Office.We too have an inspirational example as George Washington & his 3% took on & won against the superpower of the day – Britain. Of course, Mussolini’s fight against communism & Washington’s fight for self determination pales in comparison to our struggle today which is our survival, our very existence as a race, the European Race, the Aryan Race.

Communism won as the communist partisans executed Mussolini in 1945.  Communism presently is winning over USA & The West as the ruling governments are tyrannical, no borders as tens of millions invade, crime rates against White people soar, becoming a minority, the Burning, the Looting, the Murders, the degeneracy, the destruction of the family, en route to our extermination.

Undoubtedly, we European Peoples from Europa to Australia have been targeted for destruction (we did not draw first blood). Upon exhausting all possible ideological combinations & the realization that our future is our birthright, the one logical solution is: segregation in perpetuity. This is not figuratively, this is literally. Alea iacta est.

It begins with: “Restoring White Homelands” video:

To ensure our birthright we will engage our enemies, foreign & domestic. Failure is not an option. It begins by refusing to live the way things are going. We don’t have to live like this. We even have many non-Europeans in positions of power making decisions that affect us Europeans. Why would any race allow their homelands to be invaded, being hated & having to defend being White, having to defend our identity, our very existence? That must be the pinnacle of stupidity.


Every race is entitled to have their own homeland, it is normal & natural. Instead of this forced diversity which is unnatural & a source of conflict (Robert Putnam’s findings after investigating diverse communities published in his book “Bowling Alone” is that diversity decreases trust even among people of the same race, diversity is a negative; not a positive as we’ve been told ad nauseam. Gee! What a surprise that the less commonality there is, the less cohesion, solidarity. A third grader could have figured that out). Oh, but, that’s racist! Firstly, slander is the tool of the loser. Secondly, if wanting every ethnicity to have their own homeland is racist then that is good healthy racism & we should embrace it because it is normal & natural to be with one’s own people – that’s how Nature works. Birds of a feather flock together.

Rudyard Kipling “The Stranger” first two paragraphs:

The Stranger within my gate,

He may be true or kind,

But he does not talk my talk–

I cannot feel his mind.

I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,

But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,

They may do ill or well,

But they tell the lies I am wanted to,

They are used to the lies I tell;

And we do not need interpreters

When we go to buy or sell.

We must reclaim our homelands from Europa to Australia. We are less than 9% of the global population & decreasing daily. Additionally, we have the most beautiful inside & out diversity imaginable, different colour eyes & hair – the Colourful People; the most important and consequential inventions 97-98% have come almost exclusively from Europeans. Europeans built the modern world. Read Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray & The Uniqueness of Western Civilization by Ricardo Duchesne.

Here is a glimpse as to why we are hated, well expressed by Joseph Sobran –

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.  Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.  The charge of racism puzzles Whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.  The White man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.  And, superiority excites envy. Destroying White civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

Yes, time to Breakaway. It’s long overdue. This diversity (that we never asked for & never voted for) gamble has put us back dozens & dozens of years if not centuries.  Imagine where we would be by now had we not conducted this diversity experiment. An Intersolar People, definitely. Remember, we went to the Moon using a slide rule. Now, instead of testing a new type of Intersolar spaceship with the latest propulsion system from our Moonbase to Mars, we have to prepare for what is coming – racial conflict, balkanization, hard times. This racial bloody conflict will not be limited to USA. Our attrition rate will be high, as, so many still cannot & will not believe the hatred directed at us. The greatly reduced percentage of us Europeans left on the planet will go through hell just trying to survive in what is left of our homelands. We are a hated majority now, anyone thinks it will be less so should we choose to become a minority? Many throughout history have warned us. The following book is free to read online:

Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority published 1972.

Recovery of our race may take multiple generations, there is no guarantee; we may even perish. We need to reset how we view ourselves, a paradigm shift in our attitude for survival, reawaken our instincts, a racial consciousness. Everyone of us has to hardwire the NEVER AGAIN mindset.  Ignoring Nature by allowing our race to be replaced, by financing other races instead of taking care of our own, by not protecting our children, etc. is a recipe for extinction. Nature is not moral or immoral, Nature is amoral. We have the TRUTH on our side as globalism, communism, liberalism, liberal democracy is contrary to Nature, contrary to science, contrary to Natural Law, contrary to reality. We ignore Nature at our peril.  Yet, we are doing exactly that. Not one European homeland has stopped this diversity experiment. Latest out of Sweden, “Sweden Gangs: PM Summons Army Chief After Surge in Killings”.  What can be said that hasn’t already been said. There is no stopping a people determined to destroy themselves along with their homeland.

Will European Peoples choose a return to “getting to Denmark”? — a phrase coined by Francis Fukuyama for developing countries to have good governance, peaceful, prosperous, uncorrupt societies.  Well, we Europeans already had that until we decided to allow into our homelands non-Europeans so as to become a facsimile of developing countries.

There are no shortages of examples, a first in human history, whereby a race is committing suicide. Back in 2018 Harvard Medical School removed the 31 portraits because non-Europeans felt uncomfortable for not being represented. All 31 portraits are men & White except one is Asian.

No, seriously, you can’t make this shit up. Enemies not required when a people are doing themselves in.

Harvard Hospital President Removes Historical Portraits Of White Doctors In The Name Of Diversity

Faith, folk, family. We have no leader that acts in our best interests, we are not a united people (we’re not even united between men & women) not even in families & friends as the hatred is high, plus we are surrounded by tens of millions of non-Europeans who hate us.  And, if that wasn’t enough we have tens of millions of Whites who are clueless & attending entertainment events, while others are traitors.

Our situation is far more dire. If we continue refusing in reclaiming our homeland, our future will resemble South Africa. Everyday that passes without sealing our borders, repatriating, & taking back Our Nation is one day closer to losing our homeland. We Europeans have such a rich history from culture, tradition, art, science, exploration, literature, architecture, beauty to music & language. We’re getting closer to losing all of that, being left with money, and, when that’s gone we’ll be the most bankrupt race ever.

Muslims invaded & conquered Spain from approximately 710 to 780. Their expulsion was decreed in 1609. The Spaniards reclaimed their homeland; so can we. Anyone who thinks Spaniards were not tortured, raped, & murdered during the conquest is delusional.  What part of INVASION don’t we understand?  Continuing to ignore it is a grim portent. The INVASION is also continuing to occur in academia via indoctrination & even brainwashing as it is ubiquitous (ads, TV, movies, magazines, etc.) that race is not real, it’s a social construct invented by none other than “those bad people”: Europeans.  American Renaissance October 6, 2023 short video (with transcript) entitled “The Ridiculous Idea That Race Isn’t Real” helps to expose the unrelenting attacks on us Europeans.

From its creation USA was a Nation for European Peoples as the Naturalization Act of 1790 defined eligibility which stated that USA is for “…a free white person…”.

USA Constitution, The Preamble:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Obviously, the wording of our Constitution was not explicit enough, was not ironclad to survive the test of time, over time it was subverted because it was not built on rock, it was built on sand & that is why it shifted, it changed as today anybody in the world can be an American (when anybody can be an American, then, being an American means nothing. A homeland for everyone is a homeland for no one).  This is not what our Founding Fathers intended. Grant it, they used lightly, softly words because they never in their worst dreams could have imagined their descendants would believe such nonsensical ideas as “diversity is a strength”. Libtards need to be told to replace the word ‘united’ with ‘diverse’, to read Diverse Kingdom, Diverse States Of America!

There are also the lies. The Jefferson Memorial Panel Three (Northeast Portico) reads: “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free.”

Thomas Jefferson’s next sentence is omitted, here is that next sentence:  “Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.”

This is lying by omission. We are being indoctrinated with lies, of our history, of who we are, as Europeans, as a race. Our achievements, our accomplishments are being erased. An affluent New York prep school reportedly told students to call Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion the “three fundamental laws of physics” in attempts to “decenter whiteness.” The school has dropped Sir Isaac Newton’s name when discussing the famed scientist’s laws of motion. “We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore,” a student told writer Bari Weiss. “We call them the three fundamental laws of physics. They say we need to ‘decenter whiteness’.

Fast forward, our new upcoming Constitution for our new Nation has to be explicitly for European Peoples, no exceptions. Our new Constitution & our new flag has to be built on rock so as to be impossible to misinterpret, alter, or be subverted, has to be ironclad & explicitly worded both in letter and in spirit representing European Peoples, the European Race, the Aryan Race. No exceptions, &, any attempts to undermine, subvert, or alter our new Constitution will quickly be met with punishments not excluding capital punishment. The survival of Our Race is nonnegotiable. It is our duty to ensure our posterity will not encounter our present demise (losing our homelands en route to extermination).

We need to come up with a symbol which will be on our new flag that exclusively & explicitly represents the European Peoples, the European Race, the Aryan Race. Is there such a symbol? If not, any suggestions? We need to display it now so everybody knows & sees it, is self evident, infallible, indisputable, paramount.

We have to embark on our Breakaway Civilization & head back to the stars as the explorers we are. Why? Because we don’t have to live like this, we were never asked of wanting diversity, we never voted for this. The data in “The Color Of Crime” tells us that we are sacrificing ourselves on the altar of diversity that is a religion. The libtards have no answer when asked to explain the benefits of diversity, including to explain why it is a good idea to live with fewer & fewer White people. The libtards are free to leave our homelands & go live in diversity all they want. Our children’s survival rate lessens with diversity, why in the world would we want that? It is pure evil to sacrifice our children so libtards can feel good about themselves. I remember the libtards saying “if Trump becomes POTUS I am moving to Canada”. Canada? Canada is more White than USA, why not Guatemala? you hypocrites!  It is an inescapable truth that our children will have a better future a safer future being in a homogeneous country.

Besides, we are seeing where this diversity experiment is leading — our extermination.

En route to our genocide we heard such absurdity as ‘White British’, it is redundant as British are Europeans, therefore, there is no need to combine White & British. Also, by combining those two words it implies that there is such an identity as British & non-White & there isn’t (Arabs, Africans, Asians cannot be British. The good laundry analogy: always separate the Whites). En route to our genocide we had to hide our identity for the fear of being doxxed because of risk losing our job, if we advocated “Britain for the British!” WTF! Why can’t the European Peoples as a collective realize that we are being manipulated? Why can’t we see the big picture? We’re on this runaway pain train that will come off the rails.

With our own homelands in perpetuity we can fulfill our destiny our full potential & free from Affirmative Action, diversity, inclusion, equity, anti-White hatred which, by the way, did not exist when we were a White country. Why would any normal race allow their homelands to be changed where we have to defend ourselves for being European, for being our race? Are we suicidal? Have we been affected by some walk-off-the-cliff mind virus?

Diversity + proximity = conflict.

We gave up going to the stars for diversity! How has that worked out?

Our Breakaway Civilization in perpetuity can only be achieved by segregation (has to be explicit, a homeland for Europeans only, no exceptions). We have to see the bigger picture. Our Solar System alone has practically incalculable amounts of resources. One asteroid alone has enough precious metals to be worth more than the global economy at $10 quintillion. As the Faustian European spirit in our DNA fuels ingenuity, inquisitiveness & our unquenchable thirst for knowledge, we can pursue our destiny fore there is an unavoidable universe right above us, it begs to be explored.

Read Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age  by Ricardo Duchesne.

We have the greatness of our ancestors coursing through our veins. Leave earth we must, eventually, as our Sun will one day die.

Many Europeans will not be joining us as they lack the European survival gene, they wrongly accepted the lie of egalitarianism, are beyond repair, made irreversible errors, therefore, they will not be contaminating our gene-pool. There will be fewer of us but possessing the Right Stuff. We have too much at stake – OUR SURVIVAL. Failure is not an option as extinction is permanent. Again, our duty is to our children, our people, our posterity; NOT to light the world or rule the world. Our very survival, this time our very existence depends on our Breaking Away.


The intentional murders of six (with dozens having lifelong permanent injuries) European Peoples in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21, 2021 was & still is an opportunity to officially make Waukesha 100% all White (Waukesha is presently some 86% White) & place a COMPLETION DATE to make it so. Reclaiming our homeland begins with one village, one town, one city, one state at a time; it need not start with Waukesha.

Unlike our ancestors, we chose not to be steadfast. Our enemies know that now we are a pushover race, we are tolerating anything & everything.

Crime stats are easily available, “The Color Of Crime”. Everyday in America approximately 100 European women are raped by Africans (the other way around is statistically zero). Of the estimated 650,000 black-white crimes of violence committed every year, blacks are perpetrators 85% of the time. This means that a black person, on average, is 27 times more likely to attack a White than vice versa.

Black-on-White Rape

Pakistan Orders Illegal Immigrants, Including 1.73 Million Afghans, To Leave”, said Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti, adding that all illegal immigrants should leave voluntarily or face forcible expulsion after that date, October 3, 2023.

So, what is our problem? We have a problem because we are the problem. We are an embarrassment to our ancestors (weakness causes problems).

We can choose a better path. We are still the majority, hence, we could end & begin turning this around by tomorrow afternoon if we so choose. Will we?  It’s not what our enemy does, it’s what we don’t do.

The phrase “there is no political solution” keeps getting regurgitated which is definitely accurate, therefore, starve our enemies, disconnect from this evil system, create & build our own communities, villages, towns, etc. Congress & the White House are literally favouring & actively involved in our replacement, extermination. (Jim Jordan says his first act as speaker (if elected) will be to help Israel. WTF!  His first act as speaker SHOULD be to secure our own southern border and deport ALL illegals, as a first step.)

They are complicit in our genocide. Create & build our own system starting with our own schools to teach our children historical truths, who we are, what our ancestors achieved, what we are capable of. Create our own currency that can only be used by us, an economy that serves The People & not the other way around as is presently the case, a man’s income to be enough to support his family, own a home, etc.

Turbine invented by Charles Parsons powered ships.

Our race built the modern world, there is no problem that we cannot solve. Nothing matches power like unity. We ought to be grateful for this glorious opportunity (first ever) for realizing we belong to the European Race. We are not alone, we are not deracinated, we are descendants of an amazing people that settled, tamed, carved out & built civilizations irrespective of the landscapes we found, whether in America, South Africa, or Australia. Every White Homeland presently is being attacked via invasion, hence, this is leading either to our extinction or to our great awakening on the threshold of a global European racial consciousness with our Breaking Away.

There is no power that can counter our uprising which is why our enemies have spent multiple decades deconstructing our identity from elementary to university & bringing in non-Europeans for the coup de grâce. We are now beginning to wake up, although, much too late to fix this without conflict. Time is of the essence, fore, the longer we wait the harder it will be to take back our homelands. This is why Biden upon entering the White House opened the borders to accelerate the plan because we were becoming aware of the slow boil to extermination.

Finance is key, as a common saying is “the head of the snake is the financial system”; we need to come up with our own, devoid of usury.

Strength in unity is the one power our enemies fear because it renders their agenda a failure, hence, their power vanishes. From its inception, USA was founded on a common people united (Naturalization Act, The Preamble). We Europeans have an ancient symbol that denotes unity, in Latin it’s called ‘fascis’, meaning ‘bundle’, in Italian it’s called ‘fascio’, &, this ancient symbol had its origin in the Etruscan civilization (perhaps even further back) and was passed on to Ancient Rome. This Fascist symbol is on many buildings in Italy today & in Washington, D.C. Congress has two large Fascist symbols on the wall either side of the Speaker Of The House, Abraham Lincoln’s Memorial has his hands resting on Fascist symbols, George Washington statue beside a man-size symbol of Fascism, etc.

Many are asking the obvious question: why does the system demonize European identity and nationalism, when it is normal, natural, in tune with Nature? The #1 threat to Globalism is Nationalism; Nationalism represents strength.

Strength would have seen the absence of English women at the Miss England beauty pageant (talk about tolerating the shit that’s shoved in our faces; view Miss England 2021). (I showed a picture of Miss England 2021 to a Chinese woman & it took a lot of convincing her that it was not a joke).

Here is another – Cuck-Canada or Chinada:

In 1834, the newly named city of Toronto coat of arms read: Industry Intelligence Integrity.  A nice clean & safe city that was sometimes referred to as ‘Toronto The Good’, way back when.

Those 3 words were replaced in 1998 with: Diversity Our Strength. You can’t make this stuff up. Needless to say that Toronto has changed & not in a good way “Toronto’s homicide rate is now higher than New York” June 26, 2018.

Canadians love their diversity. LOL!

Not participating & laughing achieves reminding everyone who has the power with the added bonus of humiliation.

The hatred directed at us is unrelenting & there isn’t just a mountain of evidence but a whole mountain range of evidence. Even the clergy are in on it as a Bishop Talbert Swan posted on Twitter 7:03 PM on 10/14/22 “Whiteness is an unrelenting, demonic, force of evil”.

There is strong evidence that our current path of being exterminated has been traced to include Christianity. Christianity is so tolerant that it is tolerating the extermination of European Peoples. Christianity is an accomplice & complicit to our genocide. In fact, many churches are aiding & abetting the INVASION of European Homelands from Europa to Australia.

The ideology of EUROPEANISM is the ideological right in every sense, from morally to ethically, to ensure our survival, our existence. We can have this ideology in our Nations now by accepting it, it is normal & natural to want our children to survive.

Nature can take man out of Nature, but, man cannot take Nature out of him. Nature does not need man, man needs Nature.

Our second biggest mistake is allowing non-Europeans into our homelands. What is the first mistake, the biggest mistake? Not repatriating them & establishing once & for All Time – our European Homelands.

To recap, European Homelands from Europa to Australia are being invaded, yet, we Europeans are continuing to allow it. How is this even possible? What the hell is wrong with us? My personal experience is that of the people I engage with some 95% of them disagree, say that we are not being invaded, say that these refugees need help. Showing them videos of overwhelmingly military age men who are entering makes virtually no impact. Explaining to them that we’re becoming a minority, &, the most popular  response is “who cares”.

It feels like we are in a  kind of zombie apocalypse. Expect no soft landing from our indifference. Our children will pay for our sins; they will hold us in contempt.

A wise man once said “an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”.

“Nothing is ever irreversible, except the death of a people by genocide or miscegenation.”  Dominique Venner.

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