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Complexity of History Versus NPC-level Reaction to the “Nazi In Parliament”

Waffen-SS Galicia Division, Yaroslav Hunka, front center.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I doubt there is any politically active individual in the entire Western world who is not aware of the Canadian government’s recent blunder, the standing ovation for  Waffen SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka in the bowels of the Canadian parliament. Though the level of stupidity that afflicts our fearless leaders never fails to astound, it is the reaction amongst the conservative camp that is really most exhausting. There has been not so much an eruption of outrage but more a jubilation of vindication, the final proof they have been waiting for to prove once and for all that Justin Trudeau is literally Hitler and the left are the real Nazis. Every story needs a villain and it seems that the eternal villain in the story of the liberal West is going to remain Adolf Hitler, and the millions of men who fought under him, for quite some time yet. The ignorant and arrogant condemnations of Mr. Hunka have highlighted another gap in the knowledge and logical reasoning abilities of the conservative masses. The embarrassing level of vitriol being spewed at the 98 year old veteran really has its roots in the two major influencers of political and historical opinions, those of narratives and propaganda.

No story makes sense without a narrative and narratives are formed as we piece together our understanding of the world. A common trope amongst the kosher-right is to portray the mainstream media or the left in general as the only side which relies on a narrative to push its political agenda. In reality, narratives are necessary in order to make sense of any given history or chain of events. You collect the facts, analyze the events, and through combination and comparison you evaluate the story that is being told. I would argue that no worldview is possible without a narrative. What is of primary importance is not whether or not there is a narrative at play, but just who is the narrator and what story are they telling?

The same principle applies to propaganda. The “altMSM” of the conservative sphere loves to classify propaganda as a weapon exclusive to the left. But all sides of political discourse and struggle engage in propaganda, it is simply a means to propagate ideas or concepts in an easily digestible serving in order to make the case for any given narrative to the largest collection of people. Of primary importance, again, is not whether or not a side is engaged in propaganda, but what exactly is being propagated and for the benefit of whom?

In order to dissect the NPC-level reaction to the “Nazi In Parliament” fiasco, lets take a look at the narratives and propaganda that have been at play in the liberal West since post-WWII in order to better highlight where these emotional reactions have their root. The central narrative at play is obviously that WWII was fought to defeat Adolf Hitler and his evil band of Nazis, anyone who was fighting on the side of or within the ranks of the German forces was clearly evil. The means of propagating this narrative lies primarily in the hands of Jewish power brokers, the media and entertainment industry (also Jewish), special interests, and propagandists of whom it is in their best interests to keep both “sides” of the political masses in agreement upon one thing: that to be a Nazi is to be evil personified and whoever is successfully labeled a Nazi is successfully smeared and defeated for all time.

A “Literal Nazi”

So Yaroslav Hunka fought with the Waffen SS: So what? Why has this caused so much of a reaction amongst conservatives? I can of course understand why many people are disgusted and embarrassed with the Canadian government for making such a blunder, I count myself as one of them. The stupidity of these people knows no bounds and despite arguments, claims, and speculations that this was all done deliberately as some kind of psy-op, I’m inclined to believe the simplest explanation of this event is the accurate one: these people are idiots. In their frenzied haste to whip up more “Slava” they dug up an old Ukrainian veteran, without stopping to think that maybe we weren’t always at war with Russia. As I said, these people are idiots. Before we address the question of whether or not WWII was the “good war” or not, the fact has to be stated that Mr. Hunka was fighting against Canada’s allies in that war, so to be honouring him in Canadian parliament for his service on the opposite side of the war in which we lost 42,000 men is incoherent nonsense and can only be explained by their sheer stupidity.

However, this embarrassing incompetence for the most part has not been the cause of the conservative reaction. If you scroll through Canadian twitter or read statements from conservative talking-heads and politicians you’ll find that the majority of the reactions are about Yaroslav Hunka himself and, by extenstion, the Waffen SS. Even Maxime Bernier has jumped aboard the anti-fascist train declaring Mr. Hunka to be a “war criminal” multiple times in one week and wailing about how the Liberals are Nazi sympathizers. Way to show em Max. This of course is not at all surprising, though I will admit it is a little depressing at this stage of game. After the last 3 years one would think conservatives would be asking a few more questions about the things the government and media talking heads have always promised them up and down were true. Sadly, we’re not there yet. But just how much do these people know about the nature and formation of the Waffen SS or what the choices were for young men like Mr. Hunka in Europe back in those fateful days? The answer is nothing. These people are speaking in platitudes and generalizations and their views, opinions, and positions on greatest conflict in human history are largely informed by Hollywood films.

On April 13, 1943, the German forces occupying western Russia announced that they had discovered mass graves of Polish officers in the Katyń forest near Smolensk.

Before we go into some history of the Waffen SS I want to first state that no army or  nation as a whole is innocent of wrong doing during violent conflicts. All sides commit atrocities to one degree or another and the bigger the conflict, the bigger the room for atrocity. Take for instance the Katyn Forest Massacre of 1940 in which 22,000 Polish military officers were slaughtered by the Soviet Union’s NKVD at the behest of Joseph Stalin. This atrocity was blamed on the German Wehrmacht and their names would not be cleared of the crime until 40 years after the war. Or the Allied fire-bombings of Hamburg and Dresden in which tens of thousands of civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in a firestorm of incendiary bombardment. These attacks achieved no strategic objective, they were orchestrated specifically to break the will and spirit of the German people so that they may turn on their own Nation. This crime against innocent life was not perpetrated by the Soviet Union but by English, American, and Canadian forces. In his stomach churning investigative work Other Losses, James Bacque paints a vivid picture (with receipts to back it) of the horror and inhumane vengeance that was taken on German civilians at the hands of the French and Americans in Eisenhower’s death camps, resulting in the starvation of 1 million German civilians in the years following the war.

Examples of Allied atrocities and unethical brutality could fill volumes, and indeed they have, just not the volumes the average person would stumble across at their local propaganda outlet. The horror of war has no ceiling and though we could also go into detail of various examples of German atrocities, some factual and some fictional, lets not waste our time. This drum has been beaten long enough and its time for a different tune. If it’s an Allied narrative you are seeking, I suggest you check Netflix or the History Channel, there is never a shortage of dramatic accounts and Hollywood has been pumping out propaganda pieces detailing that specific narrative for decades. This is not a narrative of condemnation in regards to the vanquished of the Second World War, it is a narrative in defense of the young men who made their choice between communism or Christian Europe and those who survived have been hunted everyday of their lives for that choice.

The Waffen SS

“After the defeat, the world worked unceasingly to mock the vanquished. Our soldiers, our wounded, our maimed were condemned to death or thrown into unspeakable camps and prisons. Nothing was respected, neither the honour of the warrior, nor our parents, nor our homes.

But greatness is never in vain. The virtues won in sorrow and sacrifice are stronger than hatred and death. Like the sun springing from the dark night, they will shine forth sooner or later

The future will go well beyond that rehabilitation. It will not only render homage to the heroism of the soldiers of the Eastern Front in the Second World War, but it will also say they were right: that they were right in a negative sense, because Bolshevism is the end of all values; and that they were right in a positive sense, because a united Europe for which they strove, was the only – perhaps the last – possibility of survival for a marvelous old continent, a haven of human joy and fervor, but mangled and mutilated to the point of death.

Above are the words of General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen SS in a passionate defense of the fighting force from his memoir of the war titled the Eastern Front. Throughout Degrelle’s book he details sacrifice and suffering endured by all in the most shocking and atrocious clash of men and machines that has occurred in human history. Yuroslav Hunka would have been one of the 600,000 foreign volunteers, who joined the Waffen SS to take up arms against the communist menace to the east, with foreign volunteers outnumbering the 400,000 German soldiers within the Waffen SS. Men from roughly 30 different countries, from different ethnic groups, cultures, and classes united in a life or death struggle for the future of not just one or two European nations but for the survival of Europe and European civilization as a whole. If you feel the urge to scoff at that claim, take a look at what is left of European civilization today and think real hard about what is going to be left in another 80 years.

It is very easy for comfortable modern Westerners to cast idle judgements upon men like Mr. Hunka, gasping in horrified disgust at a living, breathing Nazi who probably made lampshades out of the skins of Jews (this was something that was actually claimed in the first liberated concentration camps, proven shortly after to be an obvious hoax). But the reality of those times is that there was no middle ground to choose from. Being a free-market, libertarian centrist who “championed the individual” was not an option when the entire European continent was consumed in a holy war. Furthermore, the Ukrainian people in particular had the most reason of any to join with the Waffen SS when it opened its ranks to foreign volunteers. In the early 1930s, the Soviet Union starved anywhere from 3-5 million (possibly even more, figures vary) Ukrainian peasants to death in their orchestrated famine caused by their collectivization policies. This of course was directed by the Soviet bureaucracy led by Lazar Kaganovich who despised the Orthodox Christian ‘kulaks’ and their unwillingness to submit to the atheist state.

Though arguably the suffering of Ukraine is at the top of the list in terms of crimes and brutality committed by communists on the European continent, every country in Europe knew the fate that awaited them should the Germans fail in their fight with the Bolsheviks. This is why young men from all over answered the call, and Yuroslav Hunka would have been one of those young men. Germans, Belgians, Romanians, Italians, Ukrainians, Finns, Swedes, even English volunteers and more fought side by side to the bitter end in the utter hellscape that was the Eastern Front. The Waffen SS was the first truly European army and nothing like it has been seen since.

How easy it is to condemn. How easy it is to smear the honour of every one of these men backed only with a childlike understanding obtained primarily through Spielberg films. The question is not whether the Waffen SS is completely innocent of any accusations made against them. Undoubtably many are true. Undoubtably many are lies. But the narrative that has been instilled in the minds of our people in the post-war West is not one that offers any room for nuance, any room for question, any room for empathy for our young Christian brothers who took up the fight the only way they could. I would argue they couldn’t have done it better and their descendants owe them a debt of gratitude for their brave sacrifice and noble struggle, no matter the end result. For a more in depth explanation of the Waffen SS from the perspective of someone who served in every way imaginable, see any of the written works of Leon Degrelle, or view his presentation below.

Narratives and Propaganda

So what exactly is the narrative that the conservative establishment and its general scene of influencers are espousing? Well, to put it simply, in their version of the current reality what we are experiencing is nothing short of a resurgence of National Socialist Germany but on a global scale, and our government honouring “a literal Nazi” is the ultimate proof. All the open borders, the destruction of the family, the diminishing of Christianity, the anti-White policies, the mass rape of European women, the sexualization and even castration of children, the replacement of Europeans in their own countries, the erosion of National sovereignty, the division of the classes, the division of the sexes, the broken homes, the foreign workforce, the capitalist consumer culture, the embrace of cheap construction, of soulless architecture, the debasement of the beautiful, the sedentary lifestyles, the hyper-individualism, I could go on, and on, and on. All of this clearly is just like… the Nazis.

How could someone in their right mind believe this you ask? It all comes down to narratives and propaganda, the narrative was set long ago and the propaganda has become more sophisticated and adapted to each new cultural development and each new generation. As each stage of our destruction goes by, new talking heads and influencers, web-spinners and conmen are wheeled out to steer the fragmented masses of our people away from coming to one conclusion that simply can’t be made: that perhaps just maybe these people aren’t telling us the truth and have never told us the truth about the time when everything somehow started to go downhill fast for our Nations. The average conservative individual is very anti-communist and careful narratives are woven to distract from the fact that it was the “Nazis” who were fighting communism to the bitter death during WWII. “They didn’t respect freedom though you guys, they’re the same as the communists: collectivists.”

The conservative peddlers are a sly bunch, credit where credit is due. They have a tried and tested approach of getting you to agree with them on an obvious point like “Lockdowns are bad” or “Illegal immigration is getting out of control.” Lately you will even hear them dare to talk about the White race being under attack, due to the fact that it cannot be denied for much longer without them losing the reigns for good. But once they get the hook in your mouth they reel you in on the important issues you may not have thought that hard about yet. They begin to spin their web, over-intellectualizing and complicating very simple issues and concepts. They tell the truth for the most part, even say things that make you nod your head in agreement. But after the bait, comes the switch.

Last month Keith Woods kicked off a massively successful #bantheADL campaign on Twitter, (I say successful from a propaganda standpoint, they obviously didn’t get banned) drawing a large amount of eyes and ears to the problem of coordinated Jewish abuse of institutional power and the international blackmail and extortion ring that is the Anti Defamation League. For anyone who doesn’t know, the ADL is an organization run by Jews, for Jews, and founded by Jews to defend the honour of Jewish pedophile and child murderer Leo Frank in 1913. Funny enough, it was originally just an offshoot of another certain Jewish international clique called B’nai B’rith, which is obviously still alive and kicking as it is loudest voice calling for heads to roll over Mr. Hunka, demanding to know how many other secret Nazis have escaped the gallows to Canada. In all fairness they’re probably right, if we don’t hurry there won’t be any left alive to hang soon. But I digress…


The dark origin of the ADL #fyp #fypシ #viral #viralvideo #cool #real #truth #history #video #america

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The reason I bring up Keith Woods and his campaign against the ADL is because it provided plenty of examples of predictable conservative response across that scene of influencers. The more kosher types like Jordan Peterson wouldn’t touch it at all, I’m sure primarily due to the kind of names from the dissident-right that were involved. Edgier pundits like Alex Jones addressed it when it became too big to ignore. Alex made it clear he is no fan of the ADL, particularly because they are “the most pro-Hitler organization out there.” Yeah, ok Alex, you could at least try a little harder than that. Other responses followed the usual line of labeling the ADL “a leftist organization” not a “Jewish organization” despite being founded, operated, and directed in the specific interests of Jews against non-Jews.

This is the same thing the conservative movement does with any subject of importance, nothing changes, nothing will ever change until they are successfully driven out of relevance. Its no wonder that so much of the uproar over Mr. Hunka that should have been focused on how ridiculously stupid, incompetent, and historically illiterate our leaders are ended up being funneled into claims of Nazi sympathizing and infiltration. The narrative of the Ultimate Nazi Evil is still alive and well on both the commie-left and the kosher-right due the effectiveness of skilled propagandists and gatekeepers.

In Conclusion

Winning over the average conservative to the Nationalist point of view is not a vast chasm to cross. White Conservatives are our people, they share our heritage, they share our roots, they share many of our beliefs. As was addressed in part one of Destroy the Fake-Right, the war is not with individual people, its with the conservative establishment as whole. With the propagandists and talking heads that are deliberately clouding the waters and confusing our people to the point that when for one moment the left isn’t screaming about Nazis suddenly all of conservative Canada is screaming about… Nazis.

An important objective that needs to be achieved on the right is the destigmatization of World War II, of the conversations that are deemed too taboo to have. Recent developments in this disgrace of a country have made it technically illegal to have certain conversations, legislation brought forward by (you guessed it!) CONSERVATIVE MP Kevin Waugh and voted through unanimously. This will be challenged eventually in court. In the meantime discussions, articles, and accounts of history are ours to have, read, and learn from. These aren’t just stories of history, they’re stories of our history, these chains of events have dramatically impacted the current world we live in and tragically impacted millions of our ancestors on both sides of that great conflict. If the truth is on our side we cannot be defeated, not in the long run. We just keeping laying the stones, keep setting the building blocks for tomorrow, pushing out our own narrative and explanation of the current predicament, propagating our worldview for our people to hear. By blood or sweat, we’ll get there yet…

By God We’ll Have Our Home

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