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Awakening the Inner Celt

Irish Settlers, ‘The Lumbermen’s Camp’

Throughout my life, and for reasons I do not entirely understand, upon detecting certain sounds, words, or actions that I know are not correct, an intense sensation overwhelms me that causes me to feel ill. It perplexes me that others around me, including members of my own family do not experience these sensations. Yet I know that what is inside of me has always been there since it is intuitively felt and does not originate from any personal experience. The sensations can sometimes be so severe that my mind automatically escapes into a trance-like state while my body remains still and it seems like I can see bits of the future. Normally I do not share these experiences with people but now I will surrender all of those fears and write in free verse to express the anxieties that have weighed upon my mind. If you can relate or have more to add then please consider writing about your own experiences so that others can understand that our preferences are not superficial, but are deep-seated in our consciousness.


My people – why do you not see what has been done to our home? Why are you so courteous and trusting to those who despise us? Why is the reality that we are the product of our ancestors so offensive to you? Stop allowing others to define how we should interpret the world around us! Look inside of yourself and allow your mind to reflect on your deepest feelings and connections. You already know the truth about yourself – about your people! Why do you ignore the call of the tribes when the horns sound for you to join them? Why do you continue to be ashamed and ferociously suppress your inner Celt? We are a naturally inventive, free-spirited and tenacious people, but the power of suggestion has manipulated us into turning against our own kin.

Men of Canada – which of our women do you adore and respect? Is it not the chaste and modest women, the ones who do not sell their bodies and are actively supportive of our men? These are the women who honour their bodies by not uglifying themselves with hair piercings, tattoos, and weird synthetic hair colours. They understand that women are different from men and they do not try to dress like them but rather take pleasure in appearing feminine.

Women of Canada – which of our men do you wish to cherish the most? Is it not the strong and courageous men who strive to always provide the best for you and your children? Men who are loyal and who would gladly give their own lives to protect their families. These standards exist because we come from a warrior culture and all warrior cultures understand that there cannot be peace without order.

Young ones – what sorts of music and dance do you love? Know that what enthrals you is a reflection of your inner self. Know that you love the music that was made with the sounds and the instruments that our ancestors created. Do not lie to yourself and say that twerking and lindy-hopping are in your nature when our own people created waltzes, reels, ballet, and country dances.

Even if you are inclined to be a rebellious soul, still certainly you must sense that metal and rock align well with the heathen barbarian inside yourself, for it authentically expresses the intentionality of your biological character. Do not feel a need to adopt or imitate the ways of other peoples for this will never bring you happiness and it will only serve to undermine your own talents.

Why do you pretend to like the unintelligible balloon letter scribblings of graffiti which are not visually appealing to anyone at all? Do you not appreciate the mystical wonder of Celtic knots and Germanic designs? Such graphical styles are a rare phenomenon and it would be a great loss if they were to disappear from history.

Retailers of Canada – why do you export labour to foreign lands and sell products to your people that you know are not beautiful. People from other nations come here with their ethnic costumes and they laugh at us and say we have no culture. Some of those groups did not even have traditional ethnic clothing until those trends were recently invented, so why have you not promoted an authentic Canadian style? Why do you wish for everyone to look like gangsters and thugs? Are maple leafs and beavers the only things that distinguish us from our American neighbours? Where is your ingenuity?

Canadian advertisers – why do you pretend that Canada is a nation of Africans, Arabs, and Sikhs when they are but a minority and they do not see themselves as Canadian? Why do you wish for our women to enter into dysfunctional marriages with foreigners, replacing our own people with those who do not respect our ways? We Canadians are tired of the patronizing political slogans that are pushed by foreign social interest groups. There is no justifiable reason for why non-Europeans should be given prevalence over the native-born Canadians who have been here for centuries.

Composers of Canada – why do you not create new choirs and symphonies of your own? Why do you reject the yearnings of your heart? Why do you only seek to preserve and not to create? Europe holds a vast treasure trove of masters for you to draw upon. Recall the works of the Bach family and the Strauss family. Be inspired by the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar, Liszt, Wagner, Smetana, and Vaughan Williams. If you must deviate from tradition then be sure to deviate with authenticity and do not work to appease the superficial trends of this world. If you believe that you possess the gift of musical genius then let it shine forth and put all who would dissuade you to shame!


Architects of Canada – do your creations reflect the authentic values and history of our people? Do you draw upon our ancient and modern legacy in your designs? Would you ever again make use of the brick layers and stonemasons who work with the raw materials of the earth? Please, I beg of you, reject the international brutalist Bauhaus postmodern style. Remember the Gothic, the Georgian, the Victorian, the Edwardian and the Vernacular. If you must build in concrete and steel, then make your creations grand and momentous, considering both the Beaux-Arts and the Châteauesque.

Georgian style bedroom dwelling in Ottawa. Georgian architectural elements arrived in Canada in the second half of the 18th century. United Empire Loyalists emigrating from Britain in the 1780s were responsible for popularizing the style.

Canadian art curators – do you value the beautiful and authentic works of our people? You have studied history and you know the meaning of good taste. Canada possesses a legacy of art ranging from the realist painters like Paul Peele and Cornelius Krieghoff, to abstract painters like Tom Thomson and Lawren Harris.

Do not feel that you have some moral duty to perpetuate aboriginal crafts for the Precolonial Inhabitants will never see themselves as Canadian no matter how much you may try to appease them with inukshuks, totem polls, and the so-called “woodland style”. Meanwhile, there are a great many Canadian artists who go unrecognized because you do not choose to feature them in your galleries.

Canadian filmmakers, playwrights, and theatre producers – why do allow for anti-Canadian themes to prevail in your works? Why do you reject your forefathers who appreciated the dramas of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, as well as the light-hearted musicals made by Gilbert and Sullivan? There is nothing charitable about casting people who are not visibly European into roles where they do not belong. You are supposed to be a voice for our people and if you do not speak for us then no one will!

Canadian scholars – why have you rejected science and history? Why do you hold the feelings of those who are intolerant towards our people to be sacrosanct? You are supposed to be pioneers of innovation and discovery, not censors who campaign to silence all those who speak the truth. Stop letting yourself be swayed by those who claim intellectual authority but have nothing substantial to contribute. After all, truth is something that is impartial and is entirely independent of one’s class or social standing. Rather than letting yourself be controlled, suspend all judgements until you have set aside all of your preconceived beliefs and simply observe the facts for yourself so that you can be certain that you have arrived at an accurate understanding. This will allow you to look beyond the horizon of your personal experience and grant you the ability to interpret things that are real and authentic.

My people – know that I love you even though you may betray me, for we are still a part of each other. Please consider these sincere words and share your own sentiments so that together we can reject the harmful memes that have infected the minds of the masses and rejuvenate our culture away from its current course toward destruction.

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