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Tolerance of the Intolerant: Why Canada Will Become Chinese 

Most unoccupied homes declared under Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax were condos owned by Chinese.

The Plan All Along

The sole purpose of Canada is to facilitate the construction of more and more condos. This was not what Canada’s rural people had in mind as they slaved every day in the bitter cold, pulling up giant tree roots from fields, cutting through rocks, building the country into a total success by the 1950s, with so many green parks and hospitals they didn’t know what to do with. Teenagers drove cars to school. Instead of worshipping Whites, we live in an inverted world where the great creator is shown as stupid, clumsy, arrogant, ignorant, malicious, selfish, judgmental, grumpy, an unpleasant loser, and of course racist.

The question should maybe be, “Why WOULDN’T Canada become Chinese? In fact, the plan is that it SHOULD happen. Is the so-called growth you see Canadian or is it just more Chinese development? The Canadian establishment traitor-class decided more than 50 years ago that it wasn’t about us anymore. It’s about himself. The traitor works for them. If we become them, there could be no issue with them being “us”! Globalists like the UK’s Jeremy Hunt or the Canadian John McCallum, can operate without the restrictive barriers of their own national people.

He can do it because there’s no reference to a broader view, no consideration of consequences. There aren’t any. If he is not responsible for the whole trip, he doesn’t have to fill the tank with gas. He is an individual. A retired Canadian fighter pilot can go to China and teach, the Canadian deaths he causes in future is never a concern of his.

Canada’s Pierre Iddiott Trutraitor Dynasty

Western culture is organized for the individual, so that opposition to Canada becoming Chinese is impossible. When you act alone, you can only do what satisfies your personal conscience and appetites, and you will be judged as an individual, satisfying that conscience and appetite, not how you are acting to serve a group. In contrast, Chinese act as individuals AND for the group.

Ever since Pierre Elliott Trudeau was led through a Chinese Potemkin village, where he decided that Canada should be anti-White just like the other global communists, shaking off the imperialist yoke, it starts since at least then. It would be the equivalent of a German or Polish King visiting the yurt of Genghis Khan and saying, “I like how you do things. I want you to come to my kingdom and populate it and become the main source of our growth. Don’t worry, our people are only individuals and simple farmers. They will have to be nice. If not, we will accuse them of being mean and hateful, and they will do anything to avoid that.”

True Traitor Trudeau promoted a national socialist people instead of his own, who were antithetical to everything he said he was for. His “just” society he promoted is no longer possible because there are no borders. Pierre’s deposit, Justin, can be dancing with proud Canadian shit eaters one minute and seen drooling over Brown, homophobic, forced-marriage immigrants the next. In the eyes of the prog, this is not an oxymoron. The “brotherhood of man” boys, the communists, have always been against the man of the West (unless it is himself), because he is the only thing standing between him and his “global village.”

The Chinese, who practice “elite capture,” didn’t put in any overtime getting the Trudeaus on board. You don’t need blackmail with prostitutes. Progs are willing whores. The globaleftist is already working for them.

“It’s not about race. Nor should it be,” says the prog.

If race doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t matter if the country becomes the race of the people that it DOES matter to.

Whites Relate To Individuals

The prog believes so strongly in his “liberal pluralism,” that he never accuses the Chinese he meets face to face of being “pro-Beijing,” or “communist,” or “CCP supporters”! It just isn’t relevant information. In this view, anyone can adopt his values when some information is excluded. The prog’s “values” magically come to be believed in when you have a high quality of life. The supremacist gangsters will become nice guys soon, anyway. And, after all, their kids do Irish Dance more than the White kids do.  The “universal values” the Canadian claims to have is just rhetoric, requiring certain conditions, and not the Realities of history and life.

The shitlibtard doesn’t see the West in decline, because he doesn’t see much, except individuals.

The Canadian sees himself as moral because by excluding possibilities and the knowledge of future harm, he is able to look like a saint in the present, by the limited-view decisions he makes. No one in Western culture criticizes the schmaltzy Mr. Earnshaw, in the book Wuthering Heights, who adopts an “orphan,” a “dark-skinned gipsy,” from Liverpool—this Heathcliff is the cause of the generations-long turmoil and soap opera that follows—written by a woman.

Whites love saying things and doing things he thinks should be true. Something positive to fill the empty silence, an action to show his goodness. It isn’t until things reach a point of absolute hell before he shuts up about what ought to be.

What Would Jefferson Do?

What is most shocking about the White mind is its loyalty to the rhetoric. He monotonously repeats promises made in the past, even when this could lead to great harm. It’s as if a life-religion that accounts for Reality is just too impossible and complex to hold, nothing would move forward. The course of the West is careless, pilotless, and irresponsible. It may be good for the “promisers,” but not for the grandkids.

To put it simply, Canada will become Chinese because Whites apparently believe in some ideas and promises made centuries ago.

Blacks, thought Thomas Jefferson, can’t become American because they can’t write poetry, create music, and paint; but Indians can if they give up shamanism and treat their women better. In other words if you stop being Indians, you can replace us. With a little patience and guidance the White father could help his little Indians become good citizens.

Thomas Jefferson started to think about the “right thing to do.” You have to wonder, if it included freeing his own Black slaves whether his mind would have wandered there. Is it possible that these Puritans don’t follow a “God” and his rules, but the “God” ends up wanting what the individuals want? Maybe you just reach the conclusions that you can. And if you’re going to make the biggest land purchase in history you have to have something nice to say about all the people that already live there.

If you are wondering what Thomas Jefferson has to do with Canada, remember it is Canatards who want to one-up the Americans by being better keepers of the big Enlightenment promises. Anyway, the Father of America, was really a Canadian rebel who became an American.

The bigger question is, why did Tom say and think what he did? Was it because he had to say it? Was it because he could say it, never having to take into account the Chinese? Did he never imagine in a millions years that they would be pouring into America with bags of cash, speaking English, and playing the violin? Was he just full of Whyperbole (White hyperbole)? Did he just say what he thought ought to be true, and ought to be said, without considering whether it could work, or should work, or whether he really wanted it to, or what would be the actual impact down the road? Was Jefferson the original do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do internationalist?

The point is not so much that Enlightenment men loved spewing nonsense, if it suited them, but that many others to follow, to this very day, take it as the word of God and as universal truths. Those men didn’t have all the info. No concept of Reality. The truth made no difference to what he said.

In any case, Canadians, who are just Americans with no free-speech, believe (along with Americans) that becoming Chinese should happen because it’s what a few Englishmen and Frenchmen apparently committed to more than 200 years ago. It’s the right thing to do, because opposing it is the wrong thing to do.

In fact, if you follow what the prog teaches, and his religious leaders, the Chinese SHOULD replace Canadians: they study harder, are not degenerate and fat, they have a work ethic beyond any protestant work ethic, and they deserve to become doctors, scientists and land owners, because they are accomplishing the task of doing just that the way one is supposed to. Why did you waste so much time baling hay on a farm when you were young? Why did you spend so much time watching TV? Why didn’t you go to military camp training like all the Chinese kids, and why weren’t you studying to become a hedge fund manager, learning to make money work for you, instead of working?

Markham Ontario, private school, “special learning day”.

For a brief period, perhaps a hundred to a hundred and fifty years, most Whites remained adults and just ignored a lot of the “promises” of “universal liberty,” knowing that it was all hogwash rhetoric, and not what should be or what anyone wanted.

Hate Is Love

From the Chinese perspective Canada looks like a gathering of lunatics with no 50 year plan or 5 year plan.

The Chinese may not know if there’s a God, but they know that you have to at least exist. And if there is a God he wouldn’t welcome to heaven some asshole who has convinced himself and everyone else what a saint he is, rising to the top. Life is a greater Reality than just what conveniently registers on the conscious-image-mind of the White individual.

Anyway, this is not an issue for the Chinese, who got rid of their parasites in the Cultural Revolution and before. Whatever you want to say about China’s “communist” leadership, they are FOR THE PEOPLE. They are not just individuals running a shopping mall, money-laundering casino, real estate racket.

God didn’t choose the Chinese, they choose themselves. “Hate is love.” I say hate because everything the Chinese do in China would be thought of as hate, for a White person to do in Canada to protect the unique integrity of the European people and the future for their children. It is a greater love and not the selfish love of individuals — it looks to the future, without guilt.

A strong group component means civilizational survival and not decline, which curses every European nation because of the greed and stupidity of individual actors. It means the actions of the people now, matter.

The Chinese deliberately study their history to learn from it and not decline. This is a grounded and considerate approach to life compared to the treasonous, White missionaries whose intellectual radius blushes to an immediate, feminine emotionalism, to go out and chant “no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here!” Whites study a 2000 year old door stopper, written by desert zealots, to tell them how they’re not killing themselves fast enough and being kind to their enemies, but they won’t read a current paperback on the Muslim invasions of Europe or WW2.

Chinese girls learning to “stand up for China”.

It’s as if the White brain is constructed precisely to avoid truth. The gross “punk rocker” or ugly bedroom blob who conforms to everything the system wants, and thinks they/them/it is brave, still has a Puritanical religion and morality that demands it be nice, to the point of extinction. The Christian and the atheist are no different.

The Chinese view is a little different. Mao Zedong: “Religion is poison. It has two great defects: it undermines the race… (and) retards the progress of the country.”


White “dissident voices” are sometimes not much better. This group is tasked with defending the people of European civilization, but the greatest geopolitical, economic, and cultural danger in history does not seem to be on their radar. It seems like if the Chinese come into the conversation at all it is to see them not as the greatest threat to Whites but as victims of street level Black violence!  And if Chinese are a threat it’s only because of a handful of Babylonian temple demons who were present in China back 75 years ago or so, who turned the Chinese into a problem. The Chinese couldn’t possibly be doing this themselves. If you’re a podcaster, it’s a lot easier and more entertaining to show Black violence videos than it is to report the boring but actual replacement of Whites.

In the dissident world pointing out a concern about China means “you’re not Redpilled, man. You think it’s the Chicoms! Haha!”

Lizard men and Blacks may play a big role but they’re not really the ones who are actually physically replacing you. Trump said, they’re not sending their best. Actually, they’re sending their worst AND best. Blacks and Browns replace you in government and working class jobs, Chinese replace you in brain and money jobs. It’s a one-two punch.

The dissident seems to think the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Chinese vs your traitorous Globalist pos overlords. They are not. They are ANOTHER enemy of yours, albeit a very different one.

When the prog thinks big he thinks Asian History Month. Here, Chinese are confused why they are there, and Filipinos, who notice the Chinese encroachment on their seas and fishing boats, a fact that informs their view of the Chinese, keep quiet and play along for Whitey.

Mostly, Whites embrace individuals, he calls “allies.” He couldn’t possibly not be loyal to the good Chinese and betray the promise!

The White adopts who he thinks thinks like he does. That way, “we” are guaranteed to win the international math competition.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

When you’re a pebble of sand, you get washed away by the tide. The more the Chinese learn about the West, the more they conquer it. The more a White man comes into contact to try and learn something about China, the more Chinese he becomes. His “understanding” has no purpose as being for “his group.” Maybe he used to call Chinese chinks, now he takes a Chinese wife who will understand his “right-wing views.” He’ll hate on feminists and sell the farm. He feels good he’s avoided the left: “My wife hates Antifa too, and is a high IQ race realist!”

Funny how Chinese often complain Westerners “don’t understand us,” don’t know “China’s point of view.” This is odd because if Westerners actually learned from and followed the “Chinese way” they would cease Chinese immigration, deport those already in the West, and become national socialists. Some Chinese can’t resist communicating this, it seems, but they know it doesn’t matter—at any complaint Whites will cower that he is the one who fails to learn and needs to open up even more! In any case, you can’t talk about “Whites” as collectively understanding something.

“Disintegrating the enemy” with Ten-thousand cuts is easy. Just relate as an individual.

I’ve heard Chinese also complain “Paris is Black;” the thing is, the same White mind-set that invites Blacks to the West is the same muddled mind that welcomes Chinese and tolerates gays. It’s a package deal. The White mind believes strongly it must consistently adhere across the board to the blanket promises it has made. Whites can’t say yes to Chinese and no to Blacks, or yes to Blacks and no to Chinese. A more complex response, for the good of Whites, is not possible. Men are born equal: “Love is love.”

Chinese Shekels Over Farms And Forests

In a sign of a truly corrupt society, like Canada, a White man may have flashes of sanity but usually he sides with what looks like the winning side. Get in the game and score or someone else will. And in this game it isn’t apparent who’s on his side, surely not the people who look like him. Take what you can.

In the important book “Hidden Hand: How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World,” the authors Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg say:

“In our judgement, so entrenched are the CCP’s influence networks among British elites that Britain has passed the point of no return, and any attempt to extricate itself from Beijing’s orbit would probably fail.”

If the UK is past the point of no return, you can imagine the state of Canada.

No one seems to know what is going on, but a few people seem to know that something is going on that they don’t know about. A handful know there are something called United Front groups at work, but they wouldn’t know them if they saw them.

In Canada it’s hardly necessary for an opponent to hide, so atomized and self-centered are the people. After reading “Wilful Blindness: How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and Chinese Communist Party Agents Infiltrated the West,” by Sam Cooper, you’re left wondering why the book wasn’t written thirty years ago and if in fact anything is happening in the present day in response to the situation described in the book. As an individual, you’re left feeling completely helpless, when long ago you were abandoned by those who were supposed to protect you.

In Canada, nothing happens because it’s not supposed to. Mr. X is too busy counting his renminbi.

And when the “enemy” looks exactly the same as you do, it’s hard to tell anyone apart.

There is no bigger picture. There is no group and therefore no view of another group.  You can’t see the Sinification, your horizon is so low.

Another book, by Erich Schwartzel, “Red Carpet: Hollywood, China, and the Global Battle for Cultural Supremacy,” illustrates the enormous influence of Chinese in Hollywood. If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize, is an often repeated quote, attributed by many to Voltaire. Well, you certainly can’t portray America’s likely WW3 opponent as the enemy or villain in film.

The Chinese scream bloody murder at the slightest criticism of themselves or showing them in a bad light in any way, but have no problem portraying America as the evil, racist, arrogant, imperialist—as in the movie “The Battle at Lake Changjin”—anyway, who needs Chinese propaganda when the North American will just do it for you? He has no problem living with entertainment when it’s controlled by an obvious foe, he is not going to notice it when it’s much less obvious.

If you’re not unified as a group, seeing it yourself gets you nothing. Raise the alarm and you’re the nail sticking up into High Rise Harry’s condos. He’s got you because there’s no team, there’s just you.

A Meritocracy With Chinese Characteristics

When life is a Darwinian struggle, planet earth is just Chinese lebensraum. On more than one occasion I have met Chinese who have said to me, “Canada is a strange country.” Translation: Canada is a giant, fresh, rich country with a tiny, easy going, young (historically) population. How is this possible? How did it happen? It isn’t correct. It ought to belong to us. It’s only right. We work much harder.

Chinese, who are extremely ambitious, never seem to battle against each other to the point of betraying the motherland to foreigners. If a Chinese gets too big, billionaire status, he might disappear for a while to think about what he’s done wrong. In the West, freed slaves bring on the decline. If we understand many Chinese as historically slaves (coolies), their freedom comes from hard work, and this is people pushing the people forward. It is a natural philosophy of life, but with boundaries. The surveillance state of face recognition is making sure you’re patriotic, unlike the soon-to-be-state of Canada which will follow you when you ARE patriotic. With technology sold to us by the Chinese! In China “hostile ideas” are against the Chinese race, in Canada hostile ideas are against the Chinese race.

Chinese individual ambition is directed outward. An International School in China prepares Chinese to go out. In most of the world a school called international has international students.

As The Unz Review has rightly pointed out, America is not the meritocracy it promises it should be. The complaint by “conservatives” is not that schools will become entirely Chinese, if it’s a meritocracy, but that Blacks and Browns get a free pass.

When a Chinese lectures a Canadian or American on their lack of meritocracy, no one ever points out that the Chinese “meritocracy” is restricted to Chinese only.

We Came For The Walues

There are a lot of complements one could pay to Chinese culture and history, and the Chinese people individually, but I wouldn’t want to live in China. When you live in a 30 story building with a decade of shelf life left on it, when you don’t know if your money is safe, when you haven’t seen a blue sky in months, you think about leaving. So why not be Chinese in Canada? Millions agree.

China’s Huge, Eerie Tower Blocks. The government is moving 250 million people from the country into urban areas by 2025

This wave of movement is a step but not the final frontier—other planets are literally the goal. It may sound like an exaggeration but there’s a reason so many Chinese kids are groomed to become astronauts and scientists instead of drag queens. They know damn well what’s going to happen because they’re going to do it. The goal is outer space because they know it’s all over for planet earth.

People are attracted to wealth and success.  “We” don’t want what we already have. We have what they want, they have nothing we want, except them. And why would they want a culture that has allowed itself to be dominated by rapacious invisible narcissists, fat, tattooed feminists, international financiers, foreigners like themselves, and worst of all, traitors!?

Canada becomes Chinada, not because the Chinese are desperately climbing the wall to get in, while search lights scan and German shepherds bark. It is because Canadians refer to a fifth of humanity as a visible minority. Because the idea of a Fifth Column is not even an idea in a country where you can’t call someone a foreigner. They will replace Canadians because Canadians refer to immigration like it is something completely natural and inevitable, like rain. Chinese are here, working hard, with the freedom to breed and raise a privileged, supremacist race, on new rand.

My Friend Wants To Replace Me

In business, the Chinese man often chooses the White man because he views him as the best representative of the West—while avoiding Blacks, for example. You’re the real deal. You become Chinese not so much because you are defeated as a hated enemy, but because you are smothered by people who respect you enough and who like what you have enough, to use you so they can take what you have. However much they may interact honestly, they’ve got the group they’re still a part of right behind them.

There are probably millions of Chinese whose thinking resembles a White nationalist’s. They seem to appreciate the West more than most White people do. In consequence, many “conservative” Whites embrace these Chinese as “on our side.” In Chinada, no one notices the immense tectonic movement of an ancient race against his own civilization that goes along with all the new “friendships.” Whites put their guard down in their desire to be honest, courteous, and understanding.

Chinese man: Why you acceptu so many African and Filipino your country? Cause bigu problem future!

White man: I cannot imagine the future. And even if I could, no one else can, and it has no bearing on what I think and do now.

We Always Win

Progressivism is to increase prog power, not decrease it. No longer could he ride an elephant out into the world to rule over other peoples. It doesn’t work. In this new colonialism he breaks down barriers and welcomes the world to become him! He expands his power by creating ersatz White people. More individuals, like you. American Hollywood movies present a people that people all over the world want to see and be like. This was true even when American movies were White. If everyone in the world is an individual, they’ll be putty in globaleftist hands.

Will Xi Jinping’s qiaowu, overseas Chinese, “answer the call of the motherland” when war breaks out, as he expects them to, or will they just respond like Whites?

Whatever happens, Canada is secure if the Chinese launch an ethno-biological weapon, which they are working on–as recently mentioned by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidate for the Democratic Party nomination—because at least some of us will survive! The Asiatics! Diversity is not the strength of the Chinese, the Chinese are our strength! And don’t worry, China may have thousands of spies in Canada, but Canada is sending its master spy to China! 008–Wong, James Wong!

“Chinese scientists preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons”.

The Taker may be happy, but as young Whites struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table, they will have to bring in even more Chinese to pay for it. In this vicious downward cycle, the Chinese Death Star planet is inevitable. The White man has been relegated to the construction trades, working to build the accommodations for his replacements—by his “countryman”!

When you have a society where basketball is the most popular sport because they think it will make them taller and few play soccer because there aren’t the green fields to play it on, and in Khalistan, I mean Canada, a tiny minority of young individuals who are entrepreneurial only think of selling cannabis, it’s only natural that one will replace the other.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when he is financially, emotionally, psychologically, religiously, and culturally incapable of understanding it.

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