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A Plea for Help: An Open Letter to the CBC

Dear CBC

Please help me. Help me like you always have. Help me by providing a false narrative about an upcoming mass march against LGBTQ+ indoctrination.

Like other CBC listeners, I’m too lazy to do my own research or think independently. The brain muscle that once allowed me to think atrophied long ago. So please step up to the plate in my time of need. You are on deck. Get ready to swing. Get ready to knock it out of the park. I know you can do it. Your record speaks for itself.

You were able to mischaracterize and slander the  Freedom Convoy occupation in Ottawa and prepare the ground for a tyrant who refused to meet with its leaders because he wanted to crush them. You were able to maliciously depict the demonstrators as racists and Nazis and White Supremacists and rednecks who received foreign funding. You were complicit with an agenda that very much wanted to present the protestors as insurrectionists, in the same fashion that progressive media and politicians had done with the January 6th crowd.

You followed the standard formula: Depict Canadian populist protests as a branch plant of an evil, right wing, racist movement down south . Whenever Canadian populist protest pops up and rears its ugly head, be  it Pegida, the Yellow Vest demos, the rallies against unconstitutional Covid measures or the Freedom Convoy, the participants are described as Me-Too bigots aping American political actors. Don’t let this go to your head, CBC, but you have done a superb job of doing this. Mission almost accomplished!

Thanks to you, racism in Canada is widely thought to be equivalent to racism down south. Canada in 2023 is Alabama in 1923. Thanks to you anti-immigration is conflated with “anti-immigrant”, and no politician or party in the House of Commons will dare to give voice to vast numbers of Canadians who oppose runaway immigration-driven population growth. Thanks to you, even Opposition Party leaders argue that the lack of affordable housing is a supply problem and that its solution is to import a half million home-seekers every year! The proverbial Elephant-in-the-Room is running amok and they won’t mention it. Why would they? You would just call it a “Conspiracy Theory”, like the “Great Replacement”. If the CBC doesn’t cover it, it didn’t happen, and it doesn’t exist. 

Thanks to you, most Canadians were unable to make an informed choice about taking the Covid vaccine jab because you censored critics and maligned non-pharmaceutical treatments. You shut out highly credentialed doctors, virologists, immunologists and academics who rang alarm bells about a “vaccine” that had been rushed through without proper clinical trials and you wilfully ignored the mounting evidence about vaccine injuries and deaths. You even ran a fake news story about someone in America who almost died from taking Ivermectin, which you described as “horse paste”, despite its widespread and effective use in Asia.

Thanks to you statues have been toppled and churches burned because you promoted a “Missing Graves” hoax and a one-sided interpretation of the Residential Schools tragedy. Have any of your loyal listeners heard about the Giesbrecht findings? Have any of them heard or read about alternative interpretations of historical events like the Komugata Maru incident or the Chinese Head Tax? If they have, they didn’t hear it from. That’s good because you are the only credible source of “news”, right? If listeners stray off 690 on the radio dial and stumble upon the raw truth,  they are lost.  If they don’t return to the CBC fold soon they might develop an appetite for shocking truths and wind up in some March to Ottawa. 

This is all to say that your track record is impeccable. You’re on a roll. So I have every confidence that you will come to our rescue once again. Just when it looks like a groundswell of legitimate popular rage against tyrannical globalist rule will form into a street demonstration of massive proportions, I can be assured that you, Superman (the CBC), will sweep down and smite the grubby deplorables and “right wing” Christian transphobes.

But wait a minute…this rumoured march against LGBTQ indoctrination will be led by Muslims! Hmm. I thought that Justin Trudeau had the support of Muslims all locked up.  After years of grovelling and mosque visitations, I thought that Justin had Muslim voters in his back pocket. I thought that like the Toronto Star and a host of MSM outlets, like the LGBTQ+ lobby and countless indigenous groups, Muslims were bought and paid for with my tax dollars. Now it seems that they are wanting to bite the hand that has fed them. Just because they oppose the indoctrination and sexual abuse of their children of all things! OMG, how are you going to spin that? After all, you banged the drum of “Islamophobia” for years. You were instrumental in the defacto resurrection of blasphemy as a crime. So how could you train your guns on people you formerly anointed as victims?

No problem. Justin has already shown the way. You simply say that Muslim Canadians have been misled by “right wing” American media. When all else fails, blame the Americans. If you make a false allegation that right wing American donors funded this march, and it is subsequently exposed as a lie, you needn’t feel obligated to walk it back. You didn’t walk back your allegations against Danielle Smith so why start now? Anyway, this concept of “objective” journalism is a sad relic of the past, when journalists didn’t understand that their job was to Serve The Revolution.  

So go for it, CBC. Cover this march in the way you usually cover marches like this. I won’t have to do any work. If any friend or relative or acquaintance dares to defend the protestors, I’ll just parrot your talking points and repeat your slurs. The same slurs that Jagment Singh and Justin Trudeau habitually employ.

Hmm. I wonder. How will Jagmeet be able to call brown Muslims “White Supremacists”? Any ideas? He pinned that label on the leader of the Proud Boys and got away with it, but this time..? I am sure you can help him out there again too. 

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