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Why Is Justin The Most Hated PM in Canada’s History?

He came into office in 2015 believing he would become the most loved PM in history by playing up all the memes and policies that progressives believe represent the highest ideals of humanity. He would celebrate indigenous peoples, blacks, women, transsexuals, and immigrants like no one else before, wearing socks with words and images showing how much he cared for everyone.

He would welcome refugees with blankets, appoint more women and “minorities” to his cabinet, claim that immigrants cared more for Canada than native whites, called Canada a “post-nation” for the rest of the world and increase the levels of immigration to their highest level, and dress in ethnic attire showing how much he loved nonwhites.

He would be a grandmotherly PM taking care of the health of Canadians by ensuring everyone was vaccinated against a lethal virus. And he would take a tough stand against white straight males who stood in his way.

But, for all this, he became the most hated PM in Canada’s history to the point that even his wife asked for a separation, unable to bear him anywhere near.

How Justin envisioned himself.

What happened, why do you think he is so hated? This is an interesting question, for it may be that this hatred is not just against him, this particular man, but an unmistakable sign that liberal progressivism, taken to its logical conclusion, as has been happening across the West in the last years, and expressed to its highest absurdity in the personality and behavior of Justin, is finally reaching its end as an ideology that cannot but hated.

Liberalism began some centuries ago with many great ideas and policies, such as the idea that all citizens should be treated equal under the law, that the authority of governments springs from the consent of citizens, that governments have an obligation to respect the “natural freedom” of individuals to decide their own religious and political beliefs in a state of mutual respect and reciprocity,  and that citizens have a right to rebellion if these rights are violated. It was also an ideology strongly tied with the principle of impartiality and fairness in the pursuit of truth, in the treatment of criminal behaviour and violations of the law, and commitment to meritocracy in education and job opportunities.

But from the 1960s on, liberal progressivism has been accelerating into an ideology that is now characterized by incessant lying and unfairness. Four things stand out. Firstly, in its belief that individuals should be independent from all collective and traditional “constraints”, and that gender is function of subjective preference and choice, it has denied the reality of biological sexual differences, encouraging children to undergo genital surgeries, such as removal of the penis, removal of the ovaries, construction of a vagina, as well as breast augmentation. This has resulted in a terrible crisis of sexual collective identity among teenagers without a sense of whether they are boys or girls.

Secondly, in its belief that nations are constructs of contractual individuals, it has denied the reality of national-ethnic-religious identities, advocating instead freedom of cultural choice, which has led governments to promote policies, without democratic consent, aimed at deconstructing the collective cultural identities of Western nations and promoting multiculturalism. This has resulted in a complete lack of cultural and historical identity among Europeans, making them believe they have no culture of their own, no ancestors, no history, and that they should show preference for the cultures of foreign immigrants.

Thirdly, in its belief that all human beings across the world are born free and equal in dignity and citizenship rights, it has denied the biological reality of racial differences and national identities, as well as the reality that individuals, including white liberals, have an ingroup preference for members of their own ethnic group and particularly for members of their own race.  This has resulted in a crisis of ethnic and racial identities among whites, who have been particularly targeted as the ones responsible for “systematic racism” despite being the most individualist, fair minded, and impartial in their dealings with members of other races.

Fourthly, in its persistence, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the beliefs outlined above are true, liberal progressives have instituted a regime of censorship and ostracism against anyone who asserts the truthfulness of collective sexual, cultural, and ethnic/racial identities. Liberalism has thus become a regime of lies and manipulation.

Justin Trudeau, in his extreme progressivist comportment, in his preference for foreigners over his own people, his ecstatic behavior attending gender fluid parades every year with his son in a pink shirt, in his contemptous attitude towards the Trucker Convoy and towards Canadians who refused the vaccination, embodies everything that is wrong with liberalism. That mainstream Canadians may not equate Justin with liberalism per se is besides the point, since it is hard to deny that everything he has done has been in the name of liberal progressivism, and that his persona is a product of this ideology in its latest manifestion.

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