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Mass Immigration = Rising Ethnic Tensions Among Immigrants Themselves

Canada is seeing rising tensions in the ethnic/immigrant communities of Canada that do NOT reflect Canadian values. These communities need to examine their rationale for NOT being in their “homeland”.

For them, the question is NOT, “Why did you (or your parent/grandparent) come to Canada?” Rather, the question is, “Why did you, (or your parent/grandparent), flee the country that you left?” In virtually all cases the answer will be, “Because there were too many people for the land of that country/region to support and the effect of that over-population was to destroy the environment, the economy or the society of that country/region.

The results of over-population are well known: war and war crimes, ethnic division and cleansing, genocide, famine, starvation, refugees, etc. The next question to be asked is, “Why would you want to re-establish the culture that you fled from, and is responsible for the destruction in your homeland to Canada?”

Unfortunately, our weak and woke government and the incompetent politicians that make it up has encouraged this behaviour, largely due to political correctness.

Two recent examples of this failing by our government demonstrate the road ahead if our policies do not change. This past June in Surrey, BC, an Indian activist for the creation of a separate Sikh state was killed shortly after evening prayers at the Guru Nanak temple ended. This was due to sectarian violence in the Indian community, now being played out in Canada.

In August, “An Eritrean festival in Toronto turned violent. … resulting in several injuries.” This was because sectarian violence in the Eritrean community over a political dispute in their “homeland” was brought to our soil.

These examples of hate, violence, prejudice and the wars of other nations/communities brought to Canada are unacceptable. It is percolating because our politicians are woke and too weak to stand up for what is right in our country. Furthermore, these incidents demonstrate that multiculturalism is a farce. There has never been so much damage to humanity through the millennia as the pursuit of multiculturalism and its bed-fellow, diversity.

Around the world, examples of conflict between ethnic, religious and sectarian groups are much more extreme. For instance:

  • the Iran/Iraq war of the ’80’s was a war between different sects of the Muslim religion that tore the region apart for many years and still smolders today, four decades later
  • in Rwanda, ethnic strife between the Hutu and Tutsi factions beginning in 1994 led to civil war and genocide that left Rwanda’s economy and social fabric in ruins
  • ethnic conflict in Indonesia currently has led to deaths of innocents and some horrible human rights abuses
  • sectarian violence in Sri Lanka beginning in the ’80’s and lasting for many years, with echos of conflict today, has left a swath of death and destruction of people in the region, killing around 100,000
  • the Sudan/Darfur conflict beginning in 2003 led to more genocide and war crimes, refugees, etc.

These are only a few examples of religious/ethnic/sectarian violence in the last 50 years that has left millions of people killed, 10’s of millions of people displaced and hundreds of millions of people facing starvation — all in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, but driven, ultimately, by over-population.

By contrast, this same time frame was an era when Eurocentric countries were pursuing policies such as stable populations and affirmative action. Again the question is asked, “Why would an immigrant want to bring a culture of hate and violence, that they ran away from, to Canada and force their children to relive those horrors, as in the above Canadian examples?” We, in Canada, do not need to go down this road, a road that the current government is paving for us.

It must be stated, yet again, that the greatest threat to humanity is NOT climate change – it is over-population, and that is the core cause of much of the world’s trouble discussed above, now being imported into Canada. For a broader treatment on this topic, refer to my article at CEC.

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