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Choose Your Friends Wisely: How to Survive in a Prog World

Not only is your own appearance important, but also the people you are seen with. Many little things can cumulatively leave a bad impression. Hanging out only with rural-looking people, even if they think correctly and are family relations of yours, can still prick the antennae of the ever-vigilant prog, who will worry that you and your “friends” would like to lynch a Black man for fun. You will be judged by the company you keep. 

No one thinks twice about seeing a large group of Takers (older Whites). They are excused because their social and business relationships were formed earlier, when most people in the West were White. Younger people, however, should have a mix of races for friends.  

The high-ups in society operate according to a different set of rules. This might mean appointing a token Korean to the United Nations to get the right look; but usually his policies of affirmative action are meant for the lower-downs. The higher-ups in the establishment live in a different world where it is not so necessary to show all the colors. This goes for the 1% and the class of celebrities as well; they pretty much have a license to do whatever they want. 

Whites often have the most extreme and committed politically correct views, while non-Caucasians do not. It would make more sense from the prog’s point of view to have more White people around for this reason. However, you are better off with friends who look right and are not PC than with friends who are White.  

The prog fears that many Whites are not as progressive as they appear.  Remember, his ideology says that Whites are not supposed to be progressive. He views any group of White men as dangerous, with some justification: they might start to regain an identity, and that is his worst nightmare. He wants to see proof that you are on board with the new society. 

If you are in a group of three or more people, make sure at least one of them is Black or East Asian or at least of a much darker hue and passable as a non-White. A group of three or more blonde men together is not acceptable unless they are gay.  

Also, keep in mind that these White “friends” will not want to associate with you for the same reasons, and certainly not if you are not also politically correct. Possibly, they really are PC, or possibly they are dealing with the problem of friends just as you are. In any case, you are doing each other a favour by avoiding each other.  

Unlike Cato, Inspector Clouseau’s “little yellow friend,” in the Pink Panther movies, your new friends serve a purpose beyond just martial arts practice. However, in order for this scheme to work effectively, they must seem like real friends and not just ornaments that you have chosen in order to make you look more tolerant. So although you need the obligatory Asian friend like everyone else, make sure that the “friendship” is as genuine as possible. 

If there is one thing the prog hates it is “monoculturalism” (unless involving non-Whites). Always keep a few Asians or Blacks on your rolodex as backup, just in case you need them. This should not be too difficult for you, because there are plenty of people around from the formerly third world that you can pick from today—and plenty more are on the way.  

I once went to meet a group of old friends from school. It just so happens that the group was entirely White. Imagine how embarrassing it was for all of us sitting at a popular bar without any “diversity” in sight. Some of my friends resolved, red-faced, to scramble and locate a few other “friends” from other cliques at work and from other groups, even pulling strangers in from the bar. Eventually a Black friend showed up and the atmosphere lightened noticeably. People relaxed in the same way that Prince Harry relaxes in front of Michelle Obama and not Melania Trump, as suggested by a body language expert in a 2017 Daily Mail article. 

This is in no way taking advantage of the non-White, because many non-Whites learn a great deal from Whites and want their company. It is common practice for non-Whites, in particular immigrants, Asians, and people with English as a second language, to latch on to a White like a pilot fish and learn not just colloquial English but all the White man’s ways. You are doing them a favour. They learn from you, and you get the look of diversity from them. They are here to replace you, after all — the greatest cultural appropriation in human history. 

Sometimes a gay individual can also meet your needs; just make sure that he is obviously gay, otherwise what’s the point? A homosexual that is instantly recognizable as gay can be worth his weight in gold. Pointing this out is necessary because so many hetero men nowadays come across as gay – it’s a fashionable way of acting. So it is necessary to raise the bar on flamboyance. Although it is okay for there to be large groups of White men if they are gay, be careful not to overdo it. That kind of a group of friends could give people the wrong impression and will certainly not fulfill your social needs. A fag hag here and there is not going to make up for not having any girls around. 

People will jump to conclusions most of the time. If it is just you and an East Asian guy, you may be taken for a gay couple. All people, including the prog, think in stereotypes. The more the merrier is generally a better rule. 

As “our” society becomes less White, making these efforts towards “equality” will require much less effort and become simply unavoidable. Some Whites will do what I am talking about here unconsciously. You, however, need to make some effort to make sure that you are associating with the right looking people; in other words, doing what doesn’t come naturally.  

You can be sure the progressive mandarin is focused on mixing people up so much that it will be next to impossible not to constantly associate with other races. I’m sure you’ve heard in school that making the perfect “rainbow nation” requires constant effort and sacrifice; though the prog has every faith and confidence in mankind, he still does not trust you at all. He will not allow anything like the Japanese enkai meetings, where they can be very Japanese and reaffirm who they are, even more than usual. 

A loner White guy, in the eyes of society, looks like a maniac that could crack at any time. But a group of White guys looks even worse.  

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