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Women Are Not “Doing Better” Than Men

Western Womanhood is currently in a state of significant moral decay.

Western civilization is recurrently bombarded with the absurd lie that women are allegedly doing so much better than men both ethically and in terms of personal success. This is simply not true. Modern day Western women are at least just as much of a mess as modern day Western men.

• One in four women kill their unborn.

• Women are birthing roughly 40% of children out of wedlock.

• Nearly seven in ten women are overweight.

• Rates of female depression are substantially higher than they were half a century ago.

• Women are increasingly anti-natalist and anti-familist.

• Women currently have a sub-replacement fertility rate in many parts of the Western world.

• Women have been unjustly weaponizing the family courts against men for decades, which is hardly a sign of female moral achievement.

• There is an ongoing epidemic of systemically toxic female narcissism and institutionalized misandry.

• Many women can’t even tell us what the definition of a woman is. If that isn’t the sign of a crisis in femininity, then what is?

It is exceedingly dishonest to look at these disturbingly grim metrics while claiming the prevailing culture of Western womanhood is a prime model of either ethical success or personal accomplishment. By many metrics Western women are demonstrating both high rates of misery and high rates of moral failure. Trying to sell this to the public as “women making progress” is an offensive myth and everyone knows it.

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