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CEC Taking 10-Day Break

Children who built Canada posing in front of a log cabin, early 1900s

We are taking a 10 day break from July 21 to July 30. First break in about two years. We will continue to post comments but not articles.  We encourage those who visit us often, comment a lot, or enjoy our articles, to make a donation.

Many on our side think that if a political or cultural group does not have a “solution”, or a “plan”, to turn things around, it is not worthy of support — which ends up being an excuse not to support anyone since no one has a “plan” or a “solution”.  That’s a very naive way to think about politics, and ultimately counter-productive.

What we have at CEC is an expression of EuroCanadian identity, a different way of thinking about current issues, and, yes, thoughts about ways to defend the interests of EuroCanadians, advance their self-consciousness, or the political awareness of any Canadian who dislikes the endless and malicious anti-White narrative of the establishment.

We need to be realistic about the current and near future demographic and political situation of Euro-Canadians. EuroCanadians are continuously declining as a proportion of the total population. But this is no reason to despair. EuroCanadians will remain a sizable percentage of the Canadian population for many decades to come; in fact, they will remain the largest ethnic group in Canada for a long time. There are a lot of opportunities for EuroCanadians to advocate openly for their own ethnic interests.

Let it be emphasized that Euro-Canadian identity politics is totally consistent with the principles of Canadian multiculturalism, which encourages all ethno-cultural groups to be proud of their heritage and to fight discrimination in employment hiring, as well as negative portrayals in the media.

This is something we need to inform Canadians about. We are not asking to exclude others, or impose “white supremacy”. We are asking for a level playing field, a seat at the multicultural table.

Please make a donation to continue our work. CEC has been online since 2014, that is 9 years of hard work, with very limited resources. Our work is more necessary than ever. We offer you four ways to donate to us:

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