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CBC : From Noble Nationalist Institution to Deceitful Scum-of-the-Earth Criminal

CBC showcases its journalists with the words: "on what diversity and inclusion really mean".

In the 1920’s, the Canadian Radio Commission, the founders of today’s CBC, justifiably acted like a mother-hen who uses her wings to protect her vulnerable chicks from predators. The chicks were average Canadians. The chief predator was a much larger country, the United States, whose large radio stations were beaming their programming into Canada. The CBC’s founders believed that Canada’s survival depended on “countering” the cultural power of the U.S. The CBC was to do all it could to protect Canada’s unique identity and to adopt a virtual “Canada First” cultural policy.

At its nationalist peak between the 1960’s and 1990’s, CBC Radio actually did much to give a voice to cultural and economic nationalists such as Mel Hurtig, Mel Watkins, James Laxer, Kari Levitt and others. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it supported (1) concern over the Americanization of Canada’s universities and (2) a “Canadians First” hiring policy. Later, one of its most hugely successful series of broadcasts was a nationalist panel featuring reps (Dalton Camp, Eric Kearns and Stephen Lewis) from Canada’s three main political parties. Nationalist Peter Gzowski chaired the panel. Furthermore, to symbolize its “MOTHER HEN” role, the CBC for many years referred to itself as “THE MOTHER CORP” .

Fast forward to today. More than ever before, there is a need for Canada to act in nationalist and protectionist ways. Since the imposition of a corrupt mass immigration policy in 1990 by Mulroney’s government, Canada has been flooded by about 8+ million newcomers. Canada did not need most of them and a significant number of them are hostile to Canada. Like early large American radio stations, these 8 million+ are culturally overwhelming Canada’s majority population.

However, the CBC unreservedly “welcomes” these 8 million+ and thinks that Canada has to be protected from the possibility that politicians like Trump might rise here. In other words, the CBC is no longer a Mother Hen with a “Canada First” mandate. It has become a butcher of its own people. It sees itself as a xenophilic protector. It fawns and grovels at the feet of anyone wearing a turban or head scarf or bearing a brown, yellow, or black face. Its new mandate has become “Canada and Canadians Last”.

In a stroke of gross stupidity, it even has a plan to purge itself of “Whites”. In a complete reversal of the intentions of its founders, its new mission is to assist the immigration lobby (a putrid collection of immigration lawyers, immigration advocates, immigration consultants and ethnic groups) in socially re-engineering Canada so that those from other countries will overwhelm Canada’s majority population. Its virtual goal is to encourage Canadians to commit national suicide.

Every day, it saturates Canadians with Trudeau-like drivel about the wonders of diversity, multiculturalism and unnecessary immigration. Most of its employees are incompetents and ideologues.

The unaffordable housing issue is a prime example of CBC betrayal of its own population. According to very reliable academic research, relentless immigration is the cause of unaffordable housing prices. But the CBC is so ideologically committed to the notion that mass immigration is an unmitigated good that it suppresses any news which might indicate that CBC ideology is wrong. In effect, the CBC has dedicated itself to deceiving, not informing Canadians.

It has spread real estate industry propaganda that the unaffordable housing problem that many Canadians face has been caused by mere “lack of supply”. At best, this propaganda is a blatant lie. At worst, it is a criminal act which has displaced hundreds of thousands of Canadians and burdened hundreds of thousands of other Canadia with huge mortgage debt and rabbit-warren Asian-style living.

According to this real estate industry lie, all that Canada has to do is to build more housing. When that is done, housing will magically become affordable!!

CBC deception continues daily. Several years ago, CBC reporter Kathleen Harris provided yet another example of CBC deception. She repeated three lies that the immigration lobby has invented to justify unnecessary immigration.

(1) Immigration will fill labour gaps.
(2) Immigration will solve problems caused by Canada’s aging population.
(3) Immigration will provide an economic stimulus.

Harris’ article demonstrates once again that the CBC has betrayed its nationalist founders and their mission. It has joined forces with Trudeau who is as complete a fool and anti-nationalist as any Canadian politician has ever been. With some exceptions, the CBC has degenerated into an anti-nationalist, parasitic, deceitful organization which deserves to be treated as the true scum of the earth and held in utter contempt.

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