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Keith Woods (and other guests) Hold a Conversation with Duchesne: Is Liberalism The Root Cause of Western Decline?

Explaining the suicide of the West is the most important and difficult question of our times. The standard answers direct their blame to cultural Marxism, Wokeness or the Left generally, integration with blacks, the Jews, “spiteful mutants” or “mentally unstable and otherwise pathological leftists”. This interview started with a discussion of my book Faustian Man but it quickly became a discussion of the nature of liberalism.

Having decided to study liberalism seriously only recently, I find it amazing that this ideology has barely been thought about by dissidents. We are supposed to think liberalism has nothing to do with the biggest transformation of Western civilization in history even though this ideology has dominated the Western world for centuries, is deeply rooted in the psychological individualism of whites, and is supported by almost the entire intellectual elite of the West.


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