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Female Clothing and the Rights of Men

Feminism comes from the same group who gave us multiculturalism. Feminism lowers birthrates in nations where it rules, and those nations are mostly white majority nations. It is telling that the one place where racial diversity is not pushed heavily is in pornography. The group pushing all this seems fine with white women degrading their bodies that way. I decided to make a few videos which discussed some of the anti male biases and double standards coming from feminism. I made videos discussing society’s reaction to public displays of female sexuality — versus its reaction to public displays of male sexuality.

The contrast is sharp. I also discuss society’s typical reactions to male reactions to displays of female sexuality.

In our feminist society, how men react to public female sexual exhibitionism can often mean the difference between physical safety and physical injury. Often it is mocking, shaming, outcasting, or threatening, instead of actual physical attacks.

Women should and do have the right to wear what they want, and their choices are not an excuse for rape in any way. But men should also be allowed the same freedom of expression. Expressions of female sexuality are praised, but when men do it is demonized. Excluding making physical contact with an exhibitionist woman, men must also be free to react with expressions of their own sexuality in reaction to female exhibitionism. This includes whistling, pointing, laughing, mocking, verbally protesting, and recording videos / taking photos.

1. Female Clothing – Put A Bikini Girl On Your Screen At Work

2. Female Clothing – Creepshots

3. Female Clothing – Physical Assault!

4. Female Clothing – Women’s Breasts

5. Female Clothing – Parents Choose More Revealing Clothes for Daughter


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