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Does Morality Trump Survival?

Are Whites Immoral? 

In the individual progressive’s mind, good is increased by increasing the number of non-Whites and decreasing the number of Whites. We know this because if you suggested to the globaleftist closing borders and increasing the number of Whites, you would be accused of racism.

The key to understanding Whites, who are the end-of-the-day culprits in this, is understanding his paradoxical-irrational nature; he does not always want more Blacks, really, but he says he does because he can’t say that he doesn’t and would not know how to say it if he did. If Reality influenced him, in other words the group and future consequences, so that he had a complete, adult view, he would be able to say he doesn’t want Blacks. Instead he has a kind of double-consciousness.

The current globaleftist epoch is a masquerade-con game to serve the individual.

As long as the individual perceives himself with good intentions, he sees himself as good. As long as things are ordered in his mind in such a way that he is at ease, the ends don’t really matter. When you don’t have to consider anything beyond yourself and your family it is easy to decide things, and the views you have are always conveniently self-serving. A perception of Reality, seeing life with a broader radar, over the long term, and taking the group into account, shuts down what you want to do for yourself, because there’s bound to be obstacles to slow you down when the whole road appears before you. The globaleftist age is an era of narcissistic selfishness, to put it politely and simply. Individuality creates opportunities for individuals.

What may seem like increasing morality because you’re “doing the right thing,” only seems so because you perceive it as such. But where it’s just you and your view, are you getting the truth right?—the individual only improves what suits him and what appears to him and others as good, often at the expense of others. When an elite profits it goes into his pocket, and when he fails he tries to march the troops into the trenches again—just a matter of time

Political correctness goes back to the “Age of Reason.” Whether Thomas Jefferson or John Stuart Mill, “all men are created equal,” because it just sounds better than “all White men are created equal.” The truth is that these dreamers were talking about ‘men like us’ and didn’t give a damn if what they were saying worked out in the end to some consistent truth. In any case, bloviating about “the community of interests” is great if you’re independently wealthy and you want to “keep government out of business,” which is another way of saying, I don’t want a group telling me I’m part of it, getting in the way of what I want. Tucker Carlson would understand.

It’s White hyperbole, or what I call Whyperbole. White wishful thinking used because it sounds good with the people around him who can’t register anything more complex. This “talking out of his ass,” however, does hurt Whites over the longer term. If there was ever an Asian Robinson Crusoe would he have brought Friday to his home country, promoting him to be like him, while still calling him a savage?

He is stuck in this psychosis addiction and is like a man on a “divine mission.” Like Woodrow Wilson, he seems to believe it, or so it seems. “Any gang of politicos is like the eighth circle of Hell, but the American breed is specially awful because they take it seriously and believe it matters;” said Flashman, Britain’s greatest 19th century adventurer (according to George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman and the Redskins).

How do you calculate an increase in good? You don’t, as long you look like you are good right now. Good seems to increase when people can see what looks like good increase. There is not some spreadsheet showing the actual tally over a hundred year period of each and every individual’s consciousness of his good work, with some great ending of good!

Individuals react and do good when something is bad. But if he doesn’t perceive the bad, he doesn’t do anything good. The bad is still there, just unobserved. And if he doesn’t see it, he’s not bad. Whoever controls the issues and information, controls what Whites see, and whatever Whites see becomes an issue to address. If others are aware of this too, it is even more essential that the White man acts correctly. Morality for the White man is not to increase good, it is to react “correctly” when he feels the moral pressure that he must.

The White individual signals his good intentions while profiting when there are no restrictions to him. If he had to take more into consideration, he wouldn’t be able to act like he does. Conveniently, he cannot see Reality, and with that out of the way, acts according to what info is available to him—often emotionally–and not a thoughtful response. If he does control his behavior in order to account for issues in future, he will be at a great disadvantage to those who consider even less. Morita Akio of Sony, said back in the 1980’s that Americans consider things in 10 minutes, the Japanese in 10 years. But the Japanese have 10 years because they’ve made sure that some upstart can’t get the jump on any one of them by only taking 5 minutes. The quiet Japanese might be slow to start, but as a group they are winners in the long run against the loud mouth Americans who have to constantly struggle against individuals.

If I declare “multiculturalism” I can now certify as Canadian anyone from the four corners of the earth, and I’m not limited to cheap Scotsmen. The Liberal Formula of Treason. Now I can sell those condos to rich Chinese communists. In fact, building and growing the economy, as he puts it, is something I MUST do—it would be immoral not to—the migrants need somewhere to live! This is the Liberal playbook—looking like a nice guy, responding to what we can see–“new Canadians,” over a “problem” he has created. This is the globaleftist —one part capitalist, without the nationalism, and one part communist, liberal, Christian, and so forth. The money-type man, Geldmensch, who is almost forced to get rich, and look like a saintly philanthropist at the same time.

Unlike Robert Taber’s communist in War of The Flea: the Classic Study of Guerilla Warfare, this communist doesn’t need to show he’s a “man of the people,” who experiences hardship, whose enemies look evil because they don’t suffer like he does. This man enjoys life. He’s no ascetic. He gets rich while “helping” “the people.” “The people” are not the native people like they are in all post-war nationalist movements worldwide, which Whites strangely call communists. He is the communist within the West! The destroyer, who invites all the people of the earth inside.

For Whites it is only necessary that you are setting out to do good. This seems compatible with the idea of life as “moral-progress.” As explained by Kevin MacDonald in his book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, reputation has always been important, but now the group knows you through your “good works.” The individual now outweighing group survival and cohesion. In this world of Christian subjectivity, mistakes are permitted, the individual conscience is what matters.  As Nietzsche has told us often, at some point religious feeling became about intentions and not consequences.

“Nobody, up to now, has doubted that the “good” man represents a higher value than the ‘evil,’ in terms of promoting and benefiting mankind generally, even taking the long view. But suppose the exact opposite were true. What if the ‘good’ man represents not merely a retrogression but even a danger, a temptation, a narcotic drug enabling the present to live at the expense of the future? (The Genealogy of Morals).

In the George Orwell novel Animal Farm, the Old Major’s Animalism appeals to all, and to the heart. But Snowball, a true believer, is soon driven off. Behind the scenes it is Napoleon cui bono. In the global world, you can have the “leftism” with the money, but you can’t have it without it. There is always the individual who gains, at the expense of others.

Whites act as individuals to destroy the group he says doesn’t exist. He acts opportunistically against other Whites and future Whites and potential future Whites, denying them the opportunity to exist and increase good by the very conscientious mind they are certain to have, being White. The prog himself has this “conscientious mind.” Which doesn’t mean he is moral, it means he must address whatever is on his mind—the things which will interfere with his growing bank account never seem to be on his mind. He may be making a moral point by going extinct; but actually he’s not—he is extincting future Whites!

Perpetuating the group is not the goal. The active individual-mind can now “know” the universe! It is more Reason in the sense that it is self-serving—the individual is greater than the Race, said Arthur John Hubbard, in The Fate of Empires. And people in ancient Rome reasoned their way out of having children.

The Chinese DO have a race religion.

Will good triumph once He, the prog, has destroyed himself and all Whites? Which is what he says he wants to do. With Whites gone there will be no more evil to conquer. And anyway, if there is evil, who will notice without the guilty-conscience mind to notice? Not only will the world be rid of racism, but he himself will no longer be necessary as a crusader against it.

The libtard will go to his grave imagining a future non-White paradise, but more importantly, he will live knowing that he has done his part—no one recalling ever seeing him without his Asian or Black companion, God forbid. If he left out a few considerations, well, that’s okay because he wasn’t so conscious of those things, not his fault. He isn’t guilty if he doesn’t have a bad conscience.

A religion tailor made for psychopaths.

But what about YOU? In other words, the group? Will you be able to feel good about yourself if you don’t exist? Is anything possible without true diversity a continuation of YOU? Without borders and consideration of group there is only a muddier and muddier oil painting which he says he wants to keep adding to and blending. Japan wouldn’t be unique without its ocean as a border—the Mongols would have made sure of it.

Is there an improvement of morality without group survival?

Here are a few points about the prog’s morality.

1-The prog individual denies identity to other Whites, using the power created by Whites to his own privileged advantage, to destroy other Whites and the young. This is against the wishes of ancestors, who he feels no indebtedness, like generations did twice removed, who did what they did with a certain loyalty and expectation. And against the wishes of potential future Whites who would like to continue their historical path developed over thousands of years. The prog is like an ungrateful child who accepts an inheritance but forgets or stomps on who made it and where it came from, and he squanders where it ought to go.

Talking about ancestors may choke up the average White person, but insult your subcontinental neighbour’s history and see how quickly these kindly “New Canadians” bring up the Bengal Famine and what a racist bastard you are!

2-Whites have created the vast majority of good in the world–everything from the 40 hour work week to the computer—but the individual prog says Whites are worth 0%! It isn’t in the faeces-hole countries where women are walking around in fear, where we need to be concerned, it is in Sweden!

3-The prog is not acting towards Reality, he is acting for himself. This can never come to good for other Whites. Opening bank accounts to “patriot gangsters” in league with Chinese communist officials pads his own savings account, and it squares with the problem of being accused of hate. Whites as a group would have to consider the hot race war and would not sell the country to the enemy. The whole society moves in a profitable direction for the prog.

The truth tends to get in the way of what he wants to do. Reality avoidance is a practice of kickcandownroadism—more than it is pathological altruism, as the dissident right so often calls it. If he took account of more, he would have to stifle himself from rhetorical speeches, polemics, and actions.

With the prog it is always about avoiding what is real and honest. The Japanese have no problem simply calling some people burakumin—kind of untouchables who slaughter animals and clean toilets. Someone’s got to do it. The prog says all women should be free to work. Then he brings in Filipina (not men) nannies to look after his children—I guess those woman don’t have careers.

The prog can gush over himself telling Whites not to have children. But then the effeminate, irrational mind says, “Our economy needs people!” He’s got that covered with all those Filipino kids who will outnumber yours soon.

4-Progs acting non-racist is disingenuous —in most cases he is two-faced—he is against APPEARING racist. He is often actually racist, as it is usually understood. Do Whites really want Sweden to become Black? Increasing the number of Blacks is more a thought in the mind of Whites than it is what Whites actually want. When Shaniqua says, “We lives in a raaacist country!” she isn’t exactly wrong, just impatient. The point is Whites are becoming nonWhite without that actually being what many of them really want! Some Whites sound “racist” to talk to them, in private, but then they casually marry a nonWhite. There is a disconnect between what Whites actually want when they think about it and what they do. There is an unseriousness to Whites.

Martin Luther King Jr. referred to America as a racist country, and even “well-meaning” Whites were racist because they benefitted from “systemic racism.” But it’s strange how so many racist White Americans were doing so much at the time to end White power and identity, isn’t it?

5-Everything that Whites have and have done is evil and was stolen, according to the prog. If “minorities” get everything gotten by Whites, appropriating European culture, does the evil go away? If you steal a house and use slaves to build an addition, if nonWhites inherit it or take it, or even buy it, do they not take on the guilt? The globaleftist is laundering through a new population, and the more nonWhite the global village becomes, the less guilty it will be. Good luck to the Reservation Indians when their new Yellow supremacist masters no longer send out checks every month. And that’s not the only grift that will end.

6-The prog props up nonWhites who use “fascism” against Whites. The prog needs to explain why it’s segregation for me but not for thee (actually he doesn’t). What sense does it make for progs to celebrate the victory of groups over individuals, who use the strength of the group, and over one group who doesn’t work as a group? If two men are boxing and one of them has been practicing for 10 years and the other has no idea how to box, what sense does it make to declare the winner is welcome to victory because he is stronger—when you yourself have not instructed the amateur in how to box?

Not only are nonWhites allowed to use group strategy, but the prog as an individual is helping them against “himself.” Again, not actually against himself, but against the European group, young Whites. The prog says people are people, but he attacks Whites, for the sake of the Other as if that is increasing good!—when for them, they are winning as a group, and not as individuals only. The prog fights as an individual and helps those fighting as a group to win.

Always the parasite wins.

With a mind to Reality, you know that Whites are no-more guilty than any other group. But then many Whites are adolescent narcissists, ignorant of a pogrom that killed a thousand Chinese in 1998 Indonesia. This event is simply not conscious to Whites. If an event like this is not conscious to Whites, he can exploit them all he wants because he’s got the greatest people in the world over a barrel, feeling uniquely guilty.

7-Hate and child abuse are welcome here! If your “liberal values” are that whoever works hard, pays taxes, speaks your language, obeys the law, and likes owning a car and a house, can become a Western person, you are saying that everyone on the planet can replace you, and you are supposedly pushing for “equality.” But if these other people are also groups and use all of the traditional strengths that entails, which if Whites were to use you would call it fascist, you’re giving the Other a hell of a handicap.

If a Chinese boy has a strict Darwinian upbringing, is beaten by his parents if he doesn’t play the piano while solving a Rubix cube with one hand at the same time, is virtually suicidal if he doesn’t get first place at a robot building competition, gains a high education, has never had to have a part-time job, is directed into a good career and a wife and family, and his family got rich because of its connections to the CCP, how most of them get rich, and then you happily sell off passports to this boy, while you manage to produce a White boy who is in tears because he’s been misgendered!, you are not trying for equality! You are assisting the privileged Other.

8-Whites create fake good in world, in prog sense—feminism, wokeism, W genocide, and so on. Emotional nutcases dragging all of us down. Destroying family, beauty, and true diversity. For example: gays and bubble babies are anti-sex. The purpose of sex is to create babies, if we don’t have sex to make babies anymore, the sex function will cease to exist. Pleasure seeking people with mental illness only destroy. And they deprive future people of sex. That’s what he pushes.

To top it all off, the prog is irrationally destroying the people who create and manage progressivism!

There are of course many true believers and volcano demons who go out of their way to hate Whites, and maybe they get the ball rolling on a lot of it, but at the end of the day for a lot of Whites, they are effectively doing the same thing, fitting somewhere along this spectrum of hostility against other Whites. If you have a party of 50 White people who have all decided to not drink tonight because it’s a Tuesday, and you invite in a guy who you know is bad news and going to ask you to drink, and he cracks open a bottle, and 2 hours later everyone is drinking–who is to blame?

I could go on.

Does the absence of Whites improve the world? 

How much sense does it make to get rid of the people who are creating so much good in the world? Without Whites, who will feel compelled by an individual guilt-conscience to do good (so they think)? It will be a dog eat dog world of tribes seeking to win over the other. There will only be individuals out for themselves and groups seeking to win, over Other individuals and groups.

Guilt is more a question of feeling guilty because you take on the guilt. Not because you ARE guilty. Non-Whites are not guilty, because guilt does not sit on their consciences. Throw guilt at the Japanese all day long for turning Asia into their personal whore house, and it won’t stick. They don’t think they’re guilty and neither do Whites, and so they are not.

Many philosophers talk of “moral progress.” Stepping into the river of history, things get better. There is progress, I guess, when you decide that the Japanese are innocent; the atom bomb wiped away the bad, and Whites took on the penance instead.

But how can Whites increase good if they don’t exist? And does morality increase if there is no one there to notice it?

Without Europeans there isn’t even the concept of guilt to begin with.

A clear conscience is not the same as a truer, better world. The animal rights activist is really having a conversation with himself, not to most of the planet’s people, and he is mostly not improving the welfare of animals. The real threat to the environment and animals comes from the hungry mouths of the growing number of Africans, and from the numbers of Chinese who want to eat more and more meat, and not just peanuts and smoked fish heads.

It is a question of how you are thinking. The prog gets upset when he sees a White man “trophy hunting” in Africa, because he’s thinking that man’s conscience should tell him it’s wrong, he doesn’t get upset at the millions of critters crushed and buried as in Watership Down, every time a new immigration-driven housing development goes up—or his own.

For nonWhites the proof is in the pudding, not in some imaginary world of individual “moral progress.”

The benefits of Guiltianity 

This takes us to the matter of Guiltianity, the Western state religion. This consciousness is controlled by individuals FOR individuals. It is the prog elitist but it is also the complaisant White individual making sure bad outcomes are not conscious-image-mind. As long as one thinks as an individual the benefits are there. True broad-mindedness and a sentiment for heritage puts the breaks on the deal Harry has made to sell condos so he can clear his conscience.

Whites are told they are bad, when in fact everyone in the world is guilty, if we want to see it that way. There is something ridiculous at calling Genghis Khan guilty. He just was. Like everyone else.

The prog has the European legacy to sell. There isn’t much to be gained by sub-Saharan Africans feeling guilty. Whites are under attack because they are vastly more successful than Others. There is something people want and the prog individual developer has put it up for sale. So much so that millions want to come to the West and not a single White wants to be a “newcomer” to Niger. It’s true you have to be Chinese to be Chinese, but that political and cultural insistence is made very easy when no non-Chinese actually wants to BE Chinese.

In a darkening world, harm increases, not good. Whites expiring to the grave but who have a clear conscience of morals and ideals on the mind, doesn’t make a whiff of difference.  

Are Whites happy to die feeling moral—while the Chinese live not feeling bad? 

Other groups understand that survival trumps so-called individual morality. The historian Arthur John Hubbard (The Fate of Empires: Being An Inquiry Into The Stability of Civilization) was denied entry to a Chinese temple by a priest and told to come back when he had a son, the only thing that would qualify him to worship. As in the Chinese writer Lu Hsun short story “Forging the Swords,” how can you get revenge if you don’t have a son? One of the harshest curses in China is to wish someone dies sonless! Bloodlines matter to many peoples: anything less is broken branch. Other successful, modern day tribes seem to have a kind of group soul. And ancient European culture was no different, with the World Tree, seeing the connection of birth and death and continuity. 

Which civilizations have not “declined”?

A grown man exposed his penis to children while denouncing “white privilege” in a performance on the opening night of the taxpayer-funded Quebec City Museum of Civilization’s “Love me gender” exhibit.

It is only the White man who is happy enough just expiring with a smile; he is content, nothing in life beyond himself matters. The prog is selfish and cruel in his individualism, he does not have a cosmocentric view of life like the Chinese racial religion—by not having children you are ending God’s creation.

White men are like adolescents. They don’t think clearly and reason ahead, they reach personal and emotional conclusions. Canada becomes Chinada or Chindia because those people are two-fifths of humanity and Canadians a drop in the bucket. They will replace Canadians simply because they are here, where the prog put them—on our conscious-image-mind. Polls showed in the 60s and 70s that Canadians didn’t want the “universal immigration,” but once you make it personal, Whites can’t say no. The prog elitist knows this and it probably explains why the floodgates were thrown open the way they were, as pointed out by Doug Collins in Immigration: The Destruction of English Canada. Within ten years, naive, good-hearted Whites were already accepting things as “just how it is.” Now, no fire department or hockey team will be left alone until they are sub-Saharan African. He’ll fight against “rural racism” by getting Blacks out there, and making it personal. Canadians are like health care workers; no matter how many migrants show up, they cannot be turned away.

The stranger quickly becomes an essential personal relationship and an economic one. Not because he ever really should have been, but because he is here, and no one had the courage and foresight to make sure he wasn’t here; and White morality is based on what is beheld, on the mind, in the present, on being nice. Unlike non-White tribal groups, Whites have no perception of a bigger picture.

The prog angel makes the world better by making it more African.  

Because Blacks are the only thing Whites can perceive now, there is no having his own house in order and then going out into the world to help. Instead of listening and actually doing something, like reducing his own consumption, the prog thinks the answer is to turn the West into another defecate-outside civilization. It’s the nice thing and the moral thing to do. The growth of China, their hatred of nature, and construction frenzy the world over, and the exploding African population, pose the greatest challenge to the future, but you won’t hear Greta Thunberg say anything about it. She’s not interested in saving the planet, she’s interested in going to sleep at night with a clear conscience that she is trying, because that’s what Whites really do, is try; her mind conveniently blocks out information that would be inconvenient.

That Western medicine explodes the population of Africa, causing uncountable problems is beyond the cognitive grasp of the do-gooder White. He may think he cares about that chimpanzee sanctuary, but in on-the-ground reality the persistent, cumulative growth of population and economy is what will destroy wild nature. Good would be a stable natural world and a consistent Black population, but no matter how much he cares in one part of his brain, Black lives matter more—and multiply they will.


It’s almost as if Whites need Blacks around to increase their virtue by helping them. It’s as if after creating such an incredibly successful, high-quality of life, by the 60’s, he suddenly felt he needed to share. And the more Blacks Western science and altruism produces, the more morality there is, or so the prog thinks. Unlike America, that has a long history with Blacks, and many Americans just wishing they had picked their own cotton, Canadians had only a handful but decided to ship them in in order to prove just how good they are!

Trudeau launches a new program to allow the families of 800,000 foreign students to come into Canada

White salvation is through good deeds even if that leads to future catastrophe, partly because showing the future would require someone (or something) much greater to articulate it, in a way most could understand. Whites have a visceral response to things, not a response that acts in consideration of future, unseen, harm against them. Something bad is not happening until noticed. It isn’t that everyone in the office wants to put a Black man in every single ad, it only takes one person to suggest it, and it is impossible to raise your hand and say why it SHOULD’T happen.

Terrible things are all around. The only thing that matters is what comes to the attention of Whites.

No one seems particularly bothered by Orania, a new South African development, built out of nothing by Whites. Not until it is finished and successful, when Blacks will come out of the woodwork and say it has actually belonged to them all along. Guilt-Whites will be unable to see the history of how it was and how it came to be, he is completely unconnected to his own history. He will not be able to say why it belongs to Whites, but he will be able to say why it should belong to Blacks.

It’s as if Whites are terrified of actually explaining the Reality of life because that Reality doesn’t fit into his rose colored view of it and the liberal promises he’s made. Whites want to push this Zootopian paradise idea that all the animals are gentle vegetarians and get along with each other, rather than the terrifying world it often is and always will be. And how else is he going to sell those green fields that are just sitting there, if he hasn’t got the global population to work with? He sees what he wants to see.

The real guilt 

By seeing the White entirely as an individual, without a past, present, or future, it is easy to corner him as guilty. White men are stuck in clown world and a day to day contact with revealed moral situations, all on his own, of which he must act towards as an individual, with the information available.

The White man is not guilty–anyone with a modicum of decency and a little big-picture view of life can see—he IS guilty of putting himself and the rest of us in this predicament. It’s all just fine with him. This weak character hasn’t made a stand. The European loses the narrative, his group is completely out-of-his-grasp, and he becomes putty in the hands of the slave master. Slave morality runs on blackmail—if you don’t do what is right, and what is right is what I tell you it is, for all the world to see, you will lose your job, feel bad, and might even go to hell.

At best he’s guilty of failing, of not doing his job.

Anyone truly bigger than the “current thing” is labeled a hater. Both vice and Christianity are pushed by the establishment. Countless Hollywood movies portray “conservative heroes” who abandon greatness, something bigger, to do “what is right.” How about the Australian movie Romper Stomper’s happy ending? Over a girl, Davey literally stabs his best friend Hando in the back, who wants to stick together and keep on fighting against the Asian invasion. The current romance can walk off into the sunset.

The only solution is to not see the world just as an individual.

It’s worth mentioning, perhaps as a side note, that not only is an anti-prog position self-defensive for Whites, it is in many ways good for nonWhites. When Whites commit to laize-faire and preach about openness it’s because he can and because it is profitable to him—ignoring tomorrow’s situation. Young Whites today, tomorrow may not be quite so committed when nonWhites have gained power through the open door. There is a danger of Whites lashing out when the childish ideals of his forebears no longer meet the Reality.  America made weak by letting the CEO of Blackstone Group do whatever it wants without consideration of the strategic, military, or cultural endgame, is going to use whatever drastic means it can to maintain the West’s power. Weakened, that lashing out will be all the more murderously cataclysmic. Disaster will be blamed on YOU, not previous generations. As the philosopher Rene Guenon points out, traditional societies get along with each other (The Crisis of the Modern World).

If you do think you should have a say in what the individual pirate is doing NOW, think again.

Remember, it’s not about the truth, the God’s eye view, it’s about a human judgement by the individual and others on how he handles certain information. And based on that information, what the White mind decides to make an issue—if he is conscious of certain information, he MUST go a certain way. He feels a tremendous pressure to act on it. However, he curiously never seems to feel bad about the choices he makes—he is able to justify anything. The things he must do, never go out of bounds. Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, an investment company, is critical of Saudi Arabia, not China. Neither does Joe Biden seem to feel bad getting filthy rich in bed with the enemy.

When something is not to his benefit, he directs his mind away from the info; the info is usually catered to just what is good for him, anyway. This is in the same way we can force our mind to forget violent and gross images we might see on Twitter, for example. I might feel bad wearing my shoes in the house, but I can also not feel bad about it, with a little effort.

The prog knows the only successful weapon against Whites has only ever been psychological. As every dissident thinker knows, he cannot have a conversation with you; he can only ban, ignore, fire, and make ad hominin attacks. There is no way to say the Emperor has no clothes, because no media is listening. He knows that Whites are controlled not because they are Whites, but because they are individuals. If they were part of a group, they would not feel guilty. The man who doesn’t perceive himself as guilty is the man who isn’t.

The number one goal of the prog is to keep White men strictly individuals.

Whites are defending themselves not against nonWhites per se, but against the prog, who by his greed and stupidity creates a future nightmare.


White resistance is in simply not feeling guilty. Informed sufficiently, the “pangs of guilt” will menace you when you ARE a prog individual, not when you are not. As Nietzsche put it, modern man’s soul was created in the soil of his “interiorization.’ “Lacking external enemies and resistances and confined within an oppressive narrowness and regularity, man began rending, persecuting, terrifying himself…This languisher, devoured by nostalgia for the desert, who had to turn HIMSELF into an adventure, a torture chamber, an insecure and dangerous wilderness—this fool, this pining and desperate prisoner, became the inventor of “’bad conscience’”. (The Genealogy of Morals). Opening your mind to Truth, the hero—who fights for others–you will grow up.

Living in the so-called West today, is like living in a Jerry Springer episode times ten. Some people say, “Whites look like a people who deserve to die.” But this is unfair. Most Whites are caught up in life. Their best virtues used against them, betrayed by their own elites and taken off guard. Most could not even believe such a psychological attack possible. Such betrayal. Raised in liberalism. They are atomised and feminized. They are illiterate: very few of them understanding the shrouded, Byzantine, and complex financial–political world we live in. Rural Canadians have been too busy baking pies and looking after horses.

It is not expected that a majority of Whites will suddenly wake up. But if the West cannot produce SOME MEN who are informed and can see beyond the matrix, then, well…Think of these men as fighting not just the jackals and child abusers, but the careless and stupid, the emotional, the “too-good- for-their-own-good” people. Change happens from small groups of men, as it always has.

America is that city on a hill, a paradise to the Mammon worshiper, where he can run wild, earning money off the cattle. It is a place he loves because there is no plan beyond himself, where the people are so unserious; he sees material growth as winning. And it wins because his IDEA wins here too. Because that individualist way of thinking destroys all enemies of the open society.

The “liberal intellectual” doesn’t want you acting like a human being, which you would be if you fought your enemies. Bland, boring Canada with no history or culture is the globaleftist’s dream home. This is a scheme for his own power: the idea that there is nothing more than the individual. His West has no direction or moral goal, it saves nothing, it is not altruistic. It is absolutely ruthless. Whether Justine Trudeau really said it or not: “If you kill your enemies, they win,” it certainly is something he could have said. He is telling Whites that being only an individual is morally superior to those “old fashioned” ways of thinking.

The Germans wanted to be tribal, according to Carroll Quigley, in Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time. They always have, it makes things better. Comfortable. Did they have to be broken down into individuals?

This individual is not just a stereotypical villain, however. He’s the Hollywood cowboy protagonist. You can get him to give up on BIG IDEAS easily, which require true sacrifice. It is hard to imagine a Japanese version of Walt Kowalski, played by Cucklint Eastwood, giving over his life possessions to a foreign Hmong family, and believing himself the hero in doing so. Walt, a true individualist prog, has probably spent his whole life actually thinking Asians don’t belong in America, but on his final day he does “the right thing.”

Mr. Peoplekind doesn’t realize he’s Dr. Evil. The leader of Donutland thinks of himself as the good guy and is keen to prove it; both to the world and himself! This is one of the strengths of progressivism. It has turned the world upside down.

As long as his values win it doesn’t matter if everyone is African. If the Chinese accept the idea, they are welcome to replace Whites in the West, because the prog is in love with his IDEA. If there is some occasional opposition from “conservatives,” it is usually the outrage that migrants are not fitting in, and are changing our culture. As long as Satinder, Kong Ho, and Ndidi consume during the Christmas season, they can replace Whites. Replacement is a liberal AND “conservative” value, conservatives just emphasize that you “become us” to replace us.

The prog thinks he’s better than you because he doesn’t mind being replaced. Or rather, he says he doesn’t. His lack of humanity and honor and courage is the reason he thinks this, and also because it’s not him that can’t find a job and is getting beat up in the street. This fatuous individual plays with YOUR future, signalling that his superiority is in that he DOESN’T care. British people accepting Indians and Moslems as their leaders is a signal of his moral supremacism. “Love those who hate us,” as the Christian says. But the smirk on his face as he watches Africans sing at the King Charles III coronation, you’d think might give away his doublethink.

It is the Chinese race that will be around to know if our idea wins. The Chinese two-state system allows them to use whatever works. A kind of good cop bad cop—the cops always win. Like Deng Xiaoping said, “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.” In other words, we win, however we do it. With “communism,” fascism, capitalism, whatever. The big plan is the Chinese race winning, not just the CCP. The Chinese are not stuck on some individual-serving ideology the way the Westerner apparently is.

Anyway, you have to wonder if the prog individuals aren’t some kind of a group after all. Napoleon isn’t helping the animals, he’s just helping the pigs.

The answer is in not giving a damn what the prog thinks.

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