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Trudeau Calls For Immigration Replacement ASAP!

China's Xi scolds Justine for selling out his people to foreign immigrants.

A number of Canadians have previously had doubts about openly opposing Trudeau’s relentless immigration intake. But they should not have any doubts now. His latest words should change their minds: Trudeau is now committed to an aggressive plan to bring in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025.

Let us repeat: Trudeau plans to increase Canada’s immigration intake to 500,000 per year! And he seems to think that he can get away with this outrageous plan.

His intake has been increasing every year for the past few years. It is already over 400,000. No logical reason has ever been given for such high numbers. The “Aging population” argument was refuted many years ago. The “Worker shortage” argument is probably the latest version of a sick cheap labour plan or an outright lie.

If Canada had journalists who had not been outrageously bought off by Trudeau, Canadians would have the detailed information to dismiss the immigration industry arguments.

Trudeau’s 500,000 intake proposal is obviously the worst of all the stupid things he has done. As insane as it sounds, it is clearly more of Trudeau’s overall plan to have immigrants outnumber Canada’s current European-based population and make it a minority.

At the very beginning of Trudeau’s reign in 2015, he revealed his clear anti-Canada mindset. Trying to sound intellectual and capable of the analysis he is obviously incapable of performing, he described Canada as a “post-national state” “with no core identity“. Most Canadians concluded that he was a fool. Many concluded that he was obviously very hostile to Canada and that he intended to undermine and destroy Canada. Since then, he has taken many immigration and other measures to achieve that goal and erase completely the traditional identity of Canada.

The fact is that Canada’s European-descended majority population had long ago succeeded in making Canada one of the most successful countries in the world over the past 150 years. Canada was universally envied for its success. Foreigners wanted to come here to be part of the success. Now, Trudeau is importing huge numbers of immigrants who have actually announced that they are hostile to Canada and want to re-create here the politically corrupt cesspools they came from.

It is no exaggeration to say that allowing such people into Canada is very dangerous. It is also no exaggeration to say that allowing such people in may ultimately lead to civil war and to a national breakdown.

For his actions, Trudeau at the very least would have been put on trial in most parts of the world. There is also no doubt that he would have been sentenced to life in prison for treason. In fact, in many other parts of the world, he would have been quickly executed for treason.

Justin claims these immigrants are “more Canadian” than whites born in Canada who take for granted their nationality.

For his contempt for Canada and especially its European-based population, Trudeau is already despised by a significant part of Canada’s population. His latest announcement should leave no doubt that he is a shameless and despicable traitor. He has obviously betrayed Canada’s majority population. Strong measures have to be taken to stop him from going any further. In most countries of the world, there are laws against treason. Even Canada has such a law. In fact, in the next few months, Canadian judges will have to sentence a Canadian military officer who has been convicted of treason. His crime was selling Canadian military secrets to Russia. Canadians should pay careful attention to the sentence that judges give to that man.

Why? Trudeau’s crime is infinitely worse: Trudeau is promoting the overwhelming of Canada’s majority population and the sale of Canada to groups that are openly hostile to the very existence of all Canadians.

Trudeau has to be stopped immediately. The immigration idiocy he has already committed has to be corrected immediately. His latest idiotic announcement has to be withdrawn immediately.

If Parliament were doing its job, it would have long ago reined in Trudeau at many points in the past few years. However, not a single MP has objected to any of the immigration actions that Trudeau has performed so far. (Sikh Heritage Month is one of the exceptionally stupid.) If Parliament repeats its behaviour of the past five years, it will not oppose Trudeau’s 500,000 proposal. If that happens,Canadians can justifiably conclude that Canada’s MP’s are a useless collection of deadbeats.

In many countries, most of them would have been thrown out of the building that housed them. In a significant number of countries, the building and its occupants would have been declared useless, bombed and the wounded traitors left to rot.

Sounds appropriate for this latest mess in Canada, doesn’t it?

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