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Norwich, Ontario, Pushes Back Against Globalism

The Norwich Council deserves to be commended for taking a brave stance in defending their community from dangerous ideological subversion.

Recently the township voted to ban all flags, regardless of their cause, other than federal, provincial, and municipal flags. Councillor John Scholten told the press that “civic flags allow everyone to coexist in harmony, regardless of their identity or beliefs.” This makes sense considering that non-civic flags are indeed political and can promote divisions rather than unity within a nation.

Regarding flags, the American store All Star Flags states that “[f]lags are an essential aspect of a nation’s identity. By combining colors, emblems and crests, nations can create a theme that represents the nation over which the flag flies. From the origin of their use, flags have always incorporated an emblem or design of some kind to signify an entity’s identity.” On the government of Canada’s website you can find a PDF of Canada’s colonial flags based on “European homelands” of Canadian settlers, as well as a PDF on Canada’s Red Ensign which the Canadian Encyclopedia describes as “the de facto Canadian national flag from 1868 until 1965.”

During the Freedom Convoy protests of last year, the CEC Editors declared “both the Red Ensign flag and Maple Leaf [flag] belong to EuroCanadians who are proud of their heritage.” This is in stark contrast to radical anti-Canadian organizations who have called for the Red Ensign to be considered a “hate symbol” and justify the desecration of the Canadian flag.

While the legacy media has falsely attributed hanging the Canadian flag upside down as signifying the Freedom Convoy movement, those same commentators have hypocritically ignored the fact that upside down Canadian flags have been promoted by far left anarchists for years. In fact during the Halifax protests in 2017 to remove the statue of Edward Cornwallis, vandals carried an upside down Canadian flag with the word “DECOLONIZE” printed on it with bold letters.

Interestingly the same groups who have been trying to ban Canadian flags are now upset that the Norwich Council’s ban on non-civic flags will prevent them from displaying flags that promote their own toxic ideological agendas. They are opposed to that fact that John Scholten wishes to “maintain the unity” and wants Canadians to “coexist in peace and harmony”. Similar media backlash was directed to when Russia banned transexual propaganda, or when Florida governor Ron DeSantis passed the Parental Rights in Education Act to prohibit the sexual indoctrination of young children.

However many Canadians are not fooled by this propaganda against the township of Norwich. A reader of the National Post commented “I’m so pleased by this outcome. Only governmental flags should fly on schools, libraries, government buildings and government property. Now council does not have to decide which groups can or cannot fly their flag and decide which special interest groups get special favour.” Another commenter went on to add “[t]he Pride flag has no place on any public building anywhere, especially schools. It is a political symbol.”

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