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Why We Need White Nationalism

Last fall Memorial University of Newfoundland decided to drop a tradition of around a hundred years old. The Ode to Newfoundland would no longer be sung at graduation ceremonies. It is, we were told, colonialist and not inclusive. Immediate outrage followed, and even the provincial NDP condemned the move, but it was not reversed.

The incident is a demonstration of why we need white nationalism. I should be happy to stand against them purely as a Newfoundlander to defend my local culture. But that is not the battle that we face. They came not for our anthem because they hate Newfoundland specifically. The left have no specific grudge against Newfoundland, as evident from the way that they swoon over harmless, commodified expressions of our culture like the Come from Away musical. They hate the Ode for they hate whites. To hear us sing of our love for the island of our forefathers enrages them. Anything that belongs to whites is to belong to everyone, and Newfoundlanders are white. So our claim to our island must be blotted out; our song silenced.

This can only be the beginning. If the Ode is too problematic for the antiwhite left, what hope is there for the unabashedly ethnonationalist song Flag of Newfoundland, the unofficial patriotic anthem about our tricolour?


What room can there be in an inclusive Newfoundland for a tricolour that represents our British sirelands; the very genetic roots of Newfoundlanders. No immigrant, except those from England, Scotland or Ireland, could ever identify with a flag that represents the rose of England, Saint Andrew’s cross and Saint Patrick’s emblem. And if we are colonisers and Newfoundland must be ‘decolonised,’ what room is there for us or our culture at all? If John Cabot’s arrival on our island is too problematic to be officially celebrated as Discovery Day and our ancestors’ settlement here a sin, what right have we to be proud to be Newfoundlanders? If it was a crime for them to claim the new found land then the very foundations of our culture are rotten, and everything that has grown out of them soiled and shameful.

The end of the Ode at MUN should not have shocked Newfoundlanders. Had they not watched the assault on everything white in America in 2020? Had they not seen the statues of white notables torn down in cities across the Anglosphere? Had they not heard the American and Canadian media warn of the dangers of white nationalism; the apparently scandalous notion that whites should stand together for their own political interests as every other group is encouraged to? How could they have imagined that Newfoundlanders might be spared the assault on whites that was already underway everywhere else?

One can beg for special dispensation. He can plead that Newfoundland is not racist and implore the woke bigots to spare Newfoundland from their antiwhite crusade. If the Ode to Newfoundland cannot move their hate-hardened hearts, such pleas will fall on deaf ears.

Or one can try and reimagine Newfoundland and her culture as inclusive of all. We can take a hatchet to the lyrics of the Ode and mutilate every symbol until it excludes none. And when it includes everyone equally it shall lose all meaning. When ‘Newfoundland music’ no more refers to our folk songs than to rap or Indi-pop it shall mean nothing at all. When New Canadians are as much ‘Newfoundlanders’ as the Anglo-Celts then Newfoundlanders shall cease to exist in any meaningful sense. If these demands of inclusion were made of the Mi’kmaq the same antiwhite activists that make such demands of us would rightly call it genocide.

The only hope for Newfoundlanders to survive in any meaningful sense is to fight back as whites. We want to preserve ourselves as Newfoundlanders, but our cultural symbols are blotted out because we are white. We are attacked as ‘racists’ if we express any normal, healthy preference or favoritism for our own because we are white. Only when we are free of the evil antiwhite ideology that paints whites as the villains of history, that blames whites for the failures of everyone else and that preaches eternal guilt upon whites will the assault on Newfoundlanders end. This is true not only of us, but of the French-Canadians in Quebec, the rest of Eurocanada and all the nations of Europe, all of whom are under the same assault as ourselves.

If you are a Newfoundlander, or Quebecois, or any Eurocanadian that wants to fight back, help CEC. If you can write, then write. If you have spare change, then donate. If you have free time and like-minded friends, then get involved in community activism. This is a battle that we intend to win, but we need your help. Dr. Ricardo Duchesne sacrificed his academic career fighting this battle for you. Will you stand with those that stand up for you, or will you be a willing victim, stand aside and watch them fight the antiwhite leviathan alone?

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