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Once Again, Terrorism Rears Its Ugly Head: Children Reading Stories to Drag Queens

On a mission: Hateful young bookworm and transphobe Emma, seen here clutching a faith-based storybook, stands poised at a Drag Queen’s doorstep ready to impart wholesome ideas and time-tested truisms. By any measure it constitutes a flagrant violation of the queer’s safe space. How dare you Emma!

For every thesis there is an antithesis. For every action there is a re-action. For every attack there is a counter-attack.  Where there is Tit, rest assured that there will be Tat. Call it The Iron Law of Pushback. It is more than a law of nature, it’s a law of human nature. A biological reality that even  the most recalcitrant of delusional trannies cannot escape from. Now many of them are learning the hard way.

CSIS saw it coming, but their warnings were dismissed. But now a phenomenon that was under the radar is fast becoming an open secret.

Children are launching a counter-offensive nationwide. They are taking the fight to Drag Queens where they live. In jurisdictions across the country, innocent perverts are being accosted and trapped in their lairs by story-telling children who seek to seduce them with stories of their own. Stories about moral rehabilitation and respectful conduct. Entertaining stories that teach timeless lessons, like The Greatest Story Ever Told. A tale about the wages of sin, and the possibility of redemption. It is a dangerous message that potentially could set listeners along the path to salvation.

Now, telling stories to Drag Queens may appear to be a harmless pursuit, hardly warranting  concern or scrutiny. But its purpose is fundamentally sinister. Its aim is to sow confusion among Drag Queens about their objective sexual identity and disabuse them of self-destructive fantasies. The plain truth of  the matter is that the project of reading stories to Drag Queens is essentially a psyop.

This counter attack has caught sick freaks off guard from coast to coast. Long accustomed to bullying critics with the threat of human rights actions or job termination, Drag Queens are stunned by the spectacle of children fighting back. They had the field all to themselves when suddenly they were challenged. As one could have predicted, panic has spread through their ranks. And with good reason. In a climate of intellectual terrorism only children are bold enough to say that the Emperor is naked. Until now, he LGBTQ+ lobby has swept all before it, converting the spines of Christian clergy, conservative politicians,  academics and journalists into jelly. The mere fear of social ostracism and job loss was enough to do the trick. But how does one control what comes out of the mouths of babes?

Particularly concerning is that aggressive child storytellers are subjecting these unsuspecting Drag Queens to moral introspection without the consent or knowledge of their guardians. Even more shocking is the fact that they are doing it with the collaboration of public school teachers and librarians who have come to believe that they alone should control what happens in their classrooms. Go figure!

When vulnerable Drag Queens cannot rely  upon the protection of  the professionals whom we have entrusted with their care,  then we know that the system is broken. It is at that point we realize that Drag Queens have become lab rats in a massive social engineering project whose consequences will be irreversible  It could prove to be the Crime of the Century, an indelible blemish on the face of nation that is already reeling from unending accusations of systemic discrimination coming from every quarter. We would do well to remember that a civilization will be judged by how it treats its Drag Queens.

The question is, who will stand up for them? I mean, other than the MSM, the teachers’ unions and the entire apparatus of the soft totalitarian state? There is a chorus of conservative voices who whine about the alleged “child sacrifice cult” that promotes abortion on demand on an industrial scale and the chemical  and physical mutilation of children with gender dysphoria. But the real issue here is the very real abuse of Drag Queens. That’s the elephant in the room. Perspective, people. Perspective.

Mark my words. If we don’t rally to the defence of minor-attracted people at this critical juncture in human history, we will find ourselves brought before the jury of Falsehood and Reconciliation and be made to answer for our complicity. The defence of “I was only acting under orders” or “I didn’t know that it was happening “ won’t cut it.

From the moment he mounted the  victory podium in October of 2015, Justin Trudeau declared that in Canada, all people have the right to give expression to whatever they consider themselves to be. It was and still is a sentiment that all Canadians passionately share. That is why to a man (or trans-man), Canadians are adamant that Drag Queens must be permitted to do their thing without constraint. That is their birthright as Canadians. Interfere with that cornerstone right, and you are interfering with the rights of  every other groomer in our rainbow nation. We are all liberals now.

Let me be clear.

Children must not be permitted to harass, abuse, manipulate or seduce Drag Queens. This fledgling movement to protect the bodily integrity of children must be nipped in the bud. What begins as a spontaneous and peaceful rebellion of creative young minds can soon morph into an army of child soldiers resolute and determined to defend themselves at any cost.

The  Children-Reading-Stories- to-Drag-Queens movement must be designated as a Hate Group, like the Proud Boys, or The Freedom Convoy should have been. Their assets must be frozen and their leaders detained indefinitely. Throw them into a CBC Studio, lock the doors and let them rot, I say. Screw the Charter.  (Why not? Judges do that all the time).


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