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Indians Speak Out In Defence For White Canadians

A 37-year-old father Paul Stanley Schmidt was fatally stabbed in front of his wife and young daughter at a Starbucks in Vancouver.
On March 26, 2023, around 5:30 PM, Paul Stanley Schmidt was publically butchered alive in front of both his fiancée and their three-year-old daughter. The murderer was Inderdeep Singh Gosal, a 37-year-old Khalistani Sikh, who fatally attacked Schmidt because he asked him not to vape his electronic cigarette around his daughter. The entire atrocity was captured by vlogger Alex Bodger who filmed it on his iPhone and used AirDrop to share it with everyone in the vicinity. Bodger continued filming and taking selfies of Schmidt, posing for TikTok, which is when the video went viral.


The entire incident can be viewed here. (Warning: Graphic Content)

According to TribuneIndia “Schmidt is Vancouver’s sixth homicide victim of 2023“.

Vedica Singh, a reporter for TFIGlobal News responded to this news by urging “White Canadians to wake up to reality” and expressed that “it is unacceptable that such a heinous crime could occur in a public place”. Singh also went on to explain that Khalistani terrorism “has been overlooked by the White population” and theorized “perhaps it is because Whites have distanced themselves from the violence, believing it to be a problem within the Sihk community alone.”

TFIGlobal News – Canada on “The saga of Khalistan attacks on White Canadians”

In a video post on Twitter, PPC candidate Maxime Bernier expressed outrage over the murder and sent heartwarming sentiments to the grieving family.

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