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Your Country Needs You: Become a PPC Candidate

I recently received this email from Bernier, titled ‘Your country needs you’:

“Are you fed up with the direction our country is heading?

Are you frustrated with incompetent and corrupt career politicians selling us out?

Are you looking for a way to get Canada back on track?

I’m building a team.

I need brave, hardworking, patriotic Canadians who will stand with me as PPC Candidates in the next election.

I need people who will persevere to bring common sense to Ottawa.

People who will hold our establishment politicians accountable for the unnecessary, immoral, and unscientific authoritarian restrictions they imposed on us.

People who will fight to eliminate the influence of globalist organizations such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

People who understand the damaging impacts of mass immigration on Canadian society and are determined to end this destructive policy.

People ready to campaign tirelessly to spread the PPC message in their communities.

It won’t be easy. It could be months or even years of hard work before the next election.

But together, we can change this country.

If you want to be a PPC Candidate, please click this link to find our candidate application webpage.

To learn more about the application process, click this link to view our application process outline.

Together we will rebuild a nation that all Canadians, present and future, can be proud of.

Together we will form a government that puts Canadians First.

If you are interested in standing with me as a candidate for the PPC, apply today!”

You may quibble with certain PPC policies, or you may (as I do) reject Bernier’s libertarian ethos. However, the PPC is the only party which vociferously opposes mass immigration, globalism and woke ideology. They will probably not form government, but the dissident movement in Canada would greatly benefit from PPC voices in Ottawa, despite the fact that they do not perfectly encapsulate the dissident worldview. Bernier’s decision to run in southern Manitoba, which is friendlier territory than Beauce, means that he may be able to rejoin Parliament and truly disrupt the status quo.

Thus, the PPC is a good political home for dissidents. Much can be achieved by joining as a candidate and emphasizing the elements of the PPC agenda that you most agree with, namely opposing mass immigration, globalism, and woke ideology. Your candidacy could be a vehicle for alerting your riding to what is really going on in Canada, through an optical and well-spoken campaign which truly challenges the prevailing orthodoxy. To be sure, the strategy of pushing the dissident worldview in federal Right-wing parties should not be pursued to the exclusion of all other strategies, however it is one component of the campaign to take back Canada.


  • Riley Donovan

    Founder of Dominion Review (, the home of distinctively Canadian, authentically conservative content. Follow me on Twitter: @mythoscanada

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