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The Progressive Stack & Uganda

"Advancing the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Around the World" US Department of State

The left has long despised heterosexual white males, but it was at the Occupy Wall Street protests that the progressive stack was born. The idea is simple; everyone that wants to speak in a meeting has their name placed on a list alongside those personal attributes that are of greatest interest to the left. The names are then rearranged in a top-down fashion by the organisers, with those from the left’s favoured categories; low IQ racial minorities, women, the mentally and physically retarded and sexually eccentric, are at the top of the list and the dreaded heterosexual white males at the bottom. This is supposed to correct for democratic processes’ tendency to favour the majority instead of ‘oppressed’ (a euphemistic phrase for ‘officially favoured minorities’), which the left views as a flaw. ‘Progressive’ is an odd name for this ritualistic worship of the backwards and retrograde; primitive races and the physically and intellectually crippled. But we live in an insane asylum of a society where backwardness and inferiority are ‘progressive’ and progress is ‘reactionary.’ 

This practice of artificially inverting naturally emergent hierarchy through top-down, authoritarian social engineering is far older than the progressive stack, but the term has found wider use to describe the left’s own ideal hierarchy that it constantly fights against nature and human sentiment to impose upon the world. This hierarchy is simple to understand at the basic level. Whichever thing innately instinctually and emotionally feels more valuable is rejected in favour of its opposite. The outgroup is favoured over the ingroup. The disabled are favoured over the capable. The backwards are favoured over the highly developed. The homosexual is favoured over the heterosexual. Ugliness is favoured over beauty. Leftists imagine this surrender of their own inner feelings to groupthink and artificial, socially-imposed mores the height of rationality, but they have only taken leave of their senses. 

The progressive stack complicates where multiple favoured groups are concerned. Though leftists would like to believe that the whole world could live in harmony were it not for wicked white males stirring up trouble, their favoured groups are often at odds with each other. Sometimes these conflicts are easy to resolve, especially when the two favoured categories are of the same kind. When brown Arab Muslims decide that they have had enough of Subsaharan migrants wrecking their country, as recently happened in Tunisia, leftists immediately know which side they are on. Tunisia might not be as developed as Europe, but Tunisians are lightyears ahead of the black migrants. Tunisians are better behaved, more intelligent, more industrious, have some civilisational accomplishments and defend their own land, so the leftist immediately knows to take the side of the black migrant. Tunisians are lower down on the progressive stack. But what if the conflict is between two different categories? What if it is between a race and a sexual orientation? What then? 

The progressive stack is a living document. Several years ago, after gay marriage had been passed but when the transgender crusade was still in its infancy, the issue of homosexuality seemed settled. Homosexuals were knocked a few pegs down on the progressive stack, and gay white men were demoted to a rung barely above their heterosexual peers. No leftist cared much when right-leaning gays complained of Islamic homophobia. After the Orlando nightclub shooting (which turned out not to be a homophobic attack at all) the left accused white Christian homophobia of motivating the Islamic extremist rather the confront the obvious incompatibility between Muslim migrants and gays. 

But now that the transgender crusaders have clashed with the heathens unwilling to accept the good news that their children might now choose their own gender, LGBTQI+ (if anyone knows what anything after the T stands for, please enlighten me in the comments) is back at the top of the stack. As Uganda’s parliament has just voted to impose harsh penalties, including death, for homosexuality, the left, and by extension, Washington, is in a very painful position. America can sanction Uganda, and it would lose the American health aid that keeps a sizable portion of its population alive. As blacks sit near the top of the progressive stack, that is unacceptable. But the alternative is to let Uganda have a free pass, and stand back while the gay and transgender blacks that stand at the apex of the progressive stack are goaled and killed. 

Neoconservatives were right when they compared America to the Soviet Union. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has declared that ‘LGBTQ+ rights are … a core part of our foreign policy.’ The Biden administration no longer pretends that American foreign policy is driven by the national interest. America is now an explicitly ideological state openly committed to spread woke tyranny to every corner of the globe. While I cannot agree with Uganda’s new law, I will be grateful if it leads to sanctions. If America decides to make wokeness the price of good relations, even for favoured groups like blacks, it will find itself very quickly with few allies. There will be no more room for Americophilia outside of woke circles, and the crumbling of the US empire will dramatically accelerate. Without the woke empire looking over our shoulders, poisoning our culture with its negrophile entertainment and leftist NGOs, white countries can begin to chart their own course. Then we might finally be rid of the progressive stack once and for all.


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