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The Antiracist War Against Tunisia

President Kais Saied says ‘hordes’ of sub-Saharan migrants are causing crime and pose a demographic threat to the North African country, leading to accusations of racism and demonstrations.

Antiracist NGOs across the Middle East are up in arms. The president of Tunisia, Kais Saied, has decided to deport all illegal migrants south of the Sahara, where they belong.

Their reaction is not, in itself, interesting or noteworthy. Their particular framing is. They have not denounced Kais Saied as a tyrannical oppressor. To the contrary, President Saied’s great crime, in their view, is that he refuses to round up his citizens for expressing their politically incorrect opinions. I have no idea if Kais Saied is a cruel dictator or a just leader, but in the estimation of the ‘rights groups,’ the Tunisian president is a liberator that makes his people feel free to frankly express their true opinions. And they hate that.

There could be no better demonstration of what a sick and perverse ideology antiracism is. Go listen to the interviews with average Tunisians on the street. They all seem like reasonable people. Blacks in Tunisia apparently act much the same way that they act everywhere else. They are ‘hooligans’ in the words of one Tunisian. Others complain about their treatment of cats. Whatever the flaws of Islam, that religion’s humane attitude towards cats deserves the utmost praise. It is forbidden in Islam to harm cats, and even atheists in the Islamic world adhere to this norm in the same way that secular Westerners celebrate Christmas. Blacks migrants in Tunisia kill and eat stray cats, much to the horror of the local Arabs. One Tunisian says, quite rightly, that he is fighting for his right to exist, and for the cats. The blacks all have their own countries. The human rights activists are globalist stooges with multiple citizenships. The Tunisian only has Tunisia, and he wants to keep it.

In the sick minds of so-called ‘rights groups,’ all of these perfectly reasonable and sensible people are hate criminals. If they had their way, it would be the Tunisians that complain about the illegal migrants, and not the illegal migrants, that are rounded up. Antiracism is psychological repression and government tyranny. In the natural and healthy state of  society, the government enforces the laws so that citizens need not enforce them themselves, and so ensures respect for the rights of the accused. Under an antiracist government, the government prevents the citizens from upholding the laws themselves so that black criminals can abuse everyone else with impunity. This is anarcho-tyranny; the overbearing use of tyrannical government power to restrain decent people and provide the criminal element with the maximum possible freedom. No government at all would be preferable; at least then the decent majority would be free to deal with the criminals as they see fit. President Saied is right to accuse the ‘rights groups’ of a conspiracy to destroy Arab Tunisia and turn it into another Subsaharan dumpster fire of a country.

Canada, tragically, is not so lucky. Our government is an anarcho-tyranny. Recently it has decided to apply affirmative action to prison sentences. Most of the commentary has bemoaned the demise of race-blind justice. But group punishment itself is far less sinister than the perverse way that this government implements it. Races with higher rates of criminal behaviour are to receive lesser sentences, under the scientifically indefensible notion that discrimination is the only possible explanation for their higher crime rates. Longer gaol sentences are to be handed down to members of more law-abiding groups for the same crime. Whites are to be punished, as a group, for their adherence to the law, and blacks rewarded, as a group, for their criminal tendencies. Such a policy can only lead to loss of trust in the now ironically named ‘justice system’ among whites and well-behaved minorities, and embolden the disproportionately black and indigenous class of criminal sociopaths. They, and the politicians and judges that bask in an undeserved and perverse sense of righteousness when they tyrannise the sane in the name of their sick and evil pathology of an ideology, are the only ones to benefit.

Tunisia wisely sent a message to the so-called ‘rights groups’ that lobby for anarcho-tyranny to get lost. Tunisia refuses to punish free expression and refuses to let migrants that have no place among Tunisians ruin the country, nor replace the native Arab-Berbers that actually built that country. How much worse must life in Canada become before white Canadians wise up and follow their lead?

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