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New Data: 282/338 Ridings Oppose Mass Immigration!

A November 2022 Leger poll (pages 16-21) which asked Canadians whether they approved of the Trudeau government’s decision to raise immigration to 500,000/year has received little news coverage. The results indicated that immigration restriction is a popular attitude in the Canadian population. A resounding 49% of respondents said that the new immigration level is too high, 31% thought it was the right amount, 16% chose “I don’t know/I prefer not to answer”, and just 5% thought Trudeau’s levels were not high enough.

The Leger poll also revealed that opposition to mass immigration is not concentrated in just one end of the political spectrum. A majority of the Conservative Party (66%), Green Party (52%), Bloc Quebecois (71%), People’s Party (81%) and the unaffiliated (79%) oppose the new levels. We find majorities in favour only amongst Liberal (57%) and New Democratic (43%) voters. Even among these two outliers, there are sizable dissenting minorities (30% and 36% respectively) which oppose the current levels.

CPC: 66% too much/ 24% more-right amount/ 10% unsure

LPC: 30% too much/ 57% more-right amount/ 13% unsure

NDP: 36% too much/ 43% more-right amount/ 21% unsure

BQ: 71% too much/ 25% more-right amount/ 4% unsure

GPC: 52% too much/ 32% more-right amount/ 15% unsure

PPC: 81% too much/ 11% more-right amount/ 8% unsure

Other: 79% too much/ 11% more-right amount/ 10% unsure

Now, a behind-the-scenes patriot activist has broken down the data by riding, revealing that support for immigration restriction is the majority position throughout the country, with the exception of several major metropolitan areas. By taking Leger’s political party data and comparing it to the 2021 vote count, he was able to generate a map which visually demonstrates the predominance of immigration restrictionist sentiment amongst everyday Canadians: a full 282/338 ridings have majorities which oppose mass immigration! The activist explained that, given the nature of the data analysis, the results are not perfect, but they are the best we have when it comes to geographical attitudes to immigration in Canada. He also explained that, to his knowledge, his is the first map to show a riding by riding opinion on any issue.

By comparing the results to another map, showing the “proportion of visible minorities by federal electoral district” in the 2021 census, we can see that the same big city areas which receive significant amounts of immigrants are the major centres of support for mass immigration.

The original Leger poll results demonstrate that the current immigration levels are widely viewed as too high by the Canadian population, a view shared by majorities of voters in 4/6 of the major political parties, and substantial minorities in the Liberals and NDP. The breakdown by ridings shows that opposition to mass immigration is the majority attitude across the country, with support mostly concentrated in major metropolitan area immigrant enclaves. We now have conclusive evidence that mass immigration is being implemented without the consent of citizens.

Politicians, with the notable exception of Bernier, refuse to echo the concerns of Canadians over immigration. This is in large part due to their cowardice in the face of a strong anti-racism norm, which is not actually related to racial prejudice, but rather is a tool designed to delegitimize any defense of the historic identities of Western nations and politically incorrect stances on race. This anti-racism norm is prevalent across the West, but especially pronounced in Canada. The norm is not all powerful, however, and can be suddenly and dramatically rebuked, as in the case of Brexit or Trump’s 2016 election. Sweden, long called ‘Swedistan’ by pessimistic conservatives for its permission of large-scale Muslim immigration, has done an about face and is now implementing immigration restriction, even encouraging voluntary remigration. All it took for this turnaround was for the nationalist Sweden Democrats to increase their vote to 20%, which allowed them to exert significant influence on government policy.

While politicians are influenced by pro-immigration lobbyists, and are scared of being accused of racism, they are also deeply concerned with maintaining the support of their base. Given a sustained outcry against mass immigration in Canada, the views of voters and the policies of politicians will begin to converge, just as they have in other countries. If the Canadian population speaks it’s mind, clearly and steadfastly pressuring their Members of Parliament to begin the dismantling of the mass immigration system, the political class will cave and the Canadian people will win a victory which will reverberate across the West.


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